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T1 Faker and Tyler1 Play Old Arcade Games

T1 Fighting
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Faker and Tyler1 face off in a gauntlet of arcade games that ends in an air-hockey showdown for the ages.

Who walks away the champion, and who’s going home tilted?

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  2. a man that changed his name over 2 years says:

    faker the LOL T1 Player. Plays With The Meme Man.

  3. wow this is so awesome XD .. love this 2 dudes

  4. Tyler really broke fakers shy shell. He seems to enjoy himself and isnt shy at all its just great

  5. "I smashed that thing". Proceeds to hit the edge of the pressure sensor.

  6. Someone knows where i can buy fakers jacket looks rly good

  7. "I think it would be fun to come with a close friend."
    Faker roasting Tyler1 into the Shadow Realm

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  9. Can someone explain me what this kind of virtual reality this is? Is this the real life the elder told us about?

  10. why is tylor wearing a tank top and faker wearing a sweater like wtf is the weather in this video

  11. Idk why this duo is always doing the most random things together but I'm loving it xD

  12. this guys is like the rock and kevin hart hahahah love it. lov u faker

  13. coloca Legenda pra Gente aqui do Brasil, queria muito entender oque o God Faker está falando SNIF

  14. Am I the only one that cant stop looking at T1s butt?

  15. The day Tyler wears a shirt is the day we perish as a species

  16. good to know im better than faker at something

  17. I swear someone somewhere is shipping these two

  18. I don't know why I'm afraid that Faker is next to Tyler, it's as if he's going to break him

  19. i really like faker with tyler here. faker seems to just legit enjoy everything

  20. 4:57 look at the cleanse look at the moves FAKER WHAT WAS THAT !!!!!!!

  21. ''I think it'd be fun to come with a close friend'' 💀

    Poor Tyler lmaoo

  22. I had a friend that was muscle guy, with bully vibes and I was the introvert nervous laughter guy. Dude I miss those days, that was a nice friend/coworker until we parted ways

  23. this happened in NA, now that t1 is in korea, they def need to do this again in Fakers turf XD

  24. Man the air hockey is d best. Really enjoyed watching it

  25. he almost ran it down mid when he 2 – 1 there

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