Sour Candy Challenge & AirConsole Arcade Games & Family Fun by KIDCITY! -

Sour Candy Challenge & AirConsole Arcade Games & Family Fun by KIDCITY!

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Hiya Kids! We’re playing the all new AirConsole Web Based Game Console, where your browser is the game system, and your phones are your controllers! We’re also playing a Sour Candy Challenge with Warheads, Sour Patch Kids, Starbursts and more! Everytime one of us wins a round, we get a shot of sour gummy candy!

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About AirConsole Games
AirConsole is an online platform that transforms your browser into a video game console and your smartphones into gamepads.

Easy setup
Get started right away – the best multiplayer games are instantly available for you to play. Turn your smartphone into a game controller with the displayed connect code.

Friends play together on AirConsole
Whether you’re at a party at a friend’s house, at a children’s birthday celebration or at your friend’s bachelorette party – AirConsole offers games for any event. Play with your co-workers during your coffee break in the office, on a projector in your classroom or take your laptop to a park for some outdoor gaming. We even have cooperative games that make for perfect icebreakers for your next networking or team building event.


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