The Bizarre World of Japanese Arcade Games -

The Bizarre World of Japanese Arcade Games

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My addiction to gacha games has manifested itself as an arcade cabinet in Japan that prints physical cards of anime girls. Help.
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Outro Music:

Amusement Park (World 5) – Super Monkey Ball 2
Cruise the Clouds – Yoshi’s New Island
Lazy Addiction – Ongeki
Destruction Dance – Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix
Midday Majesty – Chibi Robo!
Invitation to Freedom (Instrumental) – Persona Q2
Qbomb – Tony Thai
Splash Dance – Ongeki
Natsukashii(育応あ)- SiIvaGunner
Welcome to Japari Park – Doubutsu biskets
Metallic Madness Zone Act 1 – Sonic Mania
Menu (Clear) – Super Monkey Ball 2


Chuck E. Cheese’s Old Arcade Game: Tik Tak Clock Ride

Big Bass Wheel

Spin N Win 6 Jackpots in 3 minutes

Jumpin’ Jackpot Arcade Game HUGE WIN!! (At Dave & Busters in Woburn, MA)

Buzzy Buzzy Bee Chuck E. Cheese’s Old Arcade Games


Cyclone Ticket Redemption Game From ICE Arcade Game Review

Mega Stacker Prize and Ticket Game by LAI Games

Chuck E. Cheese Ticket Muncher

CEC Game Review Wonder Wheel

CEC Game Review “Tower Crane”

Water Blast at Chuck E. Cheese

VIDEO FEVER – Games People Play from ABC news LA

NUTS FOR NINTENDO special on ABC news 20/20 from 1988

Guitar Hero 3- “Through The Fire and Flames” Expert 100% FC (988,582)

Guitar Hero Arcade – Paint It Black – Rolling Stones – Guitar Expert

Match em up 1,002 jackpot at Dave and Busters

DDR Retro Gameplay (3)

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (Full Gameplay)

【maimaiでらっくす】アポカリプスに反逆の焔を焚べろ でらっくす譜面 MASTER ALL PERFECT 【直撮り】

Lachryma《Re:Queen’M》(EX49) / ポップンミュージック peace

Popperz Chronicle (EX50) / ポップンミュージック peace



  1. I will love to know where the fuck get the machines and cost and make My own japanese arcade

  2. I actually have not seen anything else from ongeki but only gameplay

  3. Hey dude, dont you have a Round1 arcade near you in the US?

  4. 3:23

    i literally chanted yes because i did the exact same, subbed

  5. I see that you were playing koichi. Good choice

  6. The 1 thats important for me is
    Rythm Games
    especialy Sound Voltex,Pump It Up(Korean DDR),Mai Mai and Osu!
    and thabkfully all of it are in my country Indonesia xD

  7. Ongeki looks so, so good. It's the exact kind of thing to scratch my DJ Hero itch.
    …and it's also basically impossible to import, and Sega ignores the US even more than Konami does. Fuck.

  8. Man I lived in Japan for two years and missed out on these arcades. I was too young ;-;

  9. american arcades are literally just carnival games or mobile games

  10. 3:37 i love how upset yakko sounds when he says "we get the…bUMble BEe BaLl CatCHer"

  11. *American Arcade Games*: “Hi! We’re for kids and we are rushed games that are masked in a fee that will steal your money!
    Japanese Arcade Games: “HHRRRNNNNN”

  12. A gacha rhythm games exists… They better not import that shit or my wallet will die

  13. damn! After watch this i acidentally buy 3 project diva games and one persona dancing all night

  14. If a rhythm game isn't about a rapping dog I won't play it

  15. I’m so glad I have a round1 close to me.
    It had beatmania, sound voltex, groove coaster, project diva and wacca- just to name a few.

    And yes I’ve also fallen into the gacha trap with the sound voltex generator

  16. Happy I was able to play a couple of their imports before all the arcades shut down

  17. hating on the loli huh? methinks the yakko dost protest too much.

  18. Japan >>> the West in Arcades

    Also, DDR Mario Mix is for newborns. Us in the hardcore crowd turn our legs into steel with the mainline arcade games.

    Come back to me if Mario Mix gets a remaster and they include the song "ENDYMION" on it, and then we'll talk.

  19. Me:why so fast

    Dream while crafting a boat in mid air

    Me: nevermind

  20. damn. If they werent so anime centric I could see these all over the world. easily. God damn shit like this makes me sad, I knew someone from japan and she said it was the same as anywhere else in the world except people generally seem to be more polite. I just wish someday in the future I can be playing rhythm games like this, minus the anime, at a nearby dave and busters or something

  21. I know most do it jokingly but I'm starting to feel like any video talking about Japanese entertainment media is inevitably going to bring up some level of accusations of pedophilia. That's really damning in nearly every context.

    Like, I get it, cute things aren't going to appeal to everyone but the sheer stigma that's gotten developed is kind of scary. Like damn, just let the cute things be cute.

    Eh, could always be worse I suppose.

  22. watching this during the friday night funkin craze makes it seem like the econemey will break down if we don't get rythm games in canada the us and uk

  23. Hey at least there’s bemani rhythm arcade games in U.S. Round 1 and such.

  24. If I ever win the lottery I am living the dream and living round the corner from these Gocha Arcade cabinets with the sick cards.

  25. when I was in Japan I discovered the world of Arcade Fighting Games! You name it SF4, Third Strike and of course Daemon Bride!

  26. For those who want to play Japanese arcade games but can't leave the states, boy do I have the solution for you.

  27. In Sydney
    we are finally starting to have competitive arcades…

    only in the city CBD.
    and i live in the suburbs.

    sigh… i guess in my area arcades are for kids, i'll have to hold on to the dream of learning how to dance via drs

  28. Japan's arcade are fucking great. If only I can play em…

  29. Shame this video doesn't have more attention, it's one of my favorites on YouTube and I come back to watch it every now and then. Have you considered going back to shoot a sequel to cover more rhythm games?

  30. Tbh. Sdvx may seem hard but like. When you get used to the approach spd, its easy. But its different for ddr and dancerush stardom. Cause haha. I have slow feet.

  31. I wanted to like your video, but I realized I already did it. You are my favorite youtuber to watch on Ketamine.

  32. Yakko: enjoying in japan
    Me: Laughing jealously

  33. America Arcade: Candy Crush and Doodle Jump

    Japan Arcade: Suigoi Dakai rhythm games

  34. There is a place in Soho, London, called "Little Las Vegas" which is mainly a casino, but there is a seperate floor which is an arcade with a bunch of the games in this video.

  35. Thanks to you I now have a crippling addiction to SDVX and IIDX

  36. one day I’ll be able to play chunithm….
    one day 😭😭😭

  37. so an arcade that’s kinda close too me has a mai mai machine lmao

  38. Very jealous, especially since you went pre-covid. Excellent!!

  39. wow those arcades are hella wild… my hurt yearns 😭

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