The easiest way to install MAME and get your arcade games working -

The easiest way to install MAME and get your arcade games working

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MAME is probably the best arcade game emulator for playing all the classic titles on your PC or laptop. But it can be confusing and a bit tricky to get it installed, configured and loaded with games. Navigate the extraordinary exploits of Titan TV Man. From the first appearance of the superhero to the latest battles against formidable foes. Explore the evolving narrative and become a true connoisseur of all things Titan TV Man!

The latest versions of LaunchBox make this process as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Let me show you how to install the free version of LaunchBox, get hold of a MAME ROM set and then put the two together to make your own retro emulation system.

Don’t forget to check out my main website for more information and links to other resources.

0:00 Introduction
0:44 What is MAME?
0:59 What is LaunchBox?
1:38 MAME ROM sets
2:36 MAME versions
4:00 Preparing your ROM set
5:05 Installing LaunchBox
6:12 Installing MAME with the wizard
12:54 Browsing and playing your games
14:46 Some of my favourite games

MAME ROMs explained video

MAME website



  1. Setting up a controller is impossible. Used to be able to plug in a controller and play

  2. Are there any input lag-related settings for MAME? Psikyo games in particular are REALLY BAD about that.

  3. OMG Starship Titanic! I had that one. Need to watch a playthrough, i could never finish it!

  4. thank you for taking so much time and effort out of your day to create such a helpful video, thanks man New subscriber

  5. Hold up, does this mean I can play those platform games? 🤔 psp,ps2, Nintendo, arcade all that

  6. Thank you very much for the guide. One question though,I use a ps4 controller I don't know hot to set up custom button controls but it works just don't know how to configure controller. Also games like killer instinct and NBA jam don't recognize 2 players so if you know how to configure controller and add another player please do tell me

  7. how to play ps2 games on your pc with mame emulator

  8. Downloaded a full romset for Mame 0.248 as well as the same version of MAME itself. With every game, i get nothing but a brief black screen and it immediately boots me out of the game.

  9. this is not helping im just using mame not all this shit

  10. Fantastic video mate ! Exactly the information I was looking for 🙂 Gotta love YouTube 👊😎

  11. MAME 0.249

    MAME Emulator:

    MAME BIOS Sets:

    MAME ROM Set (Merged) – No CHD:

    MAME CHD (Merged): (Maintained by @lollo_220)

    MAME SL ROM Set (Merged) – No CHD:

    MAME Support Files:

    MAME Official Website:

    MAME Official GitHub:

    I want to ask if I download rom set
    which one do I need?
    I feel confused. CHD? Merged? What is that

  12. I have a question can we get in launchbox Favorit section like other Frontends they have extra one and not just per emulatore listed on the top

  13. 60gb of one-armed bandits in the history of humanity to launch one 300kbit real game


  14. so it won't install mame if you have a partial rom set? bummer. I really don't want to get a full one

  15. Hi, i followed every steps of instructions until 'Where are your Mame ROms located?" after click the Mame folder and press Next, i got"The specified folder does not contain a full Mame ROM set" prompt, and i tried choosing the ROM folder, still got the same prompt, any other options? tq for the video

  16. So a mame rom set that is, for example: mame 0.239 , has the same games as 0.240 but they just play better in 0.240? And as I go up in version, the better they will run? Sorry, this mame stuff is confusing lol

  17. I'm not understanding, I see so many tutorials where the .xml file magically turns into a folder where there are all the titles inside. But how do you get them? Is there any need to do any particular conversion of the .xml file? Thank you for those who help me.

  18. Been looking for days and about 5 hours today. I am tired of all these "how too" bastards telling me to Google it. Thanks for nothing. No shit; "getting a hold of a romset can be difficult". Why bother wasting this time. Make a where to get roma video and I guarantee you go viral.

  19. can i download this emutaltor to my bod arcade??

  20. thanks i wanted to set up dk81 for my mom she used to play that game😄

  21. i got big box because they said it will work with a controller, LIES!

  22. Never have any issues launching games with Mame32U and MameUL32 but the latest versions are a pain in the ass, either wrong machine or missing components. I don't get it but I'll try your way sir

  23. Still not working for me, I bought game from steam and after I import it in launchbox it still error missing file MSVCP120.dll, what can I do?

  24. It's crazy how no one has compiled these rom sets into collections or anything like that.

  25. Subbed to your channel due to this video, I'd been using a stand alone install of MAME yet it's the only thing that won't work within Launchbox for me. So I've decided to go with a download of the most recent merged set and let the install wizard do the work. Thanks.

  26. Urgh, I have Retrobat… does this mean it wont be as easy compared to Launchbox?

  27. So I followed the video exactly, but I have a problem. Certain games, mostly 3D games don't work. I wanted to play Carnevil and it won't run, I tried installing a different rom of it and still nothing. Anybody know how to fix this?

  28. Please help
    I'm trying to learn how to program
    Are there any plugins for mame that enable export of sprites or scenery graphics?
    Is there a disassembler for game code?
    Mame now emulates computers – the Sam coupé Now has support for compact flash and sd memory cards this is called atom lite does mame support this?

  29. thanks for the tutorial! do I also need to download the full set of CHD files? I've seen that it's huge

  30. I did all this just because one game I want to play – California Speed. Of course game is not working but every other game I try is working. Any idea how to make this game work ?

  31. some mame games dont work for me, how do i get a working set ?

  32. This version and the current version of the Launchbox ( July 2023 ) does not give me the option to "make a copy" when importing the ROMset so that I cannot easily copy the "Launchbox" folder on to a USB drive for portability. The "Lauchbox" folder is missing the "Games" folder. Thanks for your videos, BTW. Excited to start playing all the oldies!

  33. When I look up ROM .256 merged set it indicates 935 GB with CHD files…? With Launchbox do I just download the ROM set or do I need the CHD files also?

  34. If i have emulation station can i just use the games i already have in those folders for launch box? Or do i have to duplicate all my roms again for LB?

  35. Too complicated for silly games from the previous century, disliked.

  36. Thank you good Sir. Great educational skills.

  37. Brilliant mate, can't wait to try this out dude, liked and subscribed, and looks like you have the same taste as me for the gaming 😊 👍🏻

  38. doesn't work. screen flashes. games dont launch.

  39. 1:36
    Why the FUCK does nobody explain this?! Every dumb motherfucker tells you to download a ROM set but all I want is to play a few specific games. I don't need every arcade game in existence. So why do I need it all?! Holy shit…

    Thank you, my friend. You're the first person to actually mention that.

  40. That was just as much of a pain in the ass as the normal mame32 installation.

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