The G-Files: Weird Arcade Games #2 -

The G-Files: Weird Arcade Games #2

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Japan is at it again…


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  2. WHOA! AN ALIEN PLANET!talking about japan.

  3. I died laughing at "Woah…look at those special effects"

  4. Good luck your terrible yet good computer graphics smell!
    Just kidding, I love your videos…

  5. Hey Patrick! What am I now?!
    Uh… an alien planet?
    No, I’m Japan!
    What’s the difference?
    Ahah ha ha!

  6. You really should bring this series back, in my opinion anyways.

  7. I gots Parodious on super famicom, famicom, and the surprisingly excellent game boy version on the Japanese Konami collection series that I would highly recommend to anyone the entire Gameboy Konami collection series is a treasure and the GB parodius is quite good. I can't decide between the 16 and 8 bit versions of parodious, they are both good. Havent heard of the sexy version tho. Very cool!!!!

  8. 3:08: The fried octopus balls are called takoyaki. They're very good! (I've eaten some)
    4:20: Well, at least the dancing guy is not TWERKING (ugh)…..
    9:35: You'll float too….

  9. why did you use that music in the intro im still semi scarred by that' dude wtf

  10. I keep hearing you hate on yourself and videos
    I'm just your normal everyday guy who goes through that
    You probably don't care to listen to me
    But I just wanna say that whatever is wrong all you have to do is open up to someone about what is wrong

  11. The narrator sounds like the villain from Sonic

  12. I was hoping it was going to be continued from the first weird arcade games

  13. Wow i remember when this came out jesus christ

  14. Anyone else in quarantine going back to all their old phases and binging pbg

  15. "One-legged race"
    You mean Three-legged race.

  16. When the g files theme comes on I start dancing, please let me know if agree!

  17. I remember when this video first came out I thought it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen…still funny today

  18. Fun fact; Those octopus balls are known more commonly as Takoyaki. And no, it's not Mexican despite Taco being sort of in the name.

  19. Surprised Greg didn't force PBG to take down this video.

  20. His comedy hasn't changed a bit and that's a good thing

  21. 5:40 – I watched this video when it first came out but I've learnt Japanese since then, and now find it incredibly funny that all this screen says is "Press the start button" XD 5:55 The countdown afterwards is just a "Continue?" screen and the screen after that just says "Game Over" I Can't even!! X'DD

  22. I miss these type of YouTube videos. I feel like they show me a small glimpse of a better life. It’s a nice escape lmao

  23. Coming back to this video 8 years later with passable japanese knowledge is certainly an experience

  24. I remember watching this for the first time back in 2nd grade

  25. you forgot about dig dug, it's an odd arcade game, probably caused the reason why deveantart is the way it is.

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