SEGA Arcade Games - Still awesome in 2022!? -

SEGA Arcade Games – Still awesome in 2022!?

Retro Ralph
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In this episode, I take a quick trip to Vegas with Cole (Manger at Castles and Coasters in Phoenix, AZ). We’re visiting for the Amusement Expo International (AEI) show in Vegas. the industry’s most influential conference and trade show dedicated specifically to the Amusement Entertainment Industry.

The goal is simple, scout out the latest and greatest Arcade Games for the Castles and coasters Arcade!

Featured Exhibit Areas:

Coin-Operated Amusements, Music, Games & ATMs
Family Entertainment Centers (FEC)
Virtual Reality
Bulk Vending
Laser Tag
Professional Service Providers & Suppliers

They also have big vendors like Raw Thrills, SEGA and Incredible Technologies!

[Vendors Featured in this Episode]


LAI Games:

VAR Box:

Retro Arcade LLC: ?

Incredible Technologies:

UNIS Technologies:


VR eSport Arena:

Quick Shot: ?

VR Bike, VR Gatling gun, and Thril Ride: ?


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  1. Definitely buying a skittles vending machine from Captain's Auction 20 years from now. Can't wait

  2. Lots of cool stuff there!
    The feedback on that metal gun looks awesome!

  3. The VR tech is off the hook! I really wanna play that VR Agent game. Asphalt 9 looks amazing too! I've always been a fan of the classic motion controlled arcade games.

  4. I’ve been wanting to check out that show and I appreciate your look inside . I have to admit I’m retro but I do love some of the new stuff coming out every year. When it comes to arcades I see so many that have the majority all redemption games. The 80’s and 90’s were so good because you had more like 70 to 80 % video games and the rest ticket games . Speaking of owning an arcade I stumbled on that possibility recently when I place an elvira hoh on location which is my very first game on location . I’ve only done one collection so I’m exited to see where this takes me as collecting money this way helps me fund my hobby and let other enjoy my games. Great video!

  5. Great vid!! A lot of cool stuff!! Will be interesting to see when everything goes vr.

  6. Wow, you do the coolest things. "What did you do today?" "Ahh you know, walked around a huge convention hall playing Arcade games that aren't even out yet"

  7. 3:56 wow that's awesome, I'm excited to see light gun games like this. 👍

  8. I kinda want to give that Mission Impossible game a try when I see that as I get Confidential Mission vibes out of it, but here in South Carolina arcades are completely dead (and have been dying since 2008) with the closures of many iconic spots I used to frequent. There are a few barcade-type spots that are doing very well in larger cities, however, but they are far from my reach.

  9. it's kinda funny how those racing games look nowhere near as amazing as Scud Race and Daytona 2 which came out more than 20 years ago. Thanks for the vid though.

  10. It's a shame VRAgent was developed by a Chinese company and not SEGA themselves..

  11. I hope these VR type games get home releases on Oculus.

  12. Hey Ralph, I'm old enough to remember when VR first started making a debut in arcade experiences and it's come a long way for sure, but I still worry that it's simply a fad. It comes and goes and each time sort of reinvents itself. The VR Laser (Lazer??) Tag was neat, but seemed more conceptual than market ready. What I really did like was the very tail end of your clip about the modern light gun….and that part received the shortest amount of attention!! But I do have to ask, when is Retro Ralphs Arcade-O-Rama opening??? lol Great video as always!

  13. Looked like an absolutely awesome convention!.. If you had to pick one game from the convention, what would it be?

  14. I love VR and I love arcades. If this is the future, bring it on!

  15. Ahhh… SEGA light gun shooters! Nobody does it better! And as far as “deluxe” cabinets go, I want to see them revisit the absolutely fully 360 degree R-360! I’ve only seen one photo in a Sega “Visions” magazine. 5-point full harness, true fluid motion in every possible direction, perfect for any flight game, required it’s own attendant for anybody to play with safety stops and precautions up the wazoo, this needs an update! Considering the article I read was from 1990, hoping the cost has come down and tech improved to perfection. Not just back/forth or side/side, you could fly upside down and barrel roll like a freaking (virtual) idiot! Great video! I signed up & “liked” immediately!

  16. awesome video. VR is here to stay and the future is still bright!

  17. This is one awesom episode seeing all the new VR stuff coming out.
    Ow men want to go there and check it all out 😳
    .. Ralph what do you mean with 7:09 .. 😳

  18. Arcade Heroes was at the convention. Did you miss him? Hope you still want to do something with Adam at some point for your show!

  19. What was the tech they were using for the lightgun? Not Aimtrack or IR or sinden from what I could see

  20. I think you should cover new as well as retro arcade stuff. Even though the operators in my area don't buy much new except for darts and juke boxes, it's still nice to see new arcade hardware/games.

  21. My love for SEGA never loses. 💜💜
    Great video man.

  22. this is great to see arcades evolving, especially the fusion of VR and real movement. Perhaps to counter germs in VR they could design cabs with pop in front section of VR helmet, that is given to each customer for a small fee. That way everyone has separate face section. Couldn't be too hard, it's easy on Quest 2

  23. That last light gun was like something I always wondered if it could be possible: Combining an airsoft gun with a light gun! That tube was also probably feeding the gun air to get that precise blowback… but maybe they have a new tech that'll drive the slide back with electricity.. hmm…

  24. to bad they don’t do fighting games anymore

  25. Very cool to see some interesting way of implementing VR even in arcades, and in a form factor that really does make it simple to use, like on that gun game where you just hold it up to your face.

  26. Kinda a dumb observation, but the whole time I was thinking, how do they keep the VR goggles clean… I mean I wouldn't like using one of those units after some dude who's got an eye infection…

  27. Tip: EQ your voice over a bit. My subwoofer went mental, too much low 😎 (only at the very start, first minute of the video).

  28. Glad that you enjoyed Sega's booth. It was fun to be involved in VR Agents' development so seeing that have a spotlight in the video was great. Keep up the good work with the videos

  29. I've got the VR four ps4 me an my buddy's love it VR is awesome 😆

  30. That VR game looks cool but it's not very hygienic. I own a VR headset and know how much sweat gets on there in just a few minutes of use.

  31. It’s better than Bowlero and Dave and busters in 2022!!! Thanks for uploading it.

  32. It’s better than Bowlero and Dave and busters in 2022!!! Thanks for uploading it.

  33. I remember when arcade games used to be cutting edge 😂

  34. I'm so glad how Sega still puts his best in Arcade System even en VR! Even they want a VR System for the Saturn

  35. That's really cool but I wonder if I could play sitting down. I'm handycaped now and standing using that gun in headset will make me now lose my balance and fall. Pretty cool games.

  36. My biggest concern with all these VR sets is keeping them clean/sterile. They literally touch your face and head and some people get a little hot and sweaty when playing…

  37. most look like dated ps2 railshooters .. Arcade machines used to have hardware that was at least 10 years ahead of home computers and consoles.. ..

  38. I'm looking forward to buying a VRAgent in 20 years! lol

  39. i wish there are more arcade machines like this in indonesia.

  40. It's cool that there are still new arcade games being made. Tbh, I am not enjoying playing games in home that much, anymore. But at arcade, it's a different experience of gaming. Even though all games are kind off the same and simple. I only wish, there were more places near me with retro arcade games.

  41. Gameloft should do an Asphalt 9 Rally Edition for the arcades…

  42. Love this video …. Thanh you for posting!!!!

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