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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge Review

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The TMNT are back in this blast from the past arcade beat-em-up from Tribute Games and Dotemu. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is lovingly reverent to the arcade games that inspired it, and is a prime example of how to breathe new life into a age-old genre.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge Review by Mitchell Saltzman on PC. Also available on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

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  1. imagine they make a 3d openworld ninja turtle game with modern grafics ❤️

  2. 🐢 Is there an option to turn on anti-aliasing for the sprites?

  3. Played it on game pass. So much fun 😁

  4. I've only been playing this game for an hour; and sheesh!!!!!! Probably the best $20.00 I've ever spent! The design that is a combination of the past turtle games, while including some cool new mechanics and graphics is beyond amazing!!!! Im 39 years old, so when you combine all of that with the sheer nostalgia; this is beyond an amazing experience🤓🥋

  5. Didn’t think the shows were too cool loved the new weapons and new character designs for the rottmnt and this game was awesome too didn’t have to unlock Mikey either loved that

  6. You can actually pick April or Splinter?

  7. This is great! Been playing tmnt games since a kid.

  8. should have been Casey Jones instead of April O'Neal

  9. Pre-ordered this and it came with a free personal pizza! Lol

  10. It definitely blows tmnt turtles in time snes out of the ball park.

  11. Love this game! Well done, Tribute Games.

  12. How could they NOT include Casey Jones as a playable character..!???!? Because yea, April Oneil was much more of an important choice to play as.

    The potential this game had, allll the characters you could of played as. They better make it DLC and able to fight/pick MANY more characters but A LEAST Casey Jones!!!

  13. Should have made the graphics like streets of rage 4

  14. Why on earth can you fight as April? She never fights 😂 seems to me Casey Jones would have made a better choice . Tmnt arcade, and Spider-Man separation Anxiety are the greatest beat ‘em ups

  15. It's on sale for $50 AUD for boxing day.
    I'm getting it ✅

  16. Honestly great game overall me and my lil cuz just best this game

  17. Well, except for being far too short and having one of the most annoying, unfair and unbeatable
    boss fights (super shredder) – the game was fun for 30 seconds.
    Once you realize that the devs put in the bare minimum of what could have been,
    it's really annoying. A game ike this should have at least 50 levels and more than 3 "side quests",
    especially since programming such a game shouldn't be more than few days of work for today's developers.

  18. This one is better than streets of rage 4.

  19. The zoo level is probably inspired by the second episode of the 1987 TMNT cartoon series when Shredder steals a rhino and a warthog to make Bebop and Rocksteady. Unironically the stampede in the level consists of rhinos and warthogs.

  20. Still waiting for my radical edition, which says it will ship in Q2 of this year. My birthday is in June, so if it comes then, what a treat.

  21. 3:00 Did this dude really complain about a beat 'em being…. a beat 'em up?

  22. This gave me the Sega Genesis feels, they were known for great fighting games especially Streets of Rage

  23. If only it was crossplatform it would be game of the year for me.

  24. I'm almost through story mode with my only gripe, is that there is no blocking or counter system; it would make the game a little more strategic, but other than that it is a home run

  25. Has this game been developped before the turtles gameboy game?

  26. One of the best games i’ve played! Can’t wait for an x-men

  27. playing with splinter was a great experience ✊😎🔥 great game

  28. It's easily a 9 for me. Enough depth to feel rewarding, but at the same time my 5 year old can jump in and hold her own. Really great game, looking forward to the DLC.

  29. If you're playing by yourself will the other turtles fight with you or will you be alone

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