Robocop Arcade Game - Playthrough - Deathless -

Robocop Arcade Game – Playthrough – Deathless

90’s Arcade Games
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This is a deathless playthrough of the 1988 Data East game “Robocop”, with the default settings. Created using MAME 0.145


  1. I really miss how basic older games were. Simple but effective! Sometimes less is more I suppose

  2. Everyone talking about how many quarters they used fail to mention the molestation they probably suffered. Arcades in the 80s where a haven for pedophiles looking for little kids. Just kidding that's what my mom used to tell me so I wouldn't ask to go to the arcades in the 80s lol. Mom always one step ahead. Miss you mom and the 80's

  3. I loved playing this game in the late 80s and early 90s as a kid at the arcades

  4. Where can I download this Arcade Robocop Game!!!????
    I played DOS version and it sucks…
    Any help?

  5. I lived a lie . I always pretended to see robocop but really hadnt . my shame grew with the years …my friedns i suspect secretly knew and said nothing.

  6. Why is the chainsaw guy so hard to kill?


  8. Cómo puedo obtenerlo para mi telefono alguien que me ayude..

  9. Bad guys are saying sh#t at at least that's what I've always thought…loved this game…anybody gotta quarter

  10. I haven't watched this video yet, I liked this game but I kept getting busted up, so deathless. lets see, back soon

  11. OK 1:32 what a move, you are not messing about, I never finished the 1st level without dying. I will watch the rest as well. Mate not bad at all. I wonder how you are in the bonus rounds. Again back soon.

  12. Thanks man. I enjoyed that, I have never seen this game clocked. I am 42 years old right now. Again, thanks. Well played.

  13. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION.!!! The CRACK Era was Running Wild in the ARCADES at this Time,too!!!

  14. The first game in my local arcade to cost 30p a play instead of the usual 20p.

  15. Robocop versus Terminator is better

  16. Cómo extraño ése juego lo jugué en usa y por una cora lo terminaba y no me aburría de terminarlo todos los días

  17. This guy's making it look way too easy! Awesome game!

  18. What's sad is that "this" was the only good RoboCop game ever made. The first one on the NES was under decent but the best one made for the home consoles. I would say that RoboCop VS Terminator gave it a good try on either 16 bit systems, but they just ended up being boring… But I'd rather play RoboCop 3 on the NES than the FPS on the xbox

  19. 5:52 “The Cobra Assault Cannon, State of the art Bang! Bang!”

  20. I swear that I used to run out of ammo in the arcade playing this game!

  21. Now playing on my nes classic mini

  22. I use to click this with 10p the good old days if anyone knows where to purchase this game or even better apk be much appreciated.

  23. When the guys in the window gets shot it sounds like they are saying "shit!" Lol

  24. Dónde puedo descargar el vídeo juego ?


    I'm from houston and I remember I used to play this game all the time in the early 90's at a place called woolworth and dairy queen in nachadochas

  26. Omg this takes me back to being a small boy asking for 10p in the local arcade in Norwich
    The music makes my hairs stand up

  27. Any way to play the game with a larger power bar ? I don't like dying so much

  28. ahhh the good ol days… for 5 bucks you could beat this game and still have enough for a slurpy

  29. Love the music at the beginning. Better than the RoboCop theme imo.

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