Shh...! Welcome to Frightfearland/Haunted Museum 2 arcade 2 player 60fps -

Shh…! Welcome to Frightfearland/Haunted Museum 2 arcade 2 player 60fps

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Best viewed in 60 fps. I’m player 1 and Mark is player 2.


  1. 暑がりか寒がりか分かんない人 says:

    アキラ「あっ・・・しまったぁ!!」∑(・o・;) →/(°□°"ll)\

  2. This is close of getting a sequal to CarnEvil.

  3. 暑がりか寒がりか分かんない人 says:

    クリス「気持ち悪いわね!」( ・᷄ㅂ・᷅ )

  4. I’ve heard about a giant skeleton from Japanese folklore, it’s supposed to be made up of other people’s bones when they die

  5. Looks like Taito was influenced by Midway's CarnEvil.
    The song at 2:57 sounds identical to the one that plays just before you fight Junior in CarnEvil.

  6. 16:03
    Player 2: He's taken a hostage!
    Player 1: Don't hit any civilians!
    Also Player 1: Hits a civilian immediately afterwards she said to not hit them

  7. variety│Ryu(1)Ichi 龍意知│Video Game Channel says:

    Hello, I used to play on PC and the game crashed at the 37:38 movie scene. I didn't know what was causing it,

  8. Ah yes, the game where you go to Twitter and shoot It's users, and Elon Musk is a wizard

  9. i gotta admit this is the worst final boss since it feels like a regular boss than a final boss

    i love the music and game but is just the final bosses and way the bosses ended feels too rushed

  10. Literal embodiment of Happy Gilmore's "YOU'RE GONNA DIE, CLOWN!"

  11. This arcade wouldn’t had been the best if they made a remake version of shh welcome to fright fearland😅

  12. P.T. Barnum said it so long ago

    There's one born every minute, don't you know? (Killer klowns)

    Some make us laugh, some make us cry

    These klowns only gonna make you die

    Everybody's running when the circus comes into their towns

    Everybody's gunning for the likes of the killer klowns

    From outer space

    Killer klowns

    From outer space


    The ringmaster shouts, "Let the show begin!"

    Send in the klowns, then let them do you in (killer klowns)

    See a rubber nose on a painted face

    Bringing genocide to the human race

    It's time to take a ride on the nightmare merry-go-round

    You'll be dead on arrival from the likes of the killer klowns

    From outer space

    Killer klowns

    From outer space

    There's cotton candy in their hands

    Says a polka-dotted man with a stalk of jacaranda

    They're all diabolical bozos


    Oh, look around, what do you see?

    Tell me what's become of humanity (killer klowns)

    From California shores to New York Times Square

    Barnum and Bailey everywhere

    If you've ever wondered why the population's going down

    Blame it on the plunder from the likes of the killer klowns

    From outer space

    Killer klowns

    From outer space

    Killer klowns

    Killer klowns

    Killer klowns, ha-ha

    Killer klowns, ho-ho

    Killer klowns, hey-hey (yeah)

    From outer space

    Killer klowns

    From outer space

    Killer klowns, yeah

    Killer klowns, oh oh oh

    Killer klowns

    From outer space

  13. When the ringmaster clown said "mmmmarghummelieum" I felt that

  14. Everything in this game looks like it was rendered and animated by the guys who did Xavior Renegade Angel.

  15. The nostalgia is hitting hard 😭 i remember playing this at the arcade when i was 8 and being absolutely awful. Why do i not remember the animations looking this weird? But then again, this game feels like a fever dream although i remember the purple flying clown final boss for some reason

  16. Players: get killed by hotdogs
    Also players: get launched ovet a hundred feet into the air by a giant snd fall back down with no damage

  17. Increase + Enhanced = Enhanced Increase Strength 💪👑💗💜🖤

  18. How are you even screen recording the arcade game??

  19. “Dramato Memorieh! Huh!” – Sorcerer Ringmaster.

  20. If Midway didn't close down their Arcade division in the early 2000's then this could of easily been "Carnevil 2"

  21. Man, I just thought Five Nights at Freddy’s and Dark Deception was the most terrifying horror games from the past before.

  22. I’m wondering why the hell they saved the sorcerer

  23. This game scared me as a kid. It used to be set up at this local sports bar and while my dad was watching Football, me and my little brother would play it. We never beat it until years later when we’re all grown up while on a trip to Vegas we found the same game and beat it in one go. One of my favorite memories with him.

  24. This is pretty much a unofficial sequel to Carnevil.

  25. my favorite part of this game is how the two player characters interact with eachother; and how they seem to be enjoying the theme park attractions

  26. 2:51 he sounds like a german child who has a coka cola and is playing fortnite

  27. if what happen at final boss was fallen you dont save him?

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