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SHADOW FIGHT 3 | NINJA | arcade games

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I have played both Shadow Fight 2 and 3. And all players of this game seem to have a very high level of respect towards Nekki for creating this great storyline. Indeed the storyline that spans across these 2 games is one of a kind for Mobile games. And it is still continuing. But Shadow Fight 3 in particular has had upgrades and advancement in its storyline and gameplay over long periods of time. So much so that I dont recall certain parts of the story in between anymore. But now that the game has reached June’s Plane, the time I am writing this; and that Nekki has this habit of using Easter Eggs from the past to build the present storyline as well, I think we need an online account of the story updated till the current version of the game.

I have searched several places for this, but there doesnt seem to be any. Also the story is one of the main attractions of the game, so Nekki will not be in favour of keeping an account of the story, in order to not spoil the fun for the new or future players of the game. But for the existing gamers, keeping in touch with the storyline is very important for enjoying it. And since the game receives updates almost once every 6-7 months, and also since there is no way to go back and see the completed levels to check the previous storyline, I think such an online account of the storyline is necessary to be kept.

Any redditor who can help in the process, please let me know. I only remember portions of the story. And I really want to recall the other parts. We can mark this post as a spoiler and keep it pinned at the top.

Let me know what you guys feel about this. And what other solution you want to suggest.

apk link :-

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