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Shoot Out 1985 Data East Mame Retro Arcade Games

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► Shoot Out 1985 Data East. Full game + bug elevator.


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  1. Girl in the red dress is going to need years of expensive therapy.

  2. To think that Cabal, Wild Guns, and countless others came from this. A true classic.

  3. Good game, brings back many memories of playing as a child 🙂

  4. 06:30 Mmmmm a boss who are staying in a 2 star hotel?

  5. Is this the world record score on Twin Galaxies? I remember I had a go and racked up a great score but nowhere near 300,000.

  6. Loved this game! I hated that guy who came out if the elevator with a machine gun. When I finished the game I was even more surprised that the boss was a lady!

  7. Love this game very much! Even have it in my basement. Unfortuanately it glitches out and the guy gets all pixelated when you try to move around he dont go anywhere. u.u I dont know where to get it fixed. But I just really wanna play it again to relive something I got from when it was my 6th Christmas

  8. This game predates Cabal; however, there are no cross-hairs. But TAD Corporation was founded by former Data East employees and Cabal might be the spiritual successor of Shootout.

  9. I got this game in original arcade box , super time playing 🙂

  10. Ahhh. Memory Lane! I fed this sucker with way too many 10 pieces back in the day.

  11. Thanks for posting this! I used to be obsessed with this game.

  12. Great game! That's the best part of the Super Retro-cade. You can load all these classic games from MAME and play 'em whenever you want. And with JOYSTICK control too! Doesn't get better than that! Thanks for the video.

  13. I used to play this game all the time as a kid in the store around the corner from my house. I forgot the name of it until now. Those innocent bystanders and that lady in the apartment that would toss the flower pots would always drive me crazy!

  14. I used to play this all the time at the Chinese food store around the corner from my house. I always wished I was able to shoot that bitch in the window that was always throwing plants at the detective!

  15. Wow. Dumbest bystanders ever. "There's a shoot out on Main Street? Quick, let's go TOWARD that!"

  16. I remember the last boss lady, there was a changing screen where the plant is, and she'd strip behind it, throwing her bra (which you could shoot for points) and come out NAKED. Then she'd shoot you if you didn't shoot her. I'm sure I didn't dream it — but can't find any ROM version of this. Am I crazy?

  17. Would play this game at my local pizza parlor. Before this they had Yiar Kung Fu.

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