Step into This Soviet Arcade Time Machine -

Step into This Soviet Arcade Time Machine

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While American teens in the ’80s were obsessing over Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, their Soviet counterparts were playing arcade games meant to prepare them for war. At the time, video games weren’t easily accessible in the Soviet Union. So the government fashioned them from refrigerators and calculators with the goal of training young Soviets for combat. St. Petersburg resident Alexander Stakhanov remembers those games fondly. So he did what any nostalgic gamer would do—he opened the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines.


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  1. Ah my favorite, pull the turnip. Truly beyond it's time.

  2. No saved scores so you can't compete against the last player…communism at its finest

  3. in America you play games

    in Russia games play you

  4. In America, you play Game of war
    In soviet Russia, You play war games

  5. I think that these kind of retro soviet stuff is really interesting.

  6. I got beat your high score on pull the turnip

  7. In Soviet Russia you dont play the arcade


  8. COOI?!?!?!?????!??!?!??!??!??!?!!??!??!??!??!???????????!???!??!!

  9. OH BOY, what could be funner than a nice game of PULL THE TURNIP?

  10. In Soviet Russia, you don't play games,
    The games play you.

  11. Cyka Blyad Americans, Only Komrades go to Military, and Wimps go to Gulag!

  12. Remember soviet russia attacked canada's friend ukraine -_-

  13. Should be renamed to “Origin of the Rush B”

  14. The narrator in the beginning sounded like Chadtronic.

  15. 1:19 Someone I used to know actually has the same arcade game which is still fully functional

  16. I love soviet russia even if I m filipino kid I m just 9 salute to stalin comrade s

  17. When you need to learn but wanna play games

  18. Knock knock….
    Who is it?
    The KGB
    KGB who?


  19. Who else read pull the turnip as pull the trump? Only me? Okay

  20. Oow,They already trained in the young age too…

  21. In Soviet Russia,
    Arcade games play you.

  22. The games aren't russian unless they have nixie tubes and named pull the turnip.

  23. I was expecting the Soviet Anthem when you put the coin in

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