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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game (NES) Soundtrack – 8BitStereo

Niko’s 8BitStereo
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0:00 Intro: April Captured
0:10 Choose your Turtle
0:36 Scene 1: Building on Fire
2:12 Boss Battle
3:26 Cutscene: Shredder’s Intro
3:34 Scene 2-1: Streets of New York
4:54 Cutscene: Down the Sewers
4:57 Scene 2-2: Sewers
6:28 Cutscene: “Tonight I Dine On Turtle Soup!”
6:36 Scene 3-1: Winter Wonderland
7:49 Cutscene: Winter’s Over
7:58 Scenes 3-2 & 5
9:28 Cutscene: April Rescued
9:31 Scene 4-1: Skate On
11:04 Scene 4-2: Industrial District
12:15 Cutscene: “Let’s Head Up!”
12:20 Scene 6: Shogun
13:10 Cutscene: Technodrome
13:18 Scene 7: Technodrome
15:06 Invincible Krang
16:27 Shredder Twins
17:50 Epilogue
18:11 Staff Roll
20:09 Game Over

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This is the OST to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game for the NES! But in my own form of Stereo! Which spreads the sound channels and adds a bit of echo/reverb. These mixes also do not represent true, original, or actual stereo that the NES has, this is just to make the music sound more clear and crisp, and is another way of listening to the greatness of 8Bit music. So enjoy this soundtrack in what I like to call, WiiGuy’s 8Bit Stereo!! 😀

Shout out to the VGMPF & GDRI for helping spread accurate info!



  1. Shout out to my boys Rocksteady and Bebop!

  2. I played this game so dang much as a kid… At friends' houses. We didn't have a copy of this ourselves.
    Man, remember going over to friends' houses and playing games together?

  3. GamingWithDrew + TheUmbrellaArchives says:

    My three favorite chip tunes from this game are "Scene 2-2: Sewers", "Scene 3-1: Winter Wonderland", and "Boss Battle". I think this game is one of Konami's best 8-bit soundtracks and that classic NES sound chip still rocks my socks.

  4. Sewers theme has always been my absolute favorite

  5. Технодром запилил на 10-ти часовой луп, сижу кайфую.

  6. 15:08 "time to get your ass kicked back to the game over screen" theme

  7. Fire! Tonight I dine on turtle soup! Preferably with a side salad of some sort.

  8. 7:58 what exactly song name is? it's literally in every Ninja Turtle game!

  9. What's this!? TMNT finally gets it's officially licensed soundtrack added to a game!?

    But… who will break this news to Freddy Mercury?…

  10. Wow.. that first level.. I remember I was so cool being able to play this with my older brother and sister. Good times!!

  11. Konami knew how to make video game music back there!

  12. You got the composer wrong. It's Kôzô Nakamura. Just googled it and these two get mixed easily since both worked at Konami.

  13. Nothing like catching that rocksteady charge or that krang boot!

  14. Scene 1: Building on Fire needs more respect, what a banger

  15. Took four super being turtles to make others wanna scurry faster than a tortoise in a half shell

  16. I spent $110 for this game back in the day, fresh off the shelf. That's about $5000 in 2021 dollars.

  17. Im for 13:18
    Techno drome stage its really identical the same as konami arcade game named named named …… i forget ahhh crime fighter1 its the same
    From morocco

  18. In my childhood, this ost broke the speaker of my TV

  19. I'm pretty sure I used that Pizza Hut coupon.

  20. Hello. My name is jello. I am a fellow. I use my 👄 to play the chello. My friends say i am mellow and 💘 the color yellow!

  21. Always had such love for these games and music was always so much more enlightening than a thousand conversations with dense, moronic parents, relatives, etc. I know, it sounds bad, but I've learned a million times over from videogames and martial arts than I'd ever care to learn from most inept humans… keep the nirvana comin!!

  22. One of the best first levels in an NES game ever.

  23. Cant wait for cowabunga collection to come out.

  24. I’m curious how the Famicom version sounds. (Considering that it uses more sound channels. One of the examples to hear that is Castlevania3)

  25. Konami may be despised today, largely due to screwing Hideo Kojima over. but, you have to heavily admit this, they make some kick ass music back in the day <3

  26. I beat this game today, and it was awesome. And the thing about this game is that they have krang, unlike the first game they don't have him

  27. Adorei sua iniciativa de postar essas músicas lendárias parabéns

  28. That FREE PERSONAL PAN PIZZA though lol. My goodness. Good times!

  29. lo jugue a los 6-7 años creo y sigo volviendo por el sountrack :,)

  30. I took in my coupon for the free personal pan pizza last week, they told me it was no longer valid. 🙁

  31. Damn, now I want one of those personal pan pizzas from Pizza Hut.

  32. So did anyone actually ever get their free Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut with the Coupon inside?

  33. That Nintendo seal of quality was well deserved with this one, great game and the soundtrack is awesome as well

  34. Why does this guy have to ad reverb to every single song?

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