The Bizarre World of Japanese Arcade Games -

The Bizarre World of Japanese Arcade Games

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My addiction to gacha games has manifested itself as an arcade cabinet in Japan that prints physical cards of anime girls. Help.
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Outro Music:

Amusement Park (World 5) – Super Monkey Ball 2
Cruise the Clouds – Yoshi’s New Island
Lazy Addiction – Ongeki
Destruction Dance – Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
Midday Majesty – Chibi Robo!
Invitation to Freedom (Instrumental) – Persona Q2
Qbomb – Tony Thai
Splash Dance – Ongeki
Natsukashii(育応あ)- SiIvaGunner
Welcome to Japari Park – Doubutsu biskets
Metallic Madness Zone Act 1 – Sonic Mania
Menu (Clear) – Super Monkey Ball 2


Chuck E. Cheese’s Old Arcade Game: Tik Tak Clock Ride

Big Bass Wheel

Spin N Win 6 Jackpots in 3 minutes

Jumpin’ Jackpot Arcade Game HUGE WIN!! (At Dave & Busters in Woburn, MA)

Buzzy Buzzy Bee Chuck E. Cheese’s Old Arcade Games


Cyclone Ticket Redemption Game From ICE Arcade Game Review

Mega Stacker Prize and Ticket Game by LAI Games

Chuck E. Cheese Ticket Muncher

CEC Game Review Wonder Wheel

CEC Game Review “Tower Crane”

Water Blast at Chuck E. Cheese

VIDEO FEVER – Games People Play from ABC news LA

NUTS FOR NINTENDO special on ABC news 20/20 from 1988

Guitar Hero 3- “Through The Fire and Flames” Expert 100% FC (988,582)

Guitar Hero Arcade – Paint It Black – Rolling Stones – Guitar Expert

Match em up 1,002 jackpot at Dave and Busters

DDR Retro Gameplay (3)

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (Full Gameplay)

【maimaiでらっくす】アポカリプスに反逆の焔を焚べろ でらっくす譜面 MASTER ALL PERFECT 【直撮り】

Lachryma《Re:Queen’M》(EX49) / ポップンミュージック peace

Popperz Chronicle (EX50) / ポップンミュージック peace



  1. Back when I visited in 2008 I was blown away by the arcade scene. As someone who grew up in arcades in the states, the arcade scene in Japan made me genuinely sad about the arcades back home.

    Like, why do we get none of these?

  2. You had me at Ongeki my dude- You are truly a man of culture. That game is ADDICTIVE and I loved it when I was in Japan.

  3. Please actually watch Kemono Friends (season 1 only), it's a cute and heartwarming series and little to no sexualization of the characters.

  4. Theirs one tcg arcade in the west that being injustice 2 and I love it

  5. Bruh, SNAFU card and Jojo game? Livin the dream.

  6. There's SO MUCH TOUHOU in this video, and that makes me happy.

  7. I legitimately thought this was an ArkKnights ad lol. Good thing you put yourself in the thumbnail!

  8. You know sometimes I feel like looking down at Yaco for spending so much money on this stuff. Then I remembered I've spent close to $5000 on magic the gathering……… So I really have no room to stand on

  9. 海外の動画で日本のゲーセンが出てるの嬉しい(´・ω・`)

  10. You forgot to mention taiko no tatsujin

  11. I spent $200 on a kirby claw machine. Money well spent

  12. y'know i already wanted to go to japan for maimai and chunithm and other games unavailable here bt god damn you made me want to go there more thanks alot man

  13. y'know i already wanted to go to japan for maimai and chunithm and other games unavailable here bt god damn you made me want to go there more thanks alot man

  14. Sadly, recently most arcade halls in japan got rid of the all retro machines like street fighter, metal slug etc and replaced them with stupid ufo catchers because they bring more profit. Some even have pachinko and slots in them which makes the place get crowded with old geezers who smoke the fuck outta it and you need a gas mask to be able to survive for more than 5 minutes inside

  15. Hey!! The bumblebee ball catcher is pretty tight compared to most physical arcade games.

  16. The Japariparcalypse was probably the best edited part

  17. 7:08 is my first time seeing an Easy mode for one of these rhythm games. I wasn't fully convinced they were even a thing.

  18. Had the video playing in the background when you said you spent a few extra bucks to get a card with some sparkles on it at 8:47 – as I tabbed over to the video, I thought idly to myself, "What kinda degenerate anime could make someone spend money on a ca-" …and then I saw it. Gazed upon it

    I, too, would have spent money on an Oregairu card with such glorious art my fucking GOD SHIT it's nice.

  19. In britain we have such masterpieces like ice pea vs zombies and minion coin thingy

  20. How do you spell this game i wanna look at the soundtrack

  21. I'm so glad you didn't lay eyes on an IIDX cab. That shit is straight up horrifying 😭

  22. If we had this arcades here i would still be visiting it.

  23. Japan out here living in 3020 with their arcades

  24. I know there's an f:go machine, but if there was a Dokkan arcade machine, and I could transfer my account and print out my LRs, I'd scream

  25. what was the song that played at 5:48? I wanna know because it was an absolute BANGER

  26. Hahah, you have a really jaded look of western arcades. Yes, there are kids at D&B there but that was not their intended market. D&B also has a good variety of games including rhythm games but in an AMA on Reddit the VP noted that a lot of those games just don't perform well in sales. Digging deeper, you can even see that specific locations are not alike. Some locations have it where certain games perform well (rhythm) as opposed to other locations they just straight up bomb. D&B also have card-based games but they are more grounded in western culture, IE Spongebob, Marvel Super Heroes, Star Trek, etc…and tend to be more casual, because, again, the market isn't there for hardcore card-based arcade games. Not to mention western arcades have to abide by gambling laws so a lot of the games that are ok in japan that employ gambling mechanics are not okay in most western arcades. Finally, for a Japan-esque type of arcade experience you can try an arcade like Round1 , which has roots in Japan.

  27. I hear music or a game I know and I'm somehow alert.

  28. one of my favorite things about rhythm games is seeing people whove clearly put countless hours into the games, went to a dave and busters a while ago before… yeah. and seeing people go fucking apeshit on DDR (which i was kind of surprised to find still around, not gonna lie) because they either blow a lot of money on it or work there so they get to play it a lot was a fucking Experience. i couldnt even see this guys fucking feet they were going so fast

  29. I think Yakko just owns the Gacha Dark Realm.

    because this man will never come out.

  30. do you not have weeb fans???? lmao why did no one notice fucking oregairu


  32. So, I know that this vid is like, 90% or more abt the rhythm games…

    But I need to draw attention to the fact that Yakko's got DBH cards. Respect.

  33. Reminder: O.N.G.E.K.I RED will collaborate with Arcaea in 17th Dec 2020

  34. i live in south east Asia and i was kinda bummed out that ongeki isn't available in my country and sdvx in nearby arcades are still in japanese. But after watching this, i'm grateful that we at least have maimai (the laundry machine), chunithm (the piano that requires you to lift your hands to hit some notes), and other games.

    I hope America and all western countries can enjoy the awesomeness of japanese arcade games someday.

  35. Videos like this really make me want to go to Japan, but I wouldn't know how to make my way around.

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