Sega Arcade Games in the 1980's -

Sega Arcade Games in the 1980’s

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My fandom for Sega began with their arcade games in the 1980’s. In this episode, we are going to go over some of the more prolific of their releases during that time, and how I viewed them as a kid.

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  1. Neo geo was a touch better to do to the fact that u could have it at home but it was really expensive a bit ahead of the times to get home graphics like that

  2. STAR FOCKS 64, STAR FOCKS 64, I am reminded. You are one of guy's who inspire me, but, that is only because I do not know teh whole picture. All teh same, I am glad to have you. I remember now— it's your Rumble Pack that made the arcade game come alive!! I remember that package…

  3. In my humble opinion,Sega,Atari,and Konami made the best games of the 80's and 90's without doubt.It's such a shame that arcades aren't really a 'thing' anymore.So many happy days spent in them as a youth

  4. I remember I walked into a truck stop and seen Daytona usa arcade the graphics blew my mind.

  5. Love that you closed out the video with my favorite track from Genesis's Batman

  6. Kinda bummed out by this video You seem to have some fans and your game-related prose are decent, or adequate, but It is total clickbait; you used an image of all the unique and immersive arcade cabinets that they use during this era, but never talked about or showed any of them.

  7. Great to hear someone else who gets misty over the good old days.

  8. I remember the day Pong showed up at our mall arcade. Up till then, it was only pool, pinball, and Pachinko. There was a line snaking all the way down the mall hallway-about a football field's length. I asked "what's going on here?", and a guy said "It's a new game called Pong". "?" "Oh, it's electronic tennis", he said. History in the making!

  9. Loved Shinobi, Altered Beast, E-Swat, Golden Axe, and Wrestle War

  10. Hold on…. Atari 2600 was fun to play with when we didn't have money for the arcade, and Colecovision was superior vs. Intellivision and Atari.

  11. OMG I remember Wrestle War!! didn't know my favorite dev/pub (SEGA) made that game! I guess I didn't know about game makers back then, and only focused on the games. Man, I used to pump quarters into that wrestle game. And always wondered why it never came to home consoles.

  12. Another great vid dude! I've gotta say, a huge part of what made SEGA the kings of the arcade for me was also their cabinet design. Playing After Burner in the gyro cab was like nothing else, plus the ride ons for Hang On and Super Hang On. It totally brought you into the game

  13. I love Sega's Racing Hero from 1989. I enjoy it as much as Super Hang On. It's kinda like its sequel.

  14. Man, everyone one of your videos almost causes me nostalgic tears, from that sega inro from Astal to the content, it's just so enjoyable and emotional to watch. I remember being so good at Space Harrier that some guy payed me to finish it because his kid wanted to watch

  15. Wait how old are you Sega Lord X? Because I was born in '82. And in '82 you were already in the Arcades?

  16. I wish Sega would get to the company that I remembered they use to be. They have so many well known IP'S that are going to waste.

  17. I love your channel! It's always great to see someone obsessed with Sega as much as I do!

  18. Really loving this channel buddy. Keep up the great work

  19. The first time i saw golden axe, i almost lost my mind. The 2nd time when i was about to lose it was when my uncle gave me a mega drive as a gift.

  20. For me Sega's and Taito's arcade efforts owned my childhood. Space Harrier is my first video game experience (probably my favorite game), and I still think Galaxy Force 2 has yet to be beaten visually. Capcom and Konami deserve their place, I always have Taito tracks and Super Scaler songs come to my head when I think of the arcade.

  21. Zaxxon was my favorite Sega arcade game in the 80’s. I wasn’t a fan of the “super scaler” shooters.

  22. My childhood was in the arcades, and Sega was in the forefront. Ever since the release of turbo in 1981, I was hooked on Sega.

  23. SLX Another great video. a couple sega arcade greatness that did it for me was 'Enduro Racer' and 'Super Monaco GP'

  24. I missed out on arcades, but I have a bit of weird nostalgia for Altered Beast. I first played it on Mame because it had a cool name, and was near the top of the list (beginning with A!). I played through almost to the end, but ended up not finishing it. The Genesis version felt so toned down in comparison.

    Strangely, since I've never played the arcade version of Golden Axe, the Genesis version of that game feels awesome to me. Nostalgia can be weird sometimes.

  25. Oh, come on now, SLX. The Colecovision can't really be lumped in with the Atari 2600 and Intellivision. Sure, the SMS and NES would soon fly past it, but there were some GOOD arcade ports on the system. You even showed one, Carnival. It's no Outrun, but the Colecovision version was near perfect. Many love Colecovision Zaxxon, I was not a huge fan, but it's impressive for the time. Venture, Ladybug, Pepper II, Looping, and Frenzy were all REALLY close to arcade-perfect. Even flawed efforts like Donkey Kong and Planet of Zoom were fun. I still have a Colecovision and fire it up occasionally, it was MUCH better than it's predecessors. Dismissing it from a later-time perspective just isn't fair, just like it would be an injustice to dismiss the Genesis for not being an XBox

  26. I'm not sure why, but I actually like Hang-On better than Super Hang-On. But all of those types of games are too hard on the second level.

  27. My first Console was the Master System. Sega should still be building hardware , I wish Apple could partner with them and bring a console to the market. The PS3 was the last specialized console worth investing in. I have videos that prove it is still relevant even versus an Xbox one X!

  28. Loooove me some Racing Hero. Wish the collision detection was a better though.

  29. Guess Super Monaco GP doesn't get any love then…

  30. Colecovision did great ports for its time of Sega arcade games. Better ones when combined with the Adam computer

  31. Good overview of Sega's arcade games during the 80s. Thanks.

  32. "it was the arcade or nothing for me" was exactly how i also felt as a kid and got super pissed when there was a bad port on the sms!

  33. Yeah seeing Space Harrier in 1986 in the arcades, it was like some portal had opened. Crowds gathering just looking. Could hear AAAAHHH on the beach lol. UK Sandown Isle Of Wight. 1986.

  34. You are so right about Sega…back then it was if they could see no limits and they went absolutely off the hook in the arcades. What always bothered me about Sega was they didn't include any hardware scaling on the Genesis. I know it would have driven the cost up but had they went with a minor upscaler they may have put themselves out of Nintendo's reach. At that time Nintendo was more about gaming in the home and I honestly don't think they had access to the same resources as Sega (programmers, artists, and the like). They had the money but were not as bleeding edge.

  35. SEGA could wake up one day in the 80s and just drop one of the most bomb-ass arcade games ever. And now they're stuck porting the same 30 Genesis games over and over with bad emulation, making mediocre Sonic games, still ruining the Shining series, and maybe once in a while they'll give us a pretty good niche action game with Yakuza. Man what the fuck happened?

  36. Hey, you actually saw Fantasy Zone in an arcade here in the US?

  37. man space harrier was my favorite game as a kid my dad used to take me to the bowling alley where hed go talk to his friends and smoke cigarettes and id get a bunch of quarters

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