The best and worst punching bag moments -

The best and worst punching bag moments

Omar Raja – ESPN
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  1. If only the first girl planted her feet a little bit forward, the result will go higher i think

  2. "What? Do you want me to wash the dishes and do the laundry? I gotche babe"💀

  3. For mens
    You don't want one of these punches on your balls ☠️

  4. imagine some guy starts messing with them on the street then wakes up strung up over a tree branch

  5. The last one if I was the father: heh it’s fine you’ll be my punching bag now.

  6. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

  7. That last one was so hard the camera shook 💀

  8. First girl wasn’t impressive a 1000 on that machine is low

  9. Damn first chick sexy as freek and she can swing like a dude wtf

  10. Why isn’t anyone talking about how crazy those men where like they almost broke the machine

  11. I’d really like to try one of those machines. I could definitely get a score of 999

  12. Mothers, let your daughters take up boxing or some kind of sport so that they can stand up for themselves and never let themselves be hurt. Do not rely on men, in this world women suffer more from men ("protectors") more than from anything else. According to statistics, there are many cases when the perpetrator is someone they knew.
    Every woman should do it. Learn how to protect yourself.

  13. I think I'mma just head out after watching those women do that 💀

  14. First two girls can become the best Asian mother ever

  15. If that was me at the end then my kid would become the punching bag

  16. Bro women will get you I swear (as a women trust me they have some built in rage 😰)

  17. As a 13 yo who had 1300 i can confirm they are no joke🗿

  18. Most of the time it's about how flexible you are and how well you can wind the punch up while still aiming it precisely.
    Has precious little to do with actual strength.
    It's about how you punch, not how hard you punch.

  19. Bro this is why I hate any arcade place ever people just let their 2 and a half year olds walk around and harass people while baby mama spends her first of the month money on some fucking arcade machines

  20. If i was the dad the bag wouldn't be the only thing im punching

  21. The guy should’ve punched the kid who reset his score

  22. "What do you want on your sandwich ☹️"

  23. The girlfriend who Geta drunk be like:💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  24. ハメ撮り: あなたは妻を裏切りました

  25. “Don’t worry babe, I’ll make sure to clean the house and dishes too.”

  26. First 2 girls would knock your ass out if they landed that!!

  27. 4 was charging up his ultimate skill 💀

  28. The 4th guy did the jojo pose without any difficulty 💀

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