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SNK (Shin Nihon Kikaku – 新日本企画 New Japan Project), es una empresa japonesa de hardware y software de videojuegos. SNK original fue fundada en Osaka (Japón), el 22 de julio de 1978 por Eikichi Kawasaki , y existió hasta el 30 de octubre de 2001. Anticipándose al final de su primera empresa, Kawasaki fundó la empresa Playmore Corporation el 1 de agosto de 2001. El 7 de julio , 2003 Playmore se convirtió en SNK Playmore Corporation. SNK destacó en varias de sus etapas, en sus clásicos encontramos grandes éxitos como Ikari Warriors o Guerrilla War y juegos innovadores como Athena o Vanguard. Pero sobre todo su mejor etapa fue la creación del sistema arcade Neo-Geo. Con este sistema se produjeron sus series de juegos más conocidos como Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters o Samurai Shodown. Gracias al sistema arcade Neo-Geo, SNK también ayudó a publicar muchos juegos y a colaborar en juegos de otras franquicias.

En este vídeo os traigo la colección de juegos arcade de SNK y SNK Playmore como desarrollador con orden cronológico (1978-2010). Es un vídeo con un alto valor educativo y también de preservación del videojuego.

0:00 Introducción
0:38 Micon Kit
0:53 Ozma Wars
1:08 Safari Rally
1:28 Sasuke vs. Commander
1:43 Zarzon
2:01 Vanguard
2:28 Fantasy
2:51 Pioneer Balloon
3:12 Lasso
3:35 Marvin’s Maze
4:04 Joyful Road
4:30 Gladiator 1984
4:52 Mad Crasher
5:12 Vanguard II
5:30 Jumping Cross
5:52 Main Event
6:15 Hal 21
6:33 Canvas Croquis
6:54 TNK III
7:15 Alpha Mission
7:40 Ikari Warriors
8:00 Victory Road
8:32 Athena
9:00 Touchdown Fever
9:27 Bermuda Triangle
9:49 Jongbou
10:03 Psycho Soldier
10:30 Guerrilla War
10:54 Jongbou II
11:09 World Wars
11:26 Paddle Mania
11:44 POW
12:09 Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf
12:32 Gold Medalist
12:55 Fighting Soccer
13:19 Chopper I
13:45 Country Club
14:03 Baseball Stars: Be a Champ!
14:23 Ikari III
14:46 Mechanized Attack
15:10 The Next Space
15:33 Street Smart
16:08 Prehistoric Isle in 1930
16:31 Serach and Rescue
16:57 Beast Busters
17:20 Mahjong Kyoretsuden
17:32 Nam-1975
17:56 Baseball Stars Professional
18:18 Top Player’s Golf
18:39 Riding Hero
19:00 The Super Spy
19:26 Cyber-Lip
19:52 Puzzled
20:15 League Bowling
20:32 Ghost Pilots
20:54 Sengoku
21:20 King of the Monsters
21:43 Alpha Mission II
22:10 Burning Fight
22:36 2020 Super Baseball
23:01 Robo Army
23:27 Fatal Fury
23:52 Eight Man
24:19 Quiz Daisousa Sen
24:40 Football Frenzy
24:59 Soccer Brawl
25:20 Mutation Nation
25:54 Last Resort
26:17 Baseball Stars 2
26:39 King of the Monsters 2
26:58 Art of Fighting
27:25 Fatal Fury 2
27:43 Super Sidekicks
28:07 Quiz Meitantei Neo-Geo
28:25 Sengoku 2
28:51 3 Count Bout
29:19 Samurai Shodown
29:49 Fatal Fury Special
30:18 Art of Fighting 2
30:45 Super Sidekicks 2
31:06 Top Hunter
31:30 The King of Fighters 94
31:52 Samurai Shodown II
32:19 Super Sidekicks 3
32:46 Real Bout Fatal Fury
33:18 Savage Reign
33:42 The King of Fighters 95
34:07 Samurai Shodown III
34:32 Fatal Fury III
34:54 Art of Fighting 3
35:19 The King of Fighters 96
35:51 Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle
36:19 The Ultimate 11 SNK Football
36:57 Samurai Shodown IV
37:26 Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
38:07 The King of Fighters 97
38:33 The Irritating Maze
39:01 The Last Blade
39:28 Metal Slug 2
39:56 Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
40:31 Neo-Geo Cup 98
40:52 The King of Fighters 98
41:28 The Last Blade 2
41:57 Metal Slug X
42:21 The King of Fighters 99
42:43 Garou: Mark of the Wolves
43:08 Metal Slug 3
43:29 The King of Fighters 2000
43:56 Zupapa!
44:16 Sengoku 3
44:50 Metal Slug 4
45:20 Samurai Shodown V
45:55 Metal Slug 5
46:22 The King of Fighters 2003
46:52 The King of Fighters 10th Anniversary
47:24 Samurai Shodown V Special
48:15 The King of Fighters Neowave
48:49 NeoGeo Battle Coliseum
49:18 Samurai Shodown VI
49:47 The King of Fighters XI
50:21 Metal Slug 6
50:50 KOF Maximum Impact Regulation A
51:35 KOF 98 Ultimate Match
52:08 Samurai Shodown Edge of Destiny
52:47 The King of Fighters XII
53:26 KOF 2002 Unlimited Match
54:06 The King of Fighters XIII


  1. -The arcade games of the HYPER NEO GEO 64 system have not been included due to their poor sound emulation and graphical flaws.-SNK vs CAPCOM: SVC Chaos is also not on this list published in 2003 by Playmore and Capcom.-Correct titles "(32m46s) Real Bout Fatal Fury" and (34m32s) Fatal Fury III——–No se han incluido los juegos arcade del sistema HYPER NEO GEO 64 por su mala emulación en el sonido y fallos gráficos.
    -SNK vs CAPCOM: SVC Chaos tampoco está en esta lista publicado en 2003 por Playmore y Capcom.
    -Títulos correctos "(32m46s) Real Bout Fatal Fury" y (34m32s) Fatal Fury III

  2. Love SNK Slogan : "Future is Now" ❤❤❤❤

  3. Wow Vangard totally ripped off Queens music from the film Flash Gordon

  4. They could've done more with KOTMs and I'm surprised they didn't take an inspiration from the other toku shows to create more beatem up games

  5. So was ‘Nam 75 the first Neo Geo game for SNK?

  6. I wonder how many seizures Mechanized Attack gave players with the constant flashing? 🤔

  7. I like how “Fatal Fury” re-used the Round 1 music from “Street Smart” in its 2-player mode.

  8. Did I blink, or is “Magician Lord” missing? And “Metal Slug” 1?

  9. Nice scanlines and shadow mask. What is your config for the emulator? Thanks a lot.

  10. Some of the ones from 91 were featured on Nick Arcade. Alpha Mission II was my fave.

  11. desconocía por completo los juegos de los 80 de SNK. Se ve que muchos son "versiones" de otros (Taito / Williams…)

  12. Remember, that SNK Playmore is much more better than Taito.

  13. I noticed there was no footage for Magician Lord, that was one of the first Neo Geo games.

  14. Ehm…
    The video of fatal fury 3, and fatal fury real bout are switched…

  15. What they really need is another King of Fighters

  16. Amazing! Even the pre Neo-Geo games had a certain charm to it. Thank you for showing the game list in the year chronological order to show how amazing SNK was slowly starting to be and innovating new things to get it going 😊

  17. wish Kyo Kusanagi changes franchise with Ash Williams (evil dead/Army of darkness), mai shiraishi, Kula Diamond & Fiolina Germi be Allys/Lovers of Ash

  18. TR Old School Gamer, Can you do Kaneko Seisakusho Arcade & Classic Games? Because of forgotten game company you play Air Buster on Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx-16.

  19. What a pity we never got to try out their wacky quiz games.

  20. Beautiful! Thank you so much Sir! Amazing CRT filter btw what did you use ?

  21. 僕の思い出といえば、街角でよく見たミニ筐体に複数のゲーム(4タイトル)がセットされたネオジオゲームです。これらのゲームが遊べたのを見て、昭和の駄菓子屋ゲーセンと同じだと感じました。

  22. 餓狼伝説3とリアルバウト餓狼伝説、サムスピ零とサムスピ零SPの映像が逆ですね

  23. RATED P*MORE for A-O ^21++ Why is thE KOF ^98 cartRidgE withouT OriginaL VoicE LyRiC vers //NoT $$$$ yetiii

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