The 15 BEST Arcade Games from 1983 during the Video Game Crash -

The 15 BEST Arcade Games from 1983 during the Video Game Crash

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Most know 1983 as the crash of the video game market, but arcades were alive and well. At least, they were in my memories. Here’s a look at 15 of the best arcade games that were released in 1983.






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  1. Tapper
    Indy Jones Temple of Doom
    Dragons Lair

  2. Arcade games are for peasants. Pinball is life.

  3. Let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us!!

  4. My arcade games were GALAGA, GALAXIANS, and JOUST

  5. The 80's was the Shiznit. Not just games.. It was like the industrial revolution, A huge change Tech wise, music wise , etc 
    I call it the "Entertaining Revolution"

  6. Had the small arcade cabinet donkey Kong game as a kid loved arcades still go in them if I ever see them for some nostalgia

  7. I was hooked on Chuckie egg, I found it EGGceedingly hard, but I cracked it with loads of practice.

  8. Dragons Lair stole so much money from me at the arcades.

  9. I was working in Silicon Valley (San Jose and Milpitas areas) from 1983 to 1990. My favorite thing to do on my lunch breaks (at least in the early years) was run down to Chucky Cheese and play Missile Command. I would play it for an hour straight (sometimes two). I lost count of how many times my boss would scold me for walking back in to Engineering an hour or two late, and told me I was addicted and to seek help. LOL! Now THOSE were the days!

  10. Wow, this takes me back. I remember loving Spy Hunter and Elevator Action. Others from around this time that were cool included Hyper Olympics (you used to use your knuckles to hit the keys really fast), Ghost & Goblins (something like that), 1942 and Gauntlet (sadly I was never much good at this one but I know some people could last almost indefinitely).

  11. omg those creatures eating the baby bird in Birdiy are traumatizing! glad i never saw that when i was little

  12. John, I just discovered your videos, and all I can say is WOW and THANK YOU! Wow, because you’re a great narrator and super informative. Thank you, because I had forgotten about some of these games and also are seeing some games that I’ve never seen before (weird, since I grew up playing arcades all the time). Looking forward to watching the rest of your videos.

  13. Cool list, but no Gyruss and Hunchback?

  14. is it just me or is Mario just nailing that gorilla with a barrage of shots to the crotch?

  15. Ahh Elevator, liked that game alot…not quite a love though. The "TNT" game was interesting, wish I had a chance to play it when it was out. Ooooooooh and Dragons Lair. Nearly a "love" for that game. The gameplay sequencing though was tough.

  16. The late 1980s and early 90's to 2000s were the golden age of Arcades. The 1970s to early 80s games were far too primitive.

  17. Yeah those were dark times to be a gamer back then Operation Midnight Climax aka © 1981 Sinneslöschen" gave rise to Polybius which involved experimentation with mind control and subliminal messages. Im glad i stuck to playing Adventure lol.

  18. I remember people talking about the 'video game crash' – but it always felt over-exaggerated to me. If It really did happen, it was only in the US as far as I can tell. Over here things were booming and becoming more popular in '83

  19. I was blessed to have grown up during the 70's and 80's. I fondly recall numerous hours spent in various arcades and pretty much anyplace that had a video game around my hometown of Los Angeles, CA. From the local liquor stores in my neighborhood to the SEGA center in Fox Hills Mall to the Santa Monica Pier.

  20. 1987 was my favourite year for arcade games.

  21. At The Lake Forest Inn, back in the day, you got a free beer if you scored 90,000 pts on Missile Command. I'd drink for free until I was too drunk to make 90K. Good times.
    A friend of mine and I used to blow rolls of quarters at the local convenience store playing Defender and Omega Race.
    I've heard of almost none of these games you mentioned.

  22. Three I played #1 spyhunter by far most! Elevator Action was loads of fun! and I didnt even remember Mappy's name but i defo played that a lot

  23. In 1983 our local arcade was called 'Vidiots'. I loved that place.

  24. ahhh the good old days when i was old enough to drive but to young to buy beer….. i remember hanging out in arcades playing video games while watching the pinball machines collect dust, ironically now that im an "old" guy if i am out on the board walk i will play pinball and i have zero interest in the video games. it is rare to find a pinball machine though

  25. A very obscure list I have to say.. Not familiar with many of these and I lived in the arcades in 83

  26. The best gaming decade was 85 – 95 !! So many good games came out.

  27. My favorite arcade game was a dinosaur by 83. Table top, X's v. O'S, black and white, football game. Buttons and a roller ball. I don't recall the name but I still remember loving it.

  28. every Pizza Hut had the mario bros top down arcade game, we would go get our book it pizza and sit at Mario bros and play for a good hour

  29. I was really blessed to have worked at an arcade in 1983 (Games Galore – Thousand Oaks, CA). I had lots of time after my shift to play free games!

  30. Wished i had my 2600 still and all those boxed cartrigdes…oh well cheers from uk….

  31. Elevator Action was my favorite. I am not sure if the arcade version did this, but in the NES version, if there was a single red door by a wall and you went in to get the loot, after you exit, if stayed next to that wall and you just killed the bad guys coming up the stairs or out of the door, eventually there would be more baddies and these guys would start shooting very rapidly. Just a weird thing I thought was cool.

  32. Basically my Nintendo Switch has turned into a mini arcade with all these classic titles on it.

  33. 1983, the year I was born, great to see these games.

  34. Hey John, have you considered joining Odysee instead of YouTube? I have recently stopped using YouTube due to the dislike count removal. Despite people smothering their pages with requests to bring it back for months, they have been ignored. I have been combing over all my YouTube channels that I am subscribed to and checking if they also post their videos on Odysee. To my surprise, a lot of them do.

  35. Dragon's Lair devoured so many of my quarters. I was so broke!

  36. Crystal Castles and Mr Do's Castle are two 1983 arcade games I find myself revisiting the most. Thankfully they are in a collection cabinet at a local barcade near me. Not quite the same as original hardware, but still much closer than playing at home on MAME.
    I didn't really notice the crash because my Dad had a C64, which continued to steadily receive new games as if nothing happened. Also I was 4 years old at the time 😛

  37. There wasn't a "video game crash", there was a home console crash. Arcade and computer gaming were alive and well.

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