Super Console X - Retro Arcade Game Console | HDMI | 64GB | 50K Games | - UNDER £60 -

Super Console X – Retro Arcade Game Console | HDMI | 64GB | 50K Games | – UNDER £60

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Super Console X – Arcade Gaming Console | HDMI | 50K Games
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Super Console X Pro (Upgraded)
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  1. Who the fudge is this guy reviewing the console I created in my mind?

  2. Does it allow for more controllers to be added? I would to play TMNT Arcade 4 players

  3. Any idea why the European version has Turbo Graphics 16 and the US version doesn't?

  4. The arcade game Tron is located under Mame. It looks great but how do move your arm to aim and fire???

  5. Only 57 pound that’s a bargain, are they readily available? Does it come with a pad or can you use your own PS4 pads? Cool got it!

  6. Thank you for the review. It's emulators coming from retroarch as I can see. Can you use retro achievements? Is it possible to enter your retro achievements user name and password, then enable to use achievements? Can you check that?

  7. How would u know what buttons to use for controller for each game ? Does it tell u before playing the game?
    And the frame that shows what system is the game from , is it removable when playing?

  8. Finally somebody from uk with one of these.

  9. Is the commodore Amiga available on this ?

  10. I noticed on this video there are 2 sections for sega genesis, why is that? I'm intrigued as I wanna get this console mainly for the sega games

  11. In this day and age, only one gb of ram. Fuck sake

  12. Can you switch to joystick or driving gear?

  13. Очень крутая консоль! Я себе такую купил на 50000 игр. Ностальгия детства.

  14. I have this system and there are some game's that I can't play. So I don't know if they fully tested every game. But the game's I can play, I enjoy it…

  15. if u plug that sdcard into ur pc u are a fool.

  16. nice does it has some dos games ? i might buy later on

  17. There is also a pro and a stick Version

  18. It says 40k games on the website… But amazing console 😊😊😊

  19. I always find your reviews the best, straight to the point no gimmicks or cheesy lines.

  20. Hi there

    Need to know does super console

    Gives you the settings options for emulators?

    E.g. mame games (cp1 neogeo etc).. they are set to level 4 by default.. if I wish to increase or decrease level.

    And also does it give the option of controller key modification e.g

    If I wish to allocate buttonA+button B to R1 and button A+B+C+C to R2

    Like creating combination buttions. Can be done easily with mame emulator on pc.

    Any response appreciated

    P.s I have got this 4k 4g stick 64gb it's good but no options of changing game level or creating combination keys.

  21. Hola, quería deciros que destroce mi consola x toque unos ajuste y entro en un bucle, bueno pues deciros que e instalado el emuelec de nuevo y es más fácil de lo que pensaba, si queréis ago un tutoria para enseñaros

  22. Like the way it comes ready to drop games on to it. I have a 3ds that runs emulators, but I don't have the 32 bit systems, or snes etc. The size is good, hardware good and seems to have good emulation. I am also in China, so I can pick up from Taobao! Getting Roms here with Chinese speed internet is not good, but a few Roms is sufficient, especially as I like puzzle games and halfway style games.

  23. I believe if you yake out the sd card and power up the device it will boot up to Android tv software and essentially you have a android TV box

  24. Hi mate, can I use any controllers on this so I don’t have to keep buying batteries?

  25. Great video! Looks very nice. Can you tell me if it’s possible to connect a ps4 controller to this system?

  26. What if your sd card gone?? What we can do that time? Please someone answer me

  27. Seriously considering this to feed my Retro craves.Thanx for vid.Stay safe!!I Ontario Canada here.😀😁😷

  28. Hi, how would you compare this to the Retrostation?
    Also, have you tried adding your own games to the Retrostation & Super Console X?
    Thanks, great video 👍🏼

  29. hi there , do it have river raid on the atari emulation . Great video by the way

  30. Is marvel super heroes by cap com on this system

  31. Wish I knew what these looked like on a 50 inch before I go to buy. Don't want to try playing and have them all look tiny on screen

  32. Can you remove the bezel on either side of the screen

  33. Just ordered mine. I hope it'll play Castlevania Symphony of the Night well.

  34. It not powerful as the xbox series x it looks just like the super fanicom the games it plays so can be played on the PC

  35. Just ordered as I was watching this. I cant wait to start looking for roms to add to make the ultimate gaming plug and play setup on my 85inch tv.

  36. Can you tell me how to set up the controller for nwo revenge for n64

  37. What was the portable speaker that was displayed during Super Console X review?

  38. Could you plz tell me which super console supports both mike tysons punch out and maniac mansion💥💥💥

  39. Two questions please

    1) does it come preloaded

    2) Can you plug in joysticks

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