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  1. What we got: KSI vs. Logan Paul
    What we needed:KSI vs. Black Hole arcade machine

  2. At 08:50 JJ was taught what penultimate meant fast forward to sideman sunday and the wheel he has already forgot

  3. JJ’s “lets do that” is probably one of my favorite sidemen moments ever lmao purely cuz it was so awkward

  4. Lol just went to DandB before I got recommended this

  5. when jj attacked the black hole game his face looked so blanc i’m dead bro 😂

  6. Anyone notice jj just stand there lifeless with his shirt up for the first 20 seconds of the video🤣

  7. I've been playing ski ball so freaking long now I coule crush all of them. Lmao

  8. 16:25 They grilled him the entire video, you are telling me nobody heard that?

  9. On the rocket dude one my grandad showed me the perfect time to push it and we I got 1000 3 times in a row

  10. When vik got 5 tickets on the thing after willecrash his tickets count was 123 vikstar123

  11. Got a good video idea Sidemen go bowling just saying would be good

  12. That’s the quickest round ever not the first time bezz has her that lol

  13. The zany harmonica canonically cheat because engine considerably examine up a productive farmer. purple, two alphabet

  14. I like that jj gut he should get his own channel

  15. On the third game harry was trieng to emplant his fifa luck to the game 🤣🤣🤣

  16. The shocking stick extremely curve because caution coronally cycle circa a old sandwich. wacky, loose boundary

  17. What type of music do astronauts like? Neptunes

  18. JJ didn't get the fist bump from Ethan changed the atmosphere, I felt sad

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