Super Console X - Retro Arcade Game Console | HDMI | 64GB | 50K Games | - UNDER £60 -

Super Console X – Retro Arcade Game Console | HDMI | 64GB | 50K Games | – UNDER £60

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Super Console X – Arcade Gaming Console | HDMI | 50K Games
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Super Console X Pro (Upgraded)
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  1. Does it have wwf superstars and wrestlefest???

  2. Mine comes in today been watching all these videos I can't wait to play on the 2600, I have missed that console since we lost it as a kid, when I see the games I can still remember and hear everything that Christmas morning

  3. Does this thing save game progress For games like final fantasy 7?

  4. It's not pronounced SNEZ, you can say Super N. E. S or S. N. E. S
    You don't call the NBA, ANBAH or the NFL, ANFUL

  5. Trying to work out wether the 256gb card version will be worth it or not.
    I know it's meant to have more games on the higher gb cards but I can't find any details…..
    What system are the extra games for? Dreamcast or spectrum for example.

    If anyone knows, please share!

  6. Just ordered mine. Hopefully I can download emulators.

  7. Why in the hell do they even put that atari crap. Who in the hell wants to play atari?

  8. Can you add gameshark / pro action replay codes to this system?

  9. Hi do you been reviewing all those console whish one it's the best one thank you

  10. Hi, I just wondered about your experience when handling the console after a session on the console. Does the console get really hot or just warm after use? Has it had any effect on the gameplay?

  11. I just found your channel today and I love videos like this! Great work!

  12. I actually got the X Pro 256g version for 47 bucks, hope it will survive its way to me. 🙂

  13. Where did you get that snazzy mood light? I really want one…😃

  14. Emulator, romz and a gamepad for your phone.

    Same result!

  15. under which console do i find the game
    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs?

  16. Question: Thinking about hooking mine up to a projector. What capabilities does the system have without the Sd card?

  17. I got this but for a weird reason the atari audio stopped working

  18. someone has a copy of the SD rooms fromsomeone has a copy of the 12 SD rooms content on the

  19. They don't make games like they used to, just turn on your game console and play. Today you need internet to set up your game console. Just to play.

  20. Is it the emulators are all preset in the rom of the device and the SD card only contain the games files? Like if I insert a new card with other games it will automatically sort out according to the emulator as displayed like earlier of the video?

  21. its worth it! some of the n64 games are a bit glitchy but other then that its legit, just have to get used to the controlling for games like Turok and Goldeneye.

    the orginal Metal Gear Solid on the PS1 brought back GOOD MEMORIES!

  22. Does it worth the purchase? Do we have Dig Dug and Popeye original version on Mame?

  23. I like this EmuStation a lot, but not every game runs fine or runs at all. The new Stick is a little better.

  24. Is that waskogame safe to order from ? and are they EU based ?

  25. Do you know if this has Fruity Frank for Amstrad on it?
    I purchased this online last night but I would love to know if it has that game. I would be so happy if it did.

  26. What’s better this or retrostation 14k? Thanks

  27. sir,can we add or download games in this console?

  28. How do you played Capcom Fighting Collection on DC?
    I cannot move the cursor on the main menu, hence I cannot select a game. 🤔

  29. I think Microsoft + Nintendo + Google + Sony + sega + should joint forces and make a ultimate console together it would be awesome 🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝🤝

  30. I would love to buy an aftermarket controller for this console. I’m not a hard-core gamer so I’m having difficulty finding a controller that is compatible. Looking over Amazon there’s all sorts of controllers but I suppose I would need some thing with a USB 2.4 GHz signal. Can anyone suggest a good controller that will be compatible with the super console X?

  31. I think consoles like this is the way forward if you just want to plug and play a variety of old Retro games and consoles etc. Also Retro costs so much at the moment, this is perfect for the price and just play what you want, with so much choice. Just ordered the pro x🙂.
    Great video here thanks.

  32. In which file format is the micro SD card formatted FAT32 or NTFS.
    How many GB has your SCX Version.
    How many GB on the SD-Card in total is already occupied by the operating system, emulators, etc. and ROMs, because the real size of micro SD cards from different manufacturers is different.
    If you also want to pack Roms, you can definitely take a bigger card straight away.
    Which cards of which manufacturer are recognized by the SCX?Thanks.

  33. please need an answer… when I got in into a game, how can I totally exit to choose another game.
    I can't really find the way to go back… I had to reboot whole system

  34. Witch one u recommend the AliExpress one or the official one

  35. it's good, the n64 has some slowing down and sometimes does not work at times, but the older games like snes and sega and the rest works great,

  36. Is there an option to turn off bezels and have black bars?

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