RETROSTATION 14K - Best Retro Game Console 2020 - 14,000 Games - 2 Wireless Controllers -

RETROSTATION 14K – Best Retro Game Console 2020 – 14,000 Games – 2 Wireless Controllers

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Retrostation 14K – The Best Retro Gaming Console 2020
VIDEO for Educational Purposes.

– 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM
– WIFI b/g/n / Ethernet
– 2X USB PORTS + 1 MicroSD Slot, Full HDMI
– Save your games
– Ready to play
– Bookmark
– Bookmark Games
– Movies, YouTube, Netflix

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  1. Literally just an android box with a sticker on top

  2. where do you get it? I've looked it up on Google and there's non here? just in the USA

  3. Attractive looking logo is two steps away from getting maker’s company sued, LOL!…Where can I buy one???

  4. In a retro emulated system you start with each and every PlayStation game then Dreamcast and round it off with the Sega Saturn I could care less for a bunch of Gameboy games! Period end of story!!!!

  5. They can do all this but they can't make Madden as good as it was for PlayStation 2

  6. Hi am Reggie from Grenada , it's a small island in the Caribbean. I will like to get one of dis game, can u or someone please help me get one all send the money please help me

  7. Soon it will be all online free. Part of a Netflix membership

  8. I love that they give you a little history of each console with it an amazing touch makes it seem like the people who made it really cared about the attention to detail

  9. Jesús los ama de verdad y el ya viene busquenle

  10. only good thing is box design it cant do 4k so how could it do 8k

  11. sorry i want buy this console…write the link please

  12. Sega Dreamcast was my all time favorite System and the Worst System ever i think is wow what a Freakin Horrible System the
    Panasonic 3DO with Atari Jaguar not to far behind the

  13. So how do I buy the exact retro station in your video? I have looked for it online and found nothing. I would appreciate it if you could include where to find one.

  14. hi Chigz but where is the link ? i want it thanks

  15. See this is the kind of stuff I've been talking about you get one little tiny thing that can play a lot of systems that's fine but I'm going to tell you straight up super Nintendo regular Nintendo Sega Genesis and Sega Nintendo 64 GameCube they need to just put it all in one system just like the PlayStation just like the Xbox 360 PlayStation 2 PlayStation 1 and just hand it over nerds worldwide please stand up the world is boring no disrespect we all need better entertainment then this yes it's fun for a couple seconds but how long does the controllers really last how long and why do you need to add things when a no damn well old school rules Nintendo power needs to rebirth Sega needs to be reversed

  16. Sorry to be an outsider but I wish you can prove that you did not put them on the chip so you can get more ratings I wish that you would have hooked the system up cold turkey showing piece by piece then show that you did not download them and put it in there for likes cuz I tell you I am old school gamer is just I would need more evidence that you did not download it from the computer and put it on a chip to make it more excited or you can bring a friend over and you get down with the game like I would do

  17. I don't mean to be a bug but do you need to put batteries in the joystick we're in the game system or do you need to charge cuz I'm tired I found something similar to that but I need the batteries and you had to unscrew with a tiny screwdriver to get the batteries put in or does it charge like a PlayStation controller I'm a little skeptical because of the past when I bought something similar to that batteries and everything unscrew tiny screws it was a lot of work I gave it away

  18. Brod link were Can we purchase this great console?

  19. Let me guess, it's from China? There's nothing off limits or sacred for some people.

  20. Does it work with wired controls as well?

  21. Sir nice 👍video
    Is this console has one of my favorite dreamcast game Stunt gp ? So long time ago I played ,that's why .please let me know .thanks

  22. Nice- but there are frontends available that can do this and more if you have your games and emulators already. Cool set up though.

  23. Nice review
    Thank you!
    Are you still enjoying your's?

  24. Buy yourself a raspberry pi with linux and RetroArch you will have a way more powerful retro station. If you have an xbox one or series s or x you should buy a dev mode to install RetroArch. Android box is the last thing you want to buy! I bought myself an android box and its dead i cant update it, it super slow compare to when I bought it. Android box if a waste of money! For a 40$ dollar you have a raspberry pi 4b with heatsink and a fan and storage!

  25. Does the Dreamcast emulator run good on it and which one do you think is better redream or dolphin


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