The Best VR Arcade Game on Oculus Quest 2!? | SWARM -

The Best VR Arcade Game on Oculus Quest 2!? | SWARM

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Swarm is a vibrant, fast-paced VR arcade shooter tailor-made for the VR format. Whereas many VR games focus on replicating popular game mechanics and perpetuating tired cliches, Swarm does its very best to offer you a fresh take on the VR arcade genre. And in this regard, Swarm succeeds with flying colors.

Whether you’re a fan of classic arcade shooters, quality grapple mechanics, or comically over-the-top storylines, Swarm has a little something for everyone.

Swarm is available now on Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift headsets for $24.99 with support for cross-buy. A SteamVR release is scheduled for Summer 2021.

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  1. Can you tell me how to get the golden tracers to appear? One of my quests wants me to get 2 of them but I can’t even get 1 because they’re not coming out! I probably have gone in 100 times and still can’t see even 1!

  2. Might get a oculus 2 for my birthday thank you for the game recommendation

  3. Maybe when it goes on sale then I’ll buy it

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  5. Can you use a chrome book for Roblox on oculus quest 2

  6. It’s a really good game, it just needs more content. I beat the game in the first night of owning it.

  7. its like mdma and coke in one sober package ….seriously one of the greatest game experiences i ve ever had

  8. I bought the game this morning and holy crap is it fun! I didn’t want to go to work!

  9. Make this game a free roam game and it would be perfect

  10. This is absolutely my favorite game so far. I'm actually shocked it doesn't give me motion sickness. (It is fairly disorienting when I've played it for a while and take off the headset though. And when I play it, I get hooked for a while.)

  11. I saw this video and instantly bought it, it looks really amazing!

  12. Thanks for the review. I decided to buy the game and it's really is fun. That said; "Addicting"?! Please use real words. I'm new to your channel and this made me feel dirty! 🙂

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