Sinistar: The Scariest Arcade Game Ever Made -

Sinistar: The Scariest Arcade Game Ever Made

Billy Styler
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The 1980s are famous for creating the most disturbing arcade game character of all time. Join me as I look into the retro arcade classic, ‘Sinistar’, and the cosmic horror-like eldritch abomination that accompanies it.

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Music Used:
00:01 White Bat Audio – The Vanishing:
01:12 Finky – Club Midnight –
3:31 White Bat Audio – Follow You Home:
06:01 White Bat Audio – Menace:
08:35 White Bat Audio – The Guardian:
09:47 White Bat Audio – The Body:
12:27 White Bat Audio – The Watcher:
14:29 White Bat Audio – Countach:
Sinistar Sound Effects –

Videos Used:

Classic 80’s Video Game Commercials:
CBS Evening News – January 29, 1982:
Maze War (1974) – Video Game History Project:
Gran Trak 10 in action – Superully:
Space Wars (1977) – vghchannel:
Williams SINISTAR Arcade Video Game – TNT Amusements Inc:
Sinistar Unleashed Final Boss – I Triikor I:
The Cabin in the Woods (2012):
SCP: OVERLORD – Evan Royalty:
The Mist (2007):
Annihilation (2018):

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  1. It’s all fun and games till you see galactus in the distance

  2. Sinistar It's probably the least scariest enemy of any game I have ever played.

    Sorry, but if you were scared of this, you are probably a little b****. Going to be honest, this guy is laughable. When the enemy only has about four voice lines at max, maybe five at the absolute most, to me that just screams lacking character.

    In the terms of the unknown, yes I can understand somewhat, but honestly enemies like him should not be stupidly fast, and games like this are stupidly fast, like worse than COD.

    Those types of games are not only annoying, but I also find them a bit cancerous.

  3. “I am very scared of a video game character”
    “Who, Freddy Fazbear?”
    “The Neighbor?”
    “Cartoon Cat?”
    “Still no”
    “Siren Head?”
    “Still no”
    “Then who?”

  4. I guarantee you Volkor X has a poster of Sinistar on his wall and wants to become Sinistar when he grows up

  5. it's been 4 months… when's the new video coming out?

  6. mate whats going on new video soon please !!!!

  7. i remember when i first got monster hunter try i got to the tundra i was doing a quest in pitch black cave then the giginx appeared and scared the crap out of me i couldn't hunt it for months i was so scared of that monster

  8. you should research about the hidden people playground lore, it's ambience, creepyness and hidden sounds, it would be great.

  9. Sinistar, what a guy. 🙂

    Really good stuff. Always getting better and better.

  10. bruh i am scare bc his grammer is too good ;-; "my tummy hunger"

  11. I remember not really understanding the "beware, i live" line and just hearing "uwow awow"

  12. Love your stuff man, but from a pragmatic approach your voice does not suit your appearance, you are either a smoker, edit your voice or deliberately lower it multiple octaves.

  13. You haven’t uploaded for 5 months are you good?

  14. i hate it how he dose the sponsor in the creepy pasta voice
    it makes it sound like hackers hacking into you're account is a creepy pasta

  15. TRULY SCARY!! 😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Sinister kinda reminds me of a dragon. His face I mean

  17. I remember once when I was a kid and I was playing Minecraft on a Christmas Texture Pack. One of those trial worlds. You know the one. Anyway, I remember seeing an enraged Enderman jumping around the corner staring at me. Of course, because of how I was, I freaked out and cried. I was in creative mode, but something about seeing an Enderman enraged just jumping and staring at you, like into your soul… it's terrifying. It's really an experience that you need to feel yourself in order to truly believe it, but it did indeed happen!

  18. This man has had puberty five times and a half

  19. Theres no way that laughing ball is scary 🙁

  20. Your videos can pretty consistently make me laugh.

  21. Me waiting for the “Number 15, Burger King foot lettuce”

  22. It's been 5 months… •~• I miss Billy

  23. I remember playing this game in my gameboy. It came with a cartridge that had multiple arcade games in

  24. Imagine AVGN playing the game XD

  25. Why is everyone scared of this laughable floating ball?? It's voice isn't so terrifying

  26. I played that a long time ago in the doctors place

  27. What is man in the red room trevor henderson

  28. I'm just waiting for him to say "I'm am the watcher I will be your guide to these vast new realities come with me and ponder the question what if"

  29. I remember as a kid in the arcade that Sinistar was probably the only time I was too scared to sleep at night. I begged my mother to fix me the Bach Flower Remedy that includes the essence known as Rock Rose, which eases a terrified mind.

  30. love your vids man… Uhh i have a request though. Can you make a video on what the backrooms is and about it? Please…

  31. the burning world from ultrakill scared the hell out of me

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