The G-Files: Weird Arcade Games -

The G-Files: Weird Arcade Games

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Japan makes some really weird stuff…

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  1. I'm just going to leave this here. Thinkin' of you, PBG!


  2. I actually played Pu Li Ru La recently, even beat it. Man was it strange.

  3. Like Luke Skywalker says, "Let's cut the chatter, and get to the point here."

  4. It's been years since I saw this originally. I still haven't forgotten tri the punch, thus I can't sue them for false advertising

  5. “Japan makes some really weird stuff…”

    I also think Japan makes WAY more child-friendly entertainment than the rest of the world.

  6. 2:06: Buff Ditto?
    3:03: Is that Odolwa from Majora's Mask?
    6:00: The red shirt ninja guy from Trio the Punch looks like the Shredder
    8:36: The fight for the Original Recipe (Secret Blend of Herbs and Spices)

  7. What can you play trio the punch on I want to play as ninja die to sheep and be better then sheep by being sheep

  8. "Diet Go Go" is actually a funny clone of "Tumblepop", also by Data East. The latter was very popular in the early 90's.

  9. funny as heck like 9 years ago. godspeed,pbg 🙂

  10. 10:23 Ironically, the moment after the splash screen gets one of the biggest laughs out of me in this video

  11. "Cat with a meowth coin" bro doesn't know what a lucky cat is

  12. Its weird to process that I have been watching PBG for ten years. I remember when this was a new video.

  13. …then the floating disembodied head of Colonel Sanders started yelling:
    🎶 Everything you know is wrong 🎶

  14. Most of the games here a part of my childhood. So basically I grew up playing weird games. And I still play weird games.

  15. Who’s watching in 2020 I miss this series

  16. Hey, so I know this is an old vid and I know that you prolly won’t see this but, PBG the, the Cornel Sanders thing, look up, “the spirit of cornel sanders and the baseball team in Japan” or something along those lines, it’s this really weird Japanese Baseball Legend about a cursed Cornel Sanders Statue, and I think that’s what the game was referencing, it’s a pretty popular legend in Japan

  17. Old vid, and a comment you’ll never see, but I didn’t realize you were a Denton guy. I’m new to watching your stuff, so the Dirk Nowitzki references I saw now make more sense.

  18. 1:18 let me help exsplain a bit more of what the story is suppose to say (at least from what i heard). When the time keepers key is taken it causes the fabric of reality to start falling apart, this gets worse the further in the levels you go. Also when the time key stops turning the dreams and nightmares of the citizens of radishland become reality.

  19. God this is a nostalgic blast…I wish G-files would get a revival…

  20. I just realized that this is called G-files because it stands for Game files

  21. Saw the grumps play Pu Li Ru La today and thought it was familiar and…well…here we are 😀

  22. The Game grumps just played Pu Li Ru La and I knew I’d seen it somewhere

  23. The Japanese make it tradition to eat KFC on Christmas. Maybe that's why he's a boss fight

    It'd be like if Santa Clause was a boss fight… I think

  24. this SPECIFIC video by PBG is enthralled with nostalgia. Oh my gosh i remember watching this over and over and over again.

  25. Looks like Nintendo will never forget Trio the Punch. (BaDumTSSS!!) Basically it's on Switch now.

  26. I just saw that Trio the Punch is available on Switch.


  28. Wait, Luke Skywalker? That sounds like something Han Solo says.

  29. This video is over 11 years old and the "LET'S DIET" with the Skyrim clip is still the funniest thing ever.

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