Rush 2049 Arcade Machine Restore Episode 2 -

Rush 2049 Arcade Machine Restore Episode 2

This Old Arcade (Classic Arcade Machines and Tech Tips)
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We got the monitor board back and it works great! Plus I do some other repairs. Check out for monitor repair.


  1. Nice. Thanks for this. Just got a cabinet. Unfortunately no seat, monitor, or the pcb computer. Power supply works though and marquee lit up! Not sure my first steps.

  2. i just got 2 of these…one works.. one turns on light but the board only partly lights up and the board with the number lcd is not lighting up at all..any ideas??

  3. Excellent video! Love the gameplay at the end.

  4. Great Video! Love these restores! It would be cool if you mentioned how much you picked up the machine for and the costs associated with the restore. 

  5. I spend a lot of money playing this arcade in the 90's. And I would do it again.

  6. Just FYI the folks that made this game just got the team back together.

  7. how repation my rush i have problem whit audio

  8. my problem is audio an video out the my rush

  9. Great vid. I had a few 80s jamma machines but never had a chance to collect more modern gear. Interesting to see the thought process when they came up with that internal layout.

  10. fuk man your good and the game looks nice.. congrats,,

  11. This arcade was honestly leagues ahead of what they gave to the Dreamcast, etc. Should've ported the Arcade as-is, it just looks and feels miles better.

  12. awesome video … where did you send the chassis for repair? thanks

  13. this takes me back, i used to play this one all the time and the arcade at my local pool. i would love to get one of these

  14. Hey there….my Rush 2049 Cabinet has a slight jiggle to the steering. Everything else works just fine…the force feedback is there…but it just jiggles a little when you turn it. You can make it around the track….but it's like the machine drank too much coffee. Any suggestions on what might be causing it?

  15. Im surprised a guy with your skills is not playing it on first person

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