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Spending $100 Playing ONLY Angry Birds Coin Crash Coin Pusher & Cashing in ALL My Tickets!

Arcade Matt
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I’m at Dave and Busters arcade spending $100 but playing ONLY the Angry Birds Coin Crash coin pusher game where you build big towers of coins and knock them over for huge ticket jackpots. I’ll then cash in all of my arcade tickets to see what the best prize I can get is.

Watch How To Play Angry Birds Coin Crash:

Filmed at Dave & Busters in Pittsburgh!



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About Arcade Matt:

I make arcade videos! My passion started with the claw machine and continued to arcade ticket games. I also play games that give prizes like Stacker and Keymaster. The coin pusher is also another favorite – some I play winning quarters, others I win arcade tickets. On some games I even show hacks how to win. I also play carnival games winning big prizes! If you love anything about the arcade, subscribe for new videos every week, and let’s play!

Spending $100 Playing ONLY Angry Birds Coin Crash Coin Pusher & Cashing in ALL My Tickets!

Arcade Matt


  1. Justice League: Battle For Metropolis Expert says:

    I’d love to see a similar video to this, but with Monster Drop or Power Drop Extreme

  2. Do a $100 challenge on SpongeBob or Willy Wonka coin pusher. That would be cool

  3. I love when you give your honest opinion on a game, the good and bad

  4. Do you plan to take advantage of the reward program that D&B has regarding chip reloads? If you get to their Level 4 (1400 total chips played) you get 10% additional chips when you reload. Level 7 (5000 total chips played) lets you get 15% additional chips when you reload. You can have up to five cards connected on a single account towards the different levels. Level 9 is ambitious though (20000 total chips played) and I'm not sure what their "Legend Prize Pack" is

  5. I've legit did this same exact thing. Maybe even over $100

  6. While this game has so much luck factored in, it seems that there is a strategy on how to go about playing it. That makes this game rather interesting in my opinion.

  7. Nice! I was surprised you got so many out of that

  8. I'm at the 9min mark and I know your guess of 5.5k is super low-ball. I'm thinking 10.225k

  9. I was literally just thinking of this coin pusher when watching your old vids and this popped up,

  10. I think D&B needs a maternity ward because Matt keeps having babies every time he plays

  11. hey brother got those bumper cars for me and my son.. about to make a video for my channel with me playing by myself and say when your son doesn't want to play with you lol.. they are still in the box.. 3 months already

  12. That's pretty cool. The ones at our local arcade are out of order a lot. Since the easing of restrictions in our area, the local Round One gets crushed and the staff has all they can do to keep up. Still over the year it's a great way to stay entertained and have toys on hand for birthdays in a family with a lot of young kids. Every time there's a function, we just go to the closet and wrap a few "catch up" gifts.

  13. The Engineering in that machine is quite incredible to build that tower then raise it constantly without it falling over! Sorry i'm a Nerd when it comes to machines. 🇬🇧👍

  14. Just noticed when you let out that excitement scream you sound like Jerry Seinfeld lol!
    Cool video man!

  15. That was a legendary Angry Birds session! Well done!

  16. Yo! Just went to the arcade with my son yesterday and this was the last game we played and he said it was his favorite 😀 he liked spamming the button 😆

  17. Coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😯Coins!!!!!!!😮

  18. Matt get out to West Virginia for a video with Joshua Bartley

  19. Next challenge should be you trying to make the tallest tower you can and then knocking it over >:D

  20. Pearl Fishery is more of a high earner for sure.

  21. Arcade Matt u should make a stack that touches the glass

  22. I have to give you huge credit here. Your editing has gotten way better

  23. I played this recently and had no idea I was supposed to keep putting coins down while it was buidlling the tower. I legit sat there for like literally 10 minutes while it slowly built it higher and higher

  24. The coin tower game is not the best if you looking to gain bunch of tickets, it’s more on the satisfying side to build and drop that tower and on my arcade, you can’t build the tower, it’s just set by default to 200 coin tower, which is sucks

  25. I love watching all these coin pusher videos

  26. Hey Matt there's a new arcade location in they've opened up in ypsilanti, Michigan on carpenter Road not to long ago, hopefully on your next new video and they've got go karts inside to.

  27. Does anybody remember when he was matt3756

  28. Could u win an x box cheaper then the x box is worth yes u da man

  29. Should do a video to see how high you can build the tower 😉

  30. Those were some amazing wins Matt nice job!

  31. idk if you've done this before but can you try and make the biggest tower 😆

  32. i had NO idea the towers were made by the machine itself! That was amazing! This whole time i swear i thought some poor kid had to stack one of those in the morning… every morning!

  33. So some quick maths. 6500 divided by 40 is 160, 3400 divided by 30 is 143.3R. Keep in mind, the closer the number is to 1 means the closer to a 1 to 1 conversion ratio there is. If you cared about maximizing tickets to cash buying 2 of the speaker and leaving the rest of the tickets on the card gives you a better conversion rate.

  34. what if the owner of the channel gets paid by the arcade center?

  35. Any chance you could show us the Star Trek game Matt. Big trekky fan.

  36. Only if I see a PS5 on the shelf would I actually play anything in there

  37. I love coin pusher videos, thanks for this.

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