The 20 Bloodiest Arcade Games -

The 20 Bloodiest Arcade Games

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Do you think you know everything about Arcade Games? 🕹️ In this video you will see the most bloody, gore and controversial arcade games in history. Enjoy!

🎵 Outro music by Friedrich Habetler (CC BY)
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00:00 Intro
00:16 Smash TV
00:41 Beast Busters
01:05 Primal Rage
01:32 Narc
01:57 S. A. R. Search And Rescue
02:22 Samurai Spirits V
02:47 Splatterhouse
03:13 House of the Dead 2
03:43 Total Carnage
04:08 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
04:34 Night Slashers
04:58 Guwange
05:23 Time Killers
05:48 Zombie Revenge
06:08 Tecmo Knight
06:33 Carnevil
06:58 Zombie Raid
07:23 Tattoo Assassins
07:48 Metal Slug 3
08:13 Chiller
08:36 Outro

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  1. Showing some love for the House of The Dead games 🔥! Can’t wait for the HOTD1 Remake and HOTD2 Remake afterwards!

  2. "Most bloody" or "bloodiest". I'm not sure "most bloodiest" works.

  3. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs has blood when you use a bazooka or throw a grenade to an enemy

  4. 'The 20 most bloody arcade games' or 'The 20 bloodiest arcade games' would both be better grammar options for this cool video.

  5. There are 2 games i think should be here
    Loaded the blood literally stays the entire game
    Killer instinct
    Come on more blood than most of these

  6. What, no mention of Vampire Resurrection, aka Darkstalkers 3? The final boss is capable of drowning you in a puddle of blood before using your body to sign an oversized contract!

  7. God when I was a kid the C64 version of SmashTV was always in the disk drive. A really good port of the arcade game.

  8. You did not include Killer Instinct

  9. alguien tiene el ROM de Primal Rage ?

  10. Can you send me a copy of you mame.ini file in your ini folder in the mame dir I like the way it looks with the scan lines and graphic setting

  11. Points for remembering Time KIllers. Always liked those Rancid mirror matches.

  12. Could you please add a countdown somewhere to let me know how long to the next white transition? Maybe 3 seconds before it happens so I can close my eyes, it's pretty harsh on the eyes.

  13. I remember when I first seen Carnevil, it was so bloody, I was like it's so cool especially it used shotguns. Midway had some really great arcade games back in the day like: Mortal Kombat, Cruisin, Narc, NFL Blitz, T2, NBA Jam, WWF Wrestlemania, etc.

  14. Zombie revenge is STILL one of my all time favorites

  15. Nice videos, but can you please remove some "blinkin black – white" transitions and stuff? Are a little bit annoying

  16. Thank you for adding Zombie Revenge to this list! My buddy and I used to kill this game on my Dreamcast 👊🏾

  17. I know MK, Zombie Revenge, Carnevil, House of dead, primal Rage and metal slug. I m not familiar with the rest but they still look awesome

  18. Excelente vídeo. ¿Usaste MAME?, si es así me gustaría que compartieras tus settings, los juegos se ven increíbles.

  19. house of the dead 2 with green blood? That was the censored version

  20. Tecmo Knight looks well worth checking out, nice catch !

  21. A shame that arcades have gone away. And the ones that are still around are not the arcades that I remember. 😢

  22. There are some new arcade games I seen at the mall that looked pretty bloody too. At least one was 3d. Was a little surprised it was at a place kids go to.

  23. I used to have Chiller on the NES I was 7 or 8 yes old and just remember thinking g it was cool but I had know idea what was going 9n

  24. Beast Busters: Second Nightmare and Blood Storm


  26. The most gory, bloody and sadistic edition of SPLATTERHOUSE for ps3/xbox360, 🤟 love It!

  27. I remember finally playing splatter house after not being allowed. It scared me and I turned it off. Parents won that round.

  28. Chiller is the game most politicians play as kids.

  29. Primal rage was awesome, never figured out how to do fatalitys at that time.

  30. I remember pit fighter being pretty bloody too….shitty game tho lol

  31. Mortal Kombat gore is hilarious but temco Knight's kinda disturbing.

  32. Let's not forget the Japanese arcade version of Street Fighter EX which almost pushed an M-rating.

    Some of the moves in that game had to be removed such as Doctrine Dark's Throat Slit.

  33. Nice video bro, great.. 😁👍

    But even though The House of The Dead 2, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and Metal Slug 3 games are bloody and gore games, they are all my favorite childhood games. Even as an adult I still play and love the game, so it's the most beautiful game of my life, and makes me nostalgic, the best.. 😊👍

    I love all The House of The Dead, Mortal Kombat, and Metal Slug games.. ❤️

  34. I always found it hilarious in house of the dead 2 when the woman says " DONT COME, DONT COME!" . Man humour 😄👍

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