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  1. Jill Valentine: Where’s Nemesis when you need him?

  2. That’s funny the zombie school girls become docile because of music.

  3. Is Bandai Namco also Deadly Premonition?

  4. Can you play as kawaei? Next time! ฅ•ω•ฅ

  5. WEIRDEST TAIL SHOOTER EVER!!! 😂😂😂 Where can we play this?!? 😅

  6. So….what did BanNam smoke to make this game….? XD

  7. I will be very mad if they didn't include Heavy Rotation 😂

  8. Even by weird japanese standards this game is really weird????

  9. Damnit I JUST arrived back home from Japan yesterday- had I seen this before I left, I would’ve hunted this game down lol

  10. Un juego muy diferente. Es como ese anime de aidol zombies. Nada mal es bello. Pero puede que no sea un virus zombies. Sino control mental magia negra. Porque todas son colegiales. 😏

  11. El algoritmo trajo a este hablahispana aqui 😂😂
    No me arrepiento

  12. Dude, when is this? I never seen this before back at my days

  13. 1:15
    girl: shoot me
    me: never heard a request this extreme but ok (shoots her in the face)

  14. When will the Sailor Zombie Game be made in a mobile version or an Android version so that all of us fans can play the game. I hope the developers can make it.

  15. Would like to know if there is an alternate ending where ur picked girl kisses you? Perhaps if u get A/S rank overall?

  16. The girl for sure knows A LOT about all of this zombie stuff🤣🤣🤣

    she is the one who bring you the vaccine gun in the first place and tells you to shoot her (she knew it will works)

    she knows what zombies pattern behaviour (music can tame them)

    she knows that the giant wolves are military weapon of lab experiment, AND also knows that vaccine gun can handle them

    she knows where the mixer for vaccine is located

    she knows how to cure all the zombies

    Maybe: she is involve in the experiment herself, Probably SHE IS THE MASTERMIND that causes all this zombie drama in the first place (perhaps, unintentionally, bcoz if its not🤣🤣🤣)

  17. Well this was a weird one

  18. So, its Gal Gun, minus the horniness.

  19. Cool game. but my god the frame rate is horrible

  20. Забавная игра, но не более

  21. I wonder if they will appeared and fight along side in Operation Deadbolt 🤔… 💀.

  22. No. i dont know how i got here. Im just as lost as you…

  23. The reticule move how? Iam lost, 5 days for play this game

  24. Which pad, nothing, demulshooter works how??? There are gui, exe64…

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