Submit your idea for a Space Jam: A New Legacy Arcade-Style Xbox Game -

Submit your idea for a Space Jam: A New Legacy Arcade-Style Xbox Game

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LeBron James, Bugs Bunny and Xbox Invite Fans to Create an Original Space Jam: A New Legacy Arcade-Style Video Game.

Two lucky winners will have their ideas brought to life in the official Space Jam: A New Legacy arcade-style video game, available as the newest Perk for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in June 2021. Winners will also receive the following prizes: their names featured in the game credits; an exclusive winner’s bundle with signed and authenticated LeBron James memorabilia, Space Jam: A New Legacy merchandise and Nike VIP packs, and a personalized Xbox Series S console; a private friends and family screening of the film; and a virtual Microsoft coding workshop for their local community.



  1. This Saturday the official trailer of the film arrives
    Like if you're excited for the trailer and the movie

  2. An online (arcade style) ultimate team inspired by games like fifa with player ratings chemistry between teams idk just an idea

  3. I do see Penelope but now she's gone FOREVER!😩😭

  4. I hope the game comes out real soon I'll be getting downloaded on my xbox one x.

  5. Bruh I’m not gonna win anything because I never win things In these kind of challenges or competitions

  6. 3v3 online competitive game as simple as that

  7. why isent the game in the 3d xbox exclusives suck

  8. History game that lebron James need the help from looney tunes to finish the goon squad and michael jordán and defeat

  9. Deveria te gráfico melhor 🐇 o há velinho

  10. Go look at the reviews on the Microsoft store. Just do it. You won’t be dissapointed

  11. I am at the other side you and the other girl and she said to you the other

  12. And please, do the BasketBall mode to the game. The Basketball mode will have Story Mode and Multiplayer Tourney mode. At story mode, Tune Squad will play Basket with the another Warner Bros/DC characthers Example: Justice Leauge, Teen Titans, etc.

  13. Add Damian Lillard. Michael Jordan. Anthony Davis. Klay Thompson. Larry Bird

  14. Who watched space jam movie? I watched it 2 weeks ago

  15. Yo I already saw the movie can you give me 10,000 bucks and I just leave

  16. Space Jam 2 A New Legacy The Videogame form PS5 and Xbox Series X

  17. ADD some good effekts from the movie that wil be good and also ADD me

  18. LeBron James why does Bugs Bunny say what's up doc


  20. Since when bugs bunny plays on Xbox and I’m not sure if that was bugs bunny account or somebody else’s account cause since when bugs bunny plays Minecraft

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