Saturday Chat and Possibly Some Arcade Gaming?! | Q&A too! -

Saturday Chat and Possibly Some Arcade Gaming?! | Q&A too!

Killer Arcade Games
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I’m changing it up a tad this time! Let’s just hang out for now, I may play some games on the stream if you guys want me to.

Buy an HP Elitedesk (I’m using this to emulate KI):
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How to mod an Arcade1Up Cabinet (New version):

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  1. I've seen that sliding glitch before after doing a ultra with saber wolf. I hope I have the clip saved. Do you want to know what wrong version it is just turn off the game and turn it back on. I used to do that to find out the versions of mortal Kombat and killer instinct I was playing in the arcade.

  2. think it was Killer instinct version 1.0 with that Glacius glitch but untested..

  3. I am so excited about the real KI cab. That would be epic.

  4. Hey Chris! I'm finally done with my KI reproduction cabinet and sent you some pics in a couple emails. Let me know if you'd like any more info about it! I'm very proud of the work and how accurate it came out!

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