Star Wars Arcade! An Arcade Legend! Sega's Take on the Famous Movie Franchise -

Star Wars Arcade! An Arcade Legend! Sega’s Take on the Famous Movie Franchise

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I have been teasing this series for a very long time…ever since I did the Sega Arcade Racing Retrospective last year…and that’s because it took a VERY LONG TIME to make…a thirty episode retrospective on every Sega Model 1, Sega Model 2 and Sega Model 3 arcade game ever made that isnt a racing title! Because Sega is the undisputed (in my opinion) king of retro gaming in arcades whether it be 2D or 3D!

Just don’t expect Daytona USA, Scud Race or Sega Rally…as that already happened back in 2023! Check the playlists!

But the Sega Model series of arcade boards are filled to the bring with some of the best Sega games of all time…as well as some Sega Hidden Gems!

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Up next: Star Wars Arcade…one of the original 3D Sega Model 1 games…and its def not a Sega hidden gem as its one of the most famous Sega games ever made not involving Sonic the Hedgehog! It’s basically a recreation of famous scenes from the Star Wars movies in video game form…and who doesn’t love Star Wars video games?

It would go on to get a sequel on the Model 3 with Star Wars Trilogy Arcade as well…which is another best Sega games of all time candidate!

and it has an enhanced port to the Sega 32X as well which is def a legit way to play! Or you can just emulate it via MAME emulation! Emulators for the win!

Questions? Comments? Just leave them below and I will do my best to answer each and every one of them!

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  1. Next time you face copyright strike for audio, play the music on a kazoo and dub over it.

  2. Brother, I need you to give Star Wars film series a rating out of 10

  3. 8:32 looool … the wild thing is, someone out there is gonna make the star wars/model 1 community proud and 1CC the devil out of this thing

  4. Had the pleasure to play it on an actual arcade 2 times back in the 2000's, although it was already pretty obsolette by the standarts of that time period, I though it was amazing, I think the flat shaded graphics actually fit very well with the style of the Star Wars mechanic universe (also the UI elements that are shown through the movies). A modern space combat or mech game would be very cool in this style, with a very high polygon count and flat shaded polygons

  5. Cool game, it almost seems like a remaster of the old original star wars arcade game by Atari

  6. Jedi survivor on ps5/Xbox is a great Star Wars game! Like you I’m not a huge fan of the franchise, yet I still thoroughly enjoyed it

  7. I'm the first to comment today and this game is dope I really like the wire frame atari version too

  8. Absolutely the best looking Model 1 game. Of course I have have Sega Arcade on the Brain this morning with all the Virtua Fighter 6 rumors.

  9. I complete this game every time I hit my local arcade museum. Thanks for covering it.

  10. The low poly vibes are the perfect successor to the old Atari vector graphics.

  11. Has the English language rom of this been dumped now then??, remember playing this a few years back and only the JPN lang version was available

  12. The cockpit looks so good! This must have been absolutely mind blowing in 1993.

  13. Great video as usual. I'm looking forward to the rest of the 'models' series. I recently got model 2 and model 3 games running on my steam deck thanks to you and a few others. That's a x wing fighter by the way. 😀

  14. Loved this and the model 3 trilogy game. I got the 32X as a teen just for this game. There a big sit down cab of this near us back then.

  15. I do remember the Arcade machine back then. It was pretty big in my opinion. But never play it in my opinion since I'm not a huge fan of start wars. XD

  16. I definitely recommend checking out Star Wars Squadrons on PC for a modern vr star wars space game.

    Is this version different from the star wars game that had two seats side by side?

  17. I loved this game as a kid. They had it an Malibu Grand Prix in Georgia. The sound quality felt ahead of it’s time. I remember playing this and Starblade the same day, good times!

  18. "Hey everybody and welcome back to videmesonterica"

  19. Don't forget Sega also made the Episode 1 Racer game for the Hikaru! I have great memories playing that huge cabinet!

  20. I prefer the Model 3 game but this is still great. Big fan of the flat polygons. This is like a sister game to Namco's Starblade.

  21. I have more nostalgia with Star Wars Trilogy on Model 3, but this looks fun too.

  22. I remember this game blowing me away in the arcade back in the day!

  23. I also don’t love Star Wars and not for lack of trying 🤷‍♂️

  24. Grew up with this on 32X. We would play 2 players and build our own cockpit with chairs in a row and some blankets over us and the TV. Good memories.

  25. Would have been good to see this on the Saturn.

  26. Literally the best Star Wars arcade game.

    Honourable mentions to Atari in 2nd place with all their games (they are essentially the same) and Star Wars Racer Arcade in 3rd!

  27. Also, I would say that MOST people would say that the first game that they associate with Model 1 is Virtua Racing.

    Then Virtua Fighter … THEN this … (which is my favourite of the three)

  28. Virtua Racing is what I think of when I hear "Model 1". I still remember the first time I saw it and played it, and I was obsessed with the home version. When I think about Star Wars I think of the earlier Atari version.

  29. Model 1 is synonymous with Virtua Fighter and Virtua Racing 🙂 I have never seen this game in real life.

  30. Sadly, I've never seen Star Wars Arcade in an actual Arcade!! Nor have I ever played it….. Until TODAY!! (March 6th 2024) As I finally managed to snag myself a 32X for a sensible price!! I'm looking forward to getting into this, even though I know it's a tough game.

  31. I love flat shaded polys — excluding people

  32. Amazing game, have this & Stars wars trilogy on my mame pc. Model 1,2,3 all run brilliantly. Imagine Sega doing something like these classics with PS5. Unfortunately gaming like this is a thing of the past. Its all open world cut & paste. The magic this game has been lost.

  33. I was a Star wars fan, until (((Disney))) bought it and killed everything I loved about it.

    40 years of extended universe content wiped away in the blink of an eye was unforgivable.

  34. Dude which emulation? I can't get this game to control right on any version of mame…

  35. Agreed that this would be cooler than the model 3 trilogy cabinet (if I could actually find it anywhere in real life) …just the fact that u have a little more actual control and slight less on rails it's just cooler…I heard him say this is a common cabinet but I've NEVER seen one and I lived in socal back when this was released and u would think it would've been somewhere. I wonder what place this YouTuber lives in that there is an apparent abundance of these

  36. oh man the graphics moving every time your ship tilts is making me sick! I did play the 32X version though as a kid, always wanted to try this.

  37. Probably one of Sega's finest titles for the arcades in the 1980's VGE. Still looks beautiful to this very day. 8^)


  38. The 98 Sega Star Wars arcade was amazing. I must have spent 100s of dollars on it. I forgot about this one it looks awesome

  39. No need to apologize for not liking Star Wars. TBH, it's highly overrated. Two, maybe three of the films are decent, and the rest are trash. Friday the 13th has a better track record.

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