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Spider-man: The Video Game – Arcade – Playthrough

90’s Arcade Games
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This video features a playthrough of the 1991 arcade game Spider-Man, complete with all the demo scenes, played with the Spider-Man character. Created using MAME 0.145


  1. I would love to buy this arcade if I ever found it.

  2. I’m really surprised this game was not ported over to the Sega Genesis it could’ve handled it easily

  3. He looks like that one episode where the vulture takes his youth he swings someone to safety they tell him I didn’t realize you were a senior citizen he responds with, its the job it ages you

  4. Why does Spider-Man walk like Bigfoot? 😂

  5. The art team put in work on this game, whereas the sound team called in to work for this game.

  6. Please! I need an emulator and this room. I don´t find this room. Thanks.

  7. Okay, the gameplay is not that great by today's standards but I give the developers points for making spider-man go from sidescroller to sort of climbing the buildings early on.

    Haven't watched the whole video, though.

  8. This is the Electric Company version of Spider-Man 😆😆😆

  9. Very underrated game. It's like one of those days while Spidey's having a hangover then the bad guys showed up.

  10. To all you yungstahz of today: dis is how us real G'z used to play games back in da day when we wuz kids! Recognise da dopeness!!

  11. The weird moaning the enemies make when being defeated made me laugh when I was a kid, I could never forget that sound.

  12. Maybe I was having high expectations
    I just watched a long play of X-Men Arcade…

  13. Everybody is talking about how bad Spidey looks but let me tell you …this game was gold! When came out and still is.

  14. So the random goons you fought in this game; doombots or hellfire henchmen?

  15. who wants to sign my letter to the manufacurer of the game – that spiderman should never be punching people !

  16. This is a lot shittier than I remember it being.

  17. His walking animation is modelled after that famous Sasquatch footage.

  18. Who is the best Spider-Man villian:

    A. Venom
    B. Green Goblin
    C. Doctor Octopus
    D. Electro
    F. Kingpin
    G. Hobgoblin
    H. Sandman
    J. Scorpion

  19. This looks way better then that Spiderman Maximum Carnage game LOL.

  20. I never knew that Sega had made a Spiderman game and I never played this version before.

  21. First time I played this I thought, ok another final fight type thing. Then the perspective changed and zoomed out and did the platform thing and it blew my mind!

  22. He’s got the same weird lanky body of that guy irl who dresses up like Spider-Man and break dances in public.

  23. Anyone know where to get this without stuttering audio?

  24. Still one of the best-looking arcade games I've ever seen.

  25. This just speaks to how popular Venom was, even by 1990 and '91, having debuted just 2 years earlier.

  26. Amazing Spiderman not so much, but seeing Dr. Doom for the first time on a arcade was pretty cool.

  27. Did anyone notice how spider man's life bar keeps dropping by itself. These coin op games are a ripoff

  28. I'm think this game is suppose to be set when Spider-Man is in his 50's with really bad back pain and arthritis.

  29. I liked so much! And it’s a good game still today

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