Steam Deck: Understanding and Setting Up EmuDeck's Arcade Games -

Steam Deck: Understanding and Setting Up EmuDeck’s Arcade Games

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Setting up arcade game emulation in EmuDeck can be tricky. In this video we’ll explain why – while showing you just what to do to get your arcade games into a clean presentation, proper sound samples and so much more.

Just a few things we’ll cover:
– Proper placement of roms and samples
– Setting up the default emulation core
– How to set emulation cores on a game by game basis
– Figuring out what rom sets and samples you need


MAME Samples:


  1. Fantastic video, really helped me get my Mame/FinalBurn setup the way I want.

  2. Wow, so I always knew arcade emulation was kind of a mess and never tried it but I thought I was just missing some info and had to learn how to use it all. But it turns out that no, it IS just a mess lol. Still, I learned some helpful tips and info so I appreciate this video!

  3. Your videos has save me wasting my time a lot. Problem with these emulators is the fragmentation. Mame roms don't work on the correct format and most of us give up trying. Thanks for everything. This video should be pin on youtube as a definitive explanation for all arcade mame rom problems.

  4. thanks I couldnt figure out how to change emulators for each rom this should help

  5. Do I need to place the CHD files as well or those are not needed

  6. I have a huge batch of bios files for arcade games and have no idea where to put them. I just installed EmuDeck and there are folders that look straightforward for where BIOS are meant to be (Ex: Emulation > bios > yuzu for yuzu bios. I see no such folder for anything arcade/MAME related emulators)

  7. Thanks for this awesome video! It helped a lot. One question though, how did you manage to show off the video previews for each game? Right now, every theme I download only shows a picture. I have scraped using GamesDB, not sure if the scraper would make a difference?

  8. My problem at the moment in MAME is I cannot figure out these controls. A, Start, Select, the triggers, etc all just kill the roms, and it seems impossible to change

  9. Pretty lame, needing to switch the emulator for nearly every damn game.

  10. Thanks very much… and what a pain in the a__ gaming has become!

  11. Will emu deck setup keys and stuff automatically or do I take them from my consoles

  12. How did you get yours to look like this? Is it a skin or something?

  13. Appreciate you directing me here via Reddit!
    Do you have any videos on arcade controls?
    Can't for the life of me figure out how to insert quarters.
    Another is remapping controls for games like Tempest that want to make you use a klutzy combination of the right trackpad and the B button.
    Pretty hard to mow 'em down with that key combo!
    Thanks! These videos rock!

  14. I’m having such a hard time getting arcade roms to run. I have a bunch from my hacked psp I’m trying to use. It’s gonna take a while to figure out.

  15. I found that Emulation Station is not finding my roms directory. I tried redirecting it to the exact folder but to no avail. Must be a syntax error when I'm typing in the directory location but I've tried multiple folders and still couldn't recognize any of those folders with the arcade roms. sigh.

  16. Does this count for NEO GEO? How would I set that up. I use steam rom manager and emulationstation and have every system working except neo geo..

  17. Thank you! This was invaluable but means i'm going through my romset game by game but at least they're working!

  18. how do I go to the arcade cabinet's setting menu using FBNeo in retroarch????

  19. Any chance you have the Naomi or atomiswave working?

  20. Too much information i dont need and didn’t answer the main question

  21. I just got the Steam Deck and was trying arcade games for the first time (been using emulators for PSone and such). Could not figure out why Emulation Station would not recognize my games. I thought I was placing them in the wrong folder. I now realize after watching your video that you have to place the games as a .zip and not extracting them as I'm use to do with everything else. I feel stupid lol. This was very informative, thanks.

  22. Hey, How to show all of game's photo on the seletion main? I mean right side picture and details of the selected game.

  23. @2:01 – that's a rather odd cut at 2:07… you ask the question, but don't answer it. I remember there being two versions of MAME4All for Android about a decade ago, but don't remember why. (Edit: Maybe there still is. I haven't touched MAME on Android in ages.)

  24. Hello Monroe, do you have a tutorial on getting neo geo roms to run?

  25. Great video! The only thing I miss is how to save scoreboards so when you boot the game next time your last scores are stille there.. do you know how to do this?

  26. Wish I knew how to get Cruis'n World working on my SteamDeck. Downloaded and installed Emudeck, downloaded the Cruisn' rom.. but how to get it to work and the controls set? Not a clue.

  27. Hi there thanks a lot for your video, im having trouble trying neo geo games to work, i got the roms of the supersidekicks saga, but none of the seems to work, i tried all FB cores, and MAME cores, and nothing. They show up on the neo geo games list, but the say you rommset is missing files xxxxx, and it wont go further. MAy you help me please?

  28. Thanks-this video is terrific and helps a lot. I learned a few extra tips & tricks (such as using RT to scroll to the bottom of options). I think we have a lot of favorites in common as well!

  29. Not sure if this is related but I'm wondering where to put Triforce arcade ROMs. Triforce is essentially GameCube hardware which is why Dolphin (GameCube/Wii Emulator) can run them, however EmuDeck's folder structure doesn't seem to have a specific folder for them. Would they still work if I put them in the GameCube folder?

  30. I've sidestepped Emulation Station MAME by just copying my PC MAME build onto an SD card (it's an older build) and then adding the mame.exe file as a non Steam game. I set the back buttons as Enter, Tab, Escape and P for pause and it all seems to work perfectly.

  31. I had a question about saving high scores on the arcade games? My neo geo games are saving high scores when I exit, however all of my arcade games wont keep the high score? Some have told me to copy the hiscore.dat file under the directories I see you have under bios, but I don't have a mame2010 or fbneo directory under bios? Any help would be appreciated?

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