The Bizarre World of Japanese Arcade Games -

The Bizarre World of Japanese Arcade Games

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My addiction to gacha games has manifested itself as an arcade cabinet in Japan that prints physical cards of anime girls. Help.
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Outro Music:

Amusement Park (World 5) – Super Monkey Ball 2
Cruise the Clouds – Yoshi’s New Island
Lazy Addiction – Ongeki
Destruction Dance – Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
Midday Majesty – Chibi Robo!
Invitation to Freedom (Instrumental) – Persona Q2
Qbomb – Tony Thai
Splash Dance – Ongeki
Natsukashii(育応あ)- SiIvaGunner
Welcome to Japari Park – Doubutsu biskets
Metallic Madness Zone Act 1 – Sonic Mania
Menu (Clear) – Super Monkey Ball 2


Chuck E. Cheese’s Old Arcade Game: Tik Tak Clock Ride

Big Bass Wheel

Spin N Win 6 Jackpots in 3 minutes

Jumpin’ Jackpot Arcade Game HUGE WIN!! (At Dave & Busters in Woburn, MA)

Buzzy Buzzy Bee Chuck E. Cheese’s Old Arcade Games


Cyclone Ticket Redemption Game From ICE Arcade Game Review

Mega Stacker Prize and Ticket Game by LAI Games

Chuck E. Cheese Ticket Muncher

CEC Game Review Wonder Wheel

CEC Game Review “Tower Crane”

Water Blast at Chuck E. Cheese

VIDEO FEVER – Games People Play from ABC news LA

NUTS FOR NINTENDO special on ABC news 20/20 from 1988

Guitar Hero 3- “Through The Fire and Flames” Expert 100% FC (988,582)

Guitar Hero Arcade – Paint It Black – Rolling Stones – Guitar Expert

Match em up 1,002 jackpot at Dave and Busters

DDR Retro Gameplay (3)

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (Full Gameplay)

【maimaiでらっくす】アポカリプスに反逆の焔を焚べろ でらっくす譜面 MASTER ALL PERFECT 【直撮り】

Lachryma《Re:Queen’M》(EX49) / ポップンミュージック peace

Popperz Chronicle (EX50) / ポップンミュージック peace



  1. I just want to say thanks for making me cry 3 dosh dang times. Even though you didn't want to stay close to it, It's such a good show. After watching this I started listening the Kemono Friends OP Welcome to Japari Park. It's a banger. I then decided to watch the show because I had prior knowledge that the show just seemed terrible because of the animation. Even thought the animation isn't the world's best and the characters are more or less pure. The show was a fun trip. Thanks, it was a great journey. That didn't cost anything other than the realization of 1 AND A 1/4 MIN ADS LIKE 3-4 PER SHOW TO. It's tolerable fuck crunchyroll.

  2. Idk why i’m still waiting for Breath of the wild and splatoon 2 hah

  3. You sneaked in battle girl highschool

    Now I miss them

  4. I think I have played this video like ten times
    This video is all an alagorie for yakkos obsession to ongeki

  5. Aha an oregairu fan. Waiting for 3rd season

  6. My abolute favorite arcade rhythm game is groove coaster

  7. I remember my addiction with Gitadora exchain.
    Shit made me buy 15$ drum sticks and made me play until i bruised my fingers.
    Shit fun doe

  8. American are arcades are just kid casinos

  9. A chain of arcades from Japan are here in the states called round one and they do have current Japanese arcade cabinets like sf5 arcade edition, tekken 7, unist, groove coaster, gitorda etc… and they sell the cards that you can use to register an account so Im able to unlock new songs in gitorda, and track my progress as well as play online is sf5 arcade. Its only in a few states and I worry for its future with caronavirus but I love that arcade.

  10. Can any one tell me where to get a sound bolted controller

  11. I got some Ongeki cards, should I send them to you?

  12. The first game i play in Japan arcade is Ongeki and i still love it until MaiMai Deluxe came out, try that and became a full time Maimai player :v
    At least that game don't make me grid gem and have to play everyday for that login gift of free card every event :v

    And you guy still have Round one in your country. My country only have knockoff China game that really really suck :'(
    Man i wish i still in Japan right now to play some MaiMai :'(

  13. They've started having Maimai machines in Australia at the beginning of the year. So I'm happy!

  14. Don't feel bad man, I'd spend money for physical cards of rom-com SNAFU too. Not just the girls either if they got hikkomouri in there I'd try for it too

  15. Yakko's just showing off his SSR Reimu card every time

  16. the part of the kemono friends song cracked me up cause i literally had the same experience, after playing the song in groove coaster i could not get it out of my head and now it's playable in pretty much every rhythm game, you can't escape from it. I ended up watching the anime tho and it's actually pretty good lol

  17. You’re a sucker for those money grabbing machine eh?

  18. I wanna be able to got to an arcade in this country and see 10 copies of street fighter 3 in a row, in that moment my life will be complete, see you soon Japan

  19. A mall close to my place used to have an arcade like the Japanese ones. It wasn't exactly like it but it was similar. It had DDR, shooters(?), fighting games and the those trading card games that I really liked. Unfortunately, it got shut down and was replaced with an American style arcade where it's just mobile games on big screens and prize games for kids.

  20. By the way, you really are missing out on an incredible show with Kemono Friends if you can't get over the most shallow aspect of it.

  21. I feel like I'm the only one here who is like, "Oh, there's Touhou in this video!", whenever I see Touhou stuff or reference.

  22. Fun fact, ongeki cons are starting to pop up for sale or are reasonably easy to make, there are sims around and a PC game that's basically a clone called U-Drive. So if you're back in the US and still want to play it, it's pretty easy to get into.

  23. There's actually a really nice arcade in nyc Chinatown that's sort of similar to jpn arcades

  24. i miss going to the gaming center and busting out 20s for jubeat. who knew how important 16 buttons would end up meaning to me :3c

  25. The amount of times i watched this video is concerning

  26. So yeah we need better arcades in the us, I have an arcade in my state (kinda rare tbh) that isn’t a “chain” like chuck e or Dave and Busters, and there’s no fighting games.. I just want to beat up some kids in tekken 7 :(. Guess I’ll move to korea lol

  27. play mu-drive 🙂 its really fun and based on ongeki

  28. There's a whole lotta touhou in this arcade.

  29. i would so get hooked n that game and ask my parents for 2000 yen to gacha and hope for a UR that i'll never get

  30. Japanese arcades are on another level. I'm not into Gacha games but I'd get hooked on collecting those cards.

  31. found the secret part 2.5 of the gacha trilogy

  32. Hello, i'm from Indonesia🇮🇩, Southeast Asian. And i like Japan🇯🇵, especially Toys and Game. This is my BEST Favorite Japanese Arcade Game :

    90s :
    1.Daytona USA
    2.Daytona USA 2
    3.SEGA Rally Championship
    4.SEGA Scud Race/Scud Race Plus
    5.Manx TT Superbike
    6.Dirt Dash
    7.Ace Driver : Victory Lap
    8.Crazy Taxi
    9.Wave Runner
    10.SEGA OverRev

    2000s :
    1.Thrill Drive 2
    2.Battle Gear 2, 3, 4, 4 Tuned (Racing Car)
    3.SEGA Monkey Ball
    4.Animal Kaiser (Card Game, until now)
    5.Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune (Untill now, Now Version 6R in Japan and Version 6 in outside Japan) (One of the Most POPULAR Arcade Racing Car)
    6.Mario Kart Arcade GP, GP 2, GP DX
    7.Gacchu Guts (Card Game (Beetle Battle))
    8.SEGA Race TV
    9.Dead Heat/Maximum Heat Arcade (Racing Car, released 2010)
    10.Initial D (Until now) (One of the Most POPULAR Racing Car)
    11.Ultraman Fusion Fight (Card Game)
    12.Pokemon Tretta
    13.Oreca Battle (Card Game)
    14.Dance Dance Revolution 0:49
    15.Taiko no Tatsujin 7:40 (his right, nearby Air Hockey)
    16.Dance Rush 1:57 (that, the footrests are colorful lights), 2:49, 3:04 (front's Jubeat)
    17.Sound Voltex 3:15, 8:53, 9:31
    18.Gundam Extreme vs Full Boost/Maxi Boost 2:19, 9:11
    19.Kamen Rider Ganbarizing (Card Game)
    20.SEGA World Drivers Championship
    21.Tank! Tank! Tank! Arcade (Tank vs Monster)
    22.Cruis'n Blast (by Raw Thrills and Nintendo)
    23.SEGA Grid
    24.SEGA Daytona USA 3
    25.Dariusburst Another Chronicle
    26.SEGA Showdown Leader
    27.Yokai Watch Arcade (Card Game)
    28.Pop'n Music 3:41
    29.SEGA KODrive

    Nostalgic 90s 2000s Japanese Arcade Game.

  33. Damn dude you got the whole squad laughing.

  34. As someone who lived in Japan for a couple years, you aren't kidding about the sensory overload in Japanese arcades. Those places got more bright colors than an seven-year-old girl's birthday party, with flashing lights everywhere, with so much chaotic noise that it's like walking into ten rock concerts at the same time (only no rock music). And that's not even talking about Pachinko arcades which are like five times louder…

  35. Now I know what I’m doing when I go to Japan

  36. Damn it's a good thing I didn't see this game on the rhythm games floor in the arcade I went to in japan. I ended up playing sound voltex for like two days instead, fuck that game is hard.

  37. Aight time to start saving to go to japan

  38. 普通に音ゲーうまくて草

  39. Where I live, there is a Mai Mai rip off called dance cube and while I was playing, a group of teenagers came over simply to tease me.

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