SegaSonic the Hedgehog 3 player arcade game 60fps -

SegaSonic the Hedgehog 3 player arcade game 60fps

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Best viewed in 720p. I’m player 1, Mark is player 2 and Dee is player 3. This was played using joysticks instead of a trackball, and on MAME the diagonals are slightly off making it harder to play. Unfortunately, at the end of the game, we didn’t originally make it to the end before time ran out, so I used a save state to do it over so I could actually show the end.


  1. alternate universe where ray and mighty were the tails and knuckles

  2. Sega said this game was hard to port because of the track ball but I have a solution. Mobile.

  3. eggman sounds so diabolical in this despite looking so goofy lol

  4. i love how sonic's just blazing through the zones with ease while mighty and ray get a game over every 5 seconds

  5. Danny's YouTube Of Fun And Gaming And Stuff says:

    Ray Sounds Like Kirby

  6. Arcade 1up should turn this game into a cabinet by putting this game and Sonic the fighters onto one cabinet.

  7. Me Mighty and Ray are good buddies and invited them to Las Brisas

  8. I remember this game I finally finished in 20 minutes

  9. I'd really like a port of this game but I can't actually think it would be possible or fun without a trackball.

  10. How much Time has pass when i watch this, as i remember i was a kid,… nostalgia times 😊

  11. Looks like Mario Party 2/3 Skateboard Scamper Level

  12. Instead of porting Sonic 1,2&3 a million times over, why not make games like this and Knuckles Chaotix available for fans?????

  13. Me Mighty and Ray almost died from all of that chaos. Good thing we survived the chaos.

  14. It's kind of weird to think of this but why haven't we heard more about Ray or Mighty in the Sonic fandom? It really seems like Ray would be prime material for some perverted furry to obsess over and yet, I don't think I've ever seen a single piece of fanart or fanfic about either of them. Why is that?

  15. achi!あち!(熱い)hot!  ite!いて!(痛い)ouch!
    ochiru ochiru!おちるおちる! fall fall!
    hayaku koiyoはやくこいよ! come quick!

    0:19 kutabare Sonic!! くたばれ ソニック!! drop dead! Sonic!
    0:31 anshinsurunoha…安心するのはまだ早いぞ still early for peace of mind
    0:31 konoEggMantou…このエッグマン島から脱出できるかな? can you escape from Eggman-issland?
    0:47 konoshimano…この島の恐ろしさを思い知れ!! you have to realize fear of this issland!!
    2:20 kondowakouda!! 今度はこうだッ! I'll give it a go this time!
    4:15 huttondeshimae(ちくしょー)ふっとんでしまえー(damn it!)you'll be blown away
    6:26 madamada まだまだ still continues
    14:16 chikusho!!korede…ちくしょー!!これで最後だ 塔もろともふっとんでしまえー damn it! this is the last. you'll be blown away with the tower
    16:05 nandekounarunoyo なんでこうなるのよ why did it turn out like this?
    LAST chikusho oboeteroyo!ちくしょーおぼえてろよ damn it! you'll regret this!

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