RETROSTATION 14K - Best Retro Game Console 2020 - 14,000 Games - 2 Wireless Controllers -

RETROSTATION 14K – Best Retro Game Console 2020 – 14,000 Games – 2 Wireless Controllers

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Retrostation 14K – The Best Retro Gaming Console 2020
VIDEO for Educational Purposes.

– 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM
– WIFI b/g/n / Ethernet
– 2X USB PORTS + 1 MicroSD Slot, Full HDMI
– Save your games
– Ready to play
– Bookmark
– Bookmark Games
– Movies, YouTube, Netflix

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  1. "Bro pass me the controller, I used to be a pro gamer."

    Pro gamer: 8:50

  2. How can I get one , went to site and it said no shipping to usa or Canada please help

  3. Don't understand in the era of PS5 and switch who would like to play that old games. That's retro.

  4. Where can I purchase this at??? Can’t find anything on where it’s sold.

  5. Where Should i get that? I Love that Android TV/Gaming Box😍😍

  6. Ima stick to the ps4 for now. I might buy one of these for retro gaming.

  7. this needs to be in every real gamers home .. period

  8. When you ask your mom for playstaion 5 but she say we got playstaion at home

  9. Its there a way i fix the graphics? so they dont look all squares

  10. That is the same box that but with another name that my old school 9800+ gtx Nvidia card came in over 20 yrs ago lol.

  11. Why can't these companies creat there own branding logo?This look like ps1 logo lol.

  12. Where can you get hold of one of these machines? Awesome video

  13. A link for purchase plz.
    Well, have Googled it,.
    Thanx so much for sharing,. Didn't know this existed till now.
    Awesome Christmas gift for the rugrats this year!

  14. I'm looking for a retro box that has the game shinobi. The first shinobi. Would you happen to know if one has it?

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