Space Invaders Arcade Machine (Taito, 1978) -

Space Invaders Arcade Machine (Taito, 1978)

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This is an original official UK import game from Taito themselves, rather than a Midway version from the States. It features a joystick rather than buttons to move your base. In great original condition, its one of the cleanest machines we have come across in recent years.

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  1. Beautiful example. I didn't see many joystick examples back in the day in the UK… most in the North West at least seemed to be using the buttons… I never got on with the buttons…

  2. Instead of shooting where I was, you should've shot at where I was going to be! Wuahahahahahaha.

  3. I own this machine white dots appear on the screen play it for a while how do I fix that?

  4. Great vid! (But it's Taito, they're not a potato 🙂

  5. Wow, awesome! Greatest arcade machine of the 1970's, IMO.

  6. god this arcade game is vintage. i know they updated these sound for rereleases online etc. But this one is the actual arcade original.

  7. Fun fact: This is the only upright model release in Japan. There are three versions of Space Invaders
    release in said country on cocktail model under the "T.T." title in original B&W,
    cellophane color overlay, and in color as well.

  8. According to Wikipedia, the Y100 coin shortage was a myth.

  9. THIS is the game I remember – And was the cabinet I had in my backyard in the 80s – I wonder if there was a production run for the UK as the Invader death sound is very specific.
    If you listen carefully, it's not just one sound every time. It's two at different times. I'm not sure if modern emulators allow for this.

  10. WOW es realmente de arcade siempre quise tener el arcade de space invairers 😀😟😟👍👍

  11. Tato. Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew.

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