The All-New Super X Arcade Is an All In One Emulation System -

The All-New Super X Arcade Is an All In One Emulation System

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In this video, we take a look at the all-new Super Arcade Console from KInHank the same creator behind the Super Console X and Pro! This is an all-in-one arcade stick with a built-in emulation console plus the arcade stick will also work with the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS3, Raspberry Pi, and PC over USB!

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01:52-Tear Down
09:10-Final Thoughts

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  1. I remember that years ago I built an arcade stick inside of a dead 360 and my current project is a mini PC inside of a 360 so now after seeing this I kinda want to put both together and build a mini PC that doubles as an arcade stick.

  2. Blazing star is the best shoot ever of all the time 😍😍😍

  3. Think it would be cool if I had a compartment for a small handheld controller you could pull out and play games using that

  4. ETA prime, you're super cool bro, but it's Rih Uh, not Ry U ._.

  5. Personally I'm still a PC/MAME guy but i like the Super Console X over the Pandora's Box UI. but my biggest gripe has always been that the Super Console X never came prepped to put into an arcade machine. If there was only a basic, stripped down Super Console X board with a 40 pin gpio style connector for you to add your own 2 player controls it would be a solid step forward for them.

  6. This would REALLY Sell if this Stick was Exclusive to FIGHTCADE 2, Imagine playing MVC2 Online wherever you go, just plug it in your friends house and go

  7. I wish you could have tried He-MAN on OPENBOR, That game is Totally AWESOME!!! It's just like the Original Cartoon

  8. Can you upgrade this ? Put a Raspberry pi 4 on it please

  9. God damn , I played so much blazing star when I was a kid!

  10. The way I play blazing star (for example) or any arcade shooter with a hold button charge function, is to assign the shoot (usually A button) to both the A button on my M30 gamepad and also the right bumper. I turbo the right bumper and leave the face button as standard. With retroarch I have never had a conflict, ever. They work seamlessly. I hold down the bumper for fire and if I want to charge I hold down the a button, I do NOT have to release the bumper in any way, the button without turbo always takes priority and overrides when I hold it down. It works brilliantly and adds new life to many arcade shooters. Actually with blazing star I have the hamster release on both switch and windows, the ACA Neogeo, and that allows Neogeo A button to be assigned to multiple controller buttons and has its own turbo which is assignable per button, and also works precisely the same way without conflict. I tend to just use the M30 hardware turbo though cause it doesn't take any emulation cycles.

  11. By the way, very cool and useful to have a turbo button and something I wanted on an all in one home console or handheld. Can you assign multiple buttons to one emulated console button? Of course what I REALLY want is a good arcade stick with an actual decent CPU inside instead of this Amlogic crap.

  12. haha rockos modern life is a small demo i made just for myself, im surprised you found it, i also see my snail and turtle, lol

  13. I ended up buying the Mortal Kobat fight stick which comes in a very nice wooden box and put a pie in it

  14. The main issue about KinHank products (this one and the Super Console X) is that they're making profit over someone's hard (and free) work.

    They're using SD card images nicely customised, configured and curated, distributed free of charge by a Brazilian guy called Galisteo without his authorization. The joystick logo and the boot video are from Galisteo's original work and these guys just wiped his name out to replace with their own.

    He spent (and keeps spending) countless hours to do such an amazing job to all emulation lovers and never charged the community before these guys started stealing his hard work. Now he's asking for donations to download popular image sizes but keeping 128GB and 16GB new releases free to download.

    Everyone knows what is better to do with their own money, of course. But I'd never give profit to people like that.

    And ETA Prime, I'm a big fan of your videos. Keep it up!

  15. Neat. Reminds me of the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro, though probably more powerful. Can it do Marvel vs Capcom 2?

  16. Can you use two i.e plug one into the other and use it as a second controller?

  17. I totally forgot about STUN Runner until I saw that boot intro. Fun times.

  18. Anyone know of an RPi based equivalent of a product like this? Either one player like this, or a 2p bartop? Would like to get something and connect some sinden light guns to it. Bonus points for track ball or pinball buttons.

  19. Does it come with CRT filters or other scanlines options? Can they be added afterwards?

  20. What I'm thinking here is swapping out the heavy plate for some li-ion batteries to get the same weight distribution with remote power for free. I mean not free, you gotta buy the batteries, but the equivalent weight could power it for hours.

  21. Looks like a blend of the first 8bitdo arcade stick, and their last one.

  22. Awesome review, nice form factor to play the low end stuff, great!

  23. It's kind of cool! But what about MULTIPLAYER? Is it possible to plug another stick/controller to it via USB or something?

    I find it surprising that it's not something mentioned on AliExpress, nor in this video (I think).

    Arcade is at its best when played with someone imho!

  24. Can you connect another game pad to this to have 2 player on things like Streetfighter?

  25. Hi Great review, I was thinking of buying a Super Console X Cube system but now this has come out i might have to rethink. Does the Arcade/Mame games and the Intellevision games play well on this system or did you come across any issues? Also how many games are there on the 256gb card, Is it the same as the other X systems? Would appreciate any help in helping me make up my mind which system to get. Regards Darren

  26. Wow a ready-made emulation console that doesn't stretch 4:3 to 16:9 without anyway to change it! Kudos to KinHank!

  27. Bro i just literally bought an arcade stick for my xbox

  28. What's this shit!!!!…. they totally ripped off the 8bitdo

  29. I love how this looks like an 8bitdo arcade stick with a good frontend emuelec so this is probably going into my new house next year.

  30. yet again another. we allready have 5 buck RPI

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