The Extreme Arcade Machine That Plays Every Single Game ! 😳 -

The Extreme Arcade Machine That Plays Every Single Game ! 😳

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Daniel is back with a new crazy projectin 2023 .. this time a Pedastal Arcade that plays every single game ever released. It can’t get more wicked than this ! 😅

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  1. Building this crazy pedestal was so much fun! And.. having mr Wicked in the cave is always a honor 🙌🏻 🎥 🍺 gaming greetings from Daniël

  2. What an amazing creation! great work and attention to detail. That build must have taken forever. cheers

  3. Absolutely beautiful. But isn't that power button in thrusting range? I'd call it, the ex-wife, because it's got all your stuff and when you really get into the game, it may just end up powering down.

  4. Dan the man strikes again no half measures all or nothing 👌

  5. Absolutely amazing I'm building two machines this winter and this video was truly inspiring…also my name is Daniel and I build arcade machines…so it hit close to home . Wicked Family Rocks 🤘🤓 Nerdcore Hardcore

  6. This build is absolutely phenom! Thanks for sharing.

  7. This looks amazing wicked too bad the stuff he has is really expensive 😞

  8. The best arcades that can play many different systems is usually built custom for either themselves or for someone willing to pay for it.

  9. Oh dang, ok I need this in my life. Great vid! – Stubbs

  10. …but it doesn't include every single game. In fact, I bet it doesn't include any games at all. So one of the most tedious jobs would be to configure it, collect all the roms, find the right images for the marquee screen etc.

  11. That is truly an amazing build. Now if only you guys played Metal Slug in the Corte t aspect ratio we’d be 100%. 😂

  12. This isn't on topic. I need some help from the community. I was looking into the hard drive from ali. I was interested in the 2tb that looks like a cassette. Does anyone know if it comes preloaded with any games? Thanks for the help

  13. Holy crap 😳! I wasn't expecting to see wickeds face fully on camera 😳!!! You look like one of my family members from Germany!!!!

  14. can i bay ebay send to eyrope????

  15. Just wow… I have built some stations, but nothing like that! Thanks for the look!

  16. Can you tell me how much where I can buy do you have payment plans

  17. That looks incredible. What if you want to play a game on it that requires a light gun?

  18. very cool does the 4 way – 8 way button change the actual gate on the sticks?

  19. Hey Wicked, They got a new version of the NEO GEO MULTI-CART!. The SNK Neo Geo Mvs 161 In 1 V3

  20. Alsjeblieft ik smeek het je.
    Het is een leuk kanaal maar ga in godsnaam wat aan je engelse uitspraak doen

  21. I want one but i doubt i could afford it iam afraid I'll have to stick with my picade

  22. I have a pandora key 5s any one know how in the hell I can change the mode from arcade to console I want to play some fight games on practice mode and I guess it's the only way to do it

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