Sinistar: The Scariest Arcade Game Ever Made -

Sinistar: The Scariest Arcade Game Ever Made

Billy Styler
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The 1980s are famous for creating the most disturbing arcade game character of all time. Join me as I look into the retro arcade classic, ‘Sinistar’, and the cosmic horror-like eldritch abomination that accompanies it.

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Music Used:
00:01 White Bat Audio – The Vanishing:
01:12 Finky – Club Midnight –
3:31 White Bat Audio – Follow You Home:
06:01 White Bat Audio – Menace:
08:35 White Bat Audio – The Guardian:
09:47 White Bat Audio – The Body:
12:27 White Bat Audio – The Watcher:
14:29 White Bat Audio – Countach:
Sinistar Sound Effects –

Videos Used:

Classic 80’s Video Game Commercials:
CBS Evening News – January 29, 1982:
Maze War (1974) – Video Game History Project:
Gran Trak 10 in action – Superully:
Space Wars (1977) – vghchannel:
Williams SINISTAR Arcade Video Game – TNT Amusements Inc:
Sinistar Unleashed Final Boss – I Triikor I:
The Cabin in the Woods (2012):
SCP: OVERLORD – Evan Royalty:
The Mist (2007):
Annihilation (2018):

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  1. I can’t believe my dad let me play this game

  2. I found a arcade cabinet with sinstar on it and if you are wondering it is in Daytona beach Florida hotel sea dip

  3. R꙰I꙰P꙰_T꙰H꙰A꙰T꙰_A꙰N꙰I꙰M꙰E꙰_D꙰R꙰I꙰P꙰ says:

    Imagine seeing sinistar

  4. Wait, sinistar is considered scary? I fucking love sinistar!

  5. I don't think I can agree with it being terrifying. In fact I think it's goofy. But I love the video none the less lol

  6. I beat Him once, didn't find Him scary, I found Him COOL.

  7. Subscribing not just because of the content but also your taste and music and also because you put up the links to your music!

  8. Billy I NEED to hear you say “rada rada”

  9. I quote the dang thing all the time. Lots of folks don't remember it all that well.

  10. So forgotten worlds arcade is cosmic horror to

  11. The roar of Sinistar… it's horrific. It feels like a demon's gasp before dragging you to hell.

  12. bro. Carnevil. The House of the Dead. Splatterhouse.

  13. My god, between the exceedingly long intro and ridiculously long sponsor, fuck you.

  14. my mom's gym had old sinistar joust and defender games in the 'teens rooms'.. maybe an old williams electronics employee donated them or something.. anyway sinistar was fun to kill the time but never 'scared' me tbh

    * teens room = the 'cool' daycare for teens who were too young to escape with the car but too old for 'daycare' lol

  15. This guys voice is perfect for these type of videos

  16. thanks Bill for the good night :))))

  17. Thanks. I played that when i was like 8-9 years old, and i felt scared every time i heard the screams, i thought i was the only one that felt scared of that since then

  18. I know this isn’t a game people usually think of for eerily horror, but Fortnite. Back in chapter one of the game I would sometimes be playing and running inwards to the circle and I wouldn’t encounter anyone. Back then there weren’t bots to fill lobbies so sometimes games felt empty. And in a game about being the last one standing, I kind of felt terrified not seeing anyone. I don’t know what it was, but just running through the fields of Fortnite when it was night and going into towns and not seeing anyone just scared me. I felt like I was being watched, maybe by a player, maybe by something else. I always felt happy when I was the last one standing, I was happy with adrenaline running through my veins, but when I could not find anyone in a place as big as the Fortnite island, I got a different kind of adrenaline rush. I wanted to run, hide, do anything I could to escape the feeling. Even if I was talking to someone or had friends with me while playing, it still scared me. The only time I could escape that fear was when I encountered another player. And wether I beat them or died, that fear would end as I had found someone else making me feel not as alone.

  19. wanna know true horror? FALLING DOWN THE ENDLESS STAIRS, GOOD LUCK SLEEPING! 00:23

  20. Is this a sonic inflation joke?
    Cuz sinistar is a hentai game

  21. Hey Billy Styler(I hope that's not uncomfortable) I was scrolling through comment replies on your SCP-1875 video(explaining the picture) and this one person keeps replying with this weird chain letter thing(I searched on YouTube and it was weird), do you know what it means? I hope this isn't too bad.
    Edit : it's called Amanda is here if you wanted to know

  22. Hey, Bill. I'm just checking on you, I miss you and your videos. 🙂

  23. Polybius is overrated,Time for sinistar

  24. when he screamed 'run' I just looked and asked why I am watching this XD

  25. Yoo you should talk about "Ben drowned" or any other creepy pastas

    or trevor Hendersons creations

  26. If there is a zero log policy then how would Private Internet access know if you're doing anything illegal??

  27. Me waiting for a new vid.
    I want them scary stuff

  28. Its sad that i never got to mash the buttons of those retro games, the local arcades are super bad now because everything inside are just games you play for tickets

  29. Epic story and classic Soo many ways and . .. … Have your hear tetris marby it's still on creepypasta!?

  30. This game is featured at sheena easton's "Almost over you" Song

  31. SO THATS THE NAME OF THE GAME. Thanks! gonna search it and relearn experience 😀

  32. I love how he just slid into the add. XD

  33. My dad`s friend. owend 3 arcade machines. Now i can play Jojo Hftf in my house

  34. when I see or hear the name Sinistar, I think of the bad guy in He-man

  35. Sinistar sound scary but it does not look scary

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