Secret to WINNING on BARBER CUT LITE! || Arcade Games -

Secret to WINNING on BARBER CUT LITE! || Arcade Games

Claw Craziness
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Arcade time! Today we try barber cut lite with Aaron and Justin (Arcadejackpotpro) and see that the iPod shuffle is ready to payout, we try an idea on how to win it once the string is cut enough…


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  1. Anyone ever notice that you never see Is It Real and Claw Craziness in the same place? Coincidence?

  2. I gotta lot of respect for your keymaster skills. You taught me the trick to check if it's due. However I didn't learn anything from the Barber Cut "secret".

  3. Can someone tell me who this is… I'm very confused, I just found this channel but it sounds like the guy from 'Is It Real?'… Is he?

  4. Yo where you at doe Trevor, I still haven't received my gift card or any response from you regarding it?

  5. The donkey is Eeyore, bro. Don't you remember your Winnie the Pooh from when you were a little kid? lol

  6. Nice video, good tip on barber cut, have seen people take a bunch more turns to get that last thread 😀

  7. its playing my favorite song in the backround

  8. Dan Marino number 13 Miami dolphins # the greatest quarterback eva!

  9. Too bad I've never seen a barber cut machine in my life.

  10. eeyore from Winnie the pooh. Eeyore is my favorite character!

  11. I love you so much if you plz just get to my home its england leeds 64 rockwodrouwd plz just now now win for me!

  12. What do they mean by when they say "it's do?" What does that mean?

  13. at the end they didn't know who Eeyore (prob spelled wrong) from Disney was

  14. I liked this video as soon as the penny thing happened with Aaron and he put in the part of SpongeBob. Lol!

  15. Ok…
    So, where is the secret to winning on these machines…?
    I get so tired of CLICK BATE videos…!
    It’s so sad when YouTubers have to result to lying to get
    People to view there videos…!
    If you can not get viewers based upon you content’s merit,
    then you need to rethink what you’re posting.
    It’s the honorable why of treating people that so many of you
    have seem to of forgotten and too many of your viewers allow
    to continue…
    Viewers need to start Boycotting CLICK BATE videos and force
    posters to stop lying about their content since they can not seem
    to tell the truth on their own…
    Claw Kicker is guilty of this too along with so many others…!
    I subscribed to their channels because I wanted to view certain
    content, not to be lied to…!

  16. I wasted 3 dollars today for an I pad and the last dollar was 1 millimeter close so I watching this for the next time

  17. Mr Donner Rules!! Go Blue☝️
    God Trevors as good at claws as am I at Bo staff

  18. That's funny, I actually came across ClawBoss earlier. You guess actually have class😁😜👀

  19. I won a laptop from cruise ship arcade machine just like this only 2 cuts and won $1800 Laptop

  20. Those machines are pure evil they stole $450 for me one time trying to win a stupid iPod touch

  21. There’s a little notch in front of thblade you can push the string with it really helps

  22. the title shouldve been "Get jealous from 2 guys winning in the arcade for 10 minutes"

  23. I got temp banned from my local arcade for winning this too much, use a piece of take with a marker and hold one eye right in front of the item, as well as the sideview, then mark as close as you can to the string and line up the razer with both. You create a gun sight essentially.

  24. Pov you’re in front of one of those

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