RetroPie - Wolfanoz 32GB Arcade Games Image -

RetroPie – Wolfanoz 32GB Arcade Games Image

Scott Farrar
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This video contains very detail instructions (step-by-step) on what you need to do to FIND, DOWNLOAD, BUILD, INSTALL and PLAY the Wolfanoz 32GB Image – which contains over 2,400 Classic ARCADE Games.

The video shows and explains the detailed and tedious tasks that are glossed over when people say – “Go get the Wolfanoz 32GB image onto a microSD card”?

This video deals with the most common question asked by those who are new to Retro Gaming – “Where do you get all of the GAME ROMs?”

The video shows you where to obtain the hardware you need to complete this task, specifically the Raspberry Pi 3B+ computer. The video shows where to obtain the numerous software packages you need to complete this task…and how to obtain the 2,400 GAME ROMs that you need to complete this task.

The length of the video is due to attention focused on the DETAILS to not only SHOW you how to complete a Task…but also to EXPLAIN what is going on (and why) when you perform the different Tasks.

If you want to get into Retro Gaming…then IMAGES are a great way to begin…and the Wolfanoz 32GB Image with the Raspberry Pi 3B+ is one of the best items out there to start your journey…on remembering those halcyon days of hanging out in the Arcades during the 80s!

Cana Kit Raspberry Pi 3B+ Starter Kit – $85

Cana Kit Raspberry Pi 3B+ Kit (Clear Case) – $65

Cana Kit Raspberry Pi 3B+ Kit (No Case)- $58

o WinRAR –
o Win32DiskImager –
o SD Card Formatter –
o “FAT32 Format” Tool (64GB or Larger)
o PuTTY –
o WinSCP –
o NotePad++ –
o uTorrent ¬-

o ArcadePunks Site –
o ArcadePunks Front End Downloads / Pi Images –
o WOLFANOZ 32GB Image – Arcade Only – Pi Attract Mode –


USB Controllers –
Sound Bar –

* A = 1, B = 2, X = 0, Y = 3,
* Left Shoulder = 4, Right Shoulder = 5
* Unassigned = 6, Unassigned = 7
* SELECT = 8, START = 9

ATTRACK MODE Game Pad Button Assignments
o BACK = Button 2 (B)
o UP = Up D-Pad, DOWN = Down D-Pad, LEFT = Left D-Pad, RIGHT = Right D-Pad
o SELECT = Button 1 (A)
o DISPLAYS MENU = Button 4 (Left Shoulder)
o NEXT FILTER = RIGHT + Button 1 (A)
o FILTERS MENU = LEFT + Button 1 (A)
o CONFIGURE = UP + Button 2 (B)
o ADD/REMOVE FAVOURITE = Button 5 (Right Shoulder)
o PREVIOUS LETTER = UP + Button 1 (A)
o NEXT LETTER = DOWN + Button 1 (A)
o EDIT GAME = DOWN + Button 2 (B)


  1. I downloaded 256gb one. Used this vid step by step. Its so nice to have someone explain everything. Wondering if you did a step by step adding a ps2 emulator to this. Looked but everything is so vague. Thanks

  2. previos filter and next filter in list – but when you show your screen you have nex tfilter and filter menu set up ?????

  3. Anyone know where to get the image at? No seeds at the link provided.

  4. Hey 👋 i have a raspberry pi 4 will this image work?
    Thanks 😊

  5. This helped me a ton. Thanks a bunch. Got my build completed last night

  6. Thanks for explaining everything in detail. This is so much easier to setup and use than setting up Hyperspin and joy2key controls on the PC.

  7. Why are there so many dead links on ArcadePunks ?

  8. My wife came in and said "Why are you listening to Bill Clinton?". Then I said "Oh SNAP! That does sound like Bill!"

  9. Do you know the specific rom versions he used? For example donkey Kong is it is vers 1?

  10. Could you please tell me which rom version of Donkey Kong it uses? Thanks.

  11. Hey love your videos, is there a version like this for raspberry pi4 at all? Thanks

  12. Great video! Do you still need to flash the Pi 3 with the retropie image or does the Wolfonoz 32 image take care of everything??

  13. @Scott Farrar, Do You know how I can disable A bottom when arcade open the game? I want avoid that someone in my family change the version of name in this menu

  14. Yikes watching those commercials hurts my soul… i haven't seen one of those in ages.
    i.e. Transmission….. ublock origins.. or for fast DL use an NZB.. etc..
    nice work tho

  15. Three installs all failed. The image is 512 bytes too big

  16. exellent tutorial. dont suppose you know which is the 128gb conoles with cbm64 amiga vetrex mame etc?

  17. i want the p4 with a wolfanzo image. I heard he was doing one.

  18. does this image still work? if not is there a better one out now?

  19. Thank you so much. If I add more roms to this I would like to use the same scraper you used. What one would that be? Thanks again 👍

  20. That a generic snes controller brother not a PlayStation!!!

  21. Great job, thanks for taking the time to create and post.

  22. The torrents files form Arcadeunks once downloaded are in BIN format not IMG; how to change the format?

  23. Do you know how to get it to recognize a 2nd joy?

  24. i need service to ripair pcbs in geece…thanks happy new year

  25. Does RetroPie allow you to turn off diagonal inputs for specific games like Pac-Man or Rally-X? I've noticed in the past that since these games were not expecting the possibility of both an "up" and a "right" at the same time errors can occur such as getting stuck in places you shouldn't get stuck. It would need to be configurable per game because of course most games DO need diagonals.

  26. Do I need to have retro pie on my raspberry already or no because wolfanoz already has retro pie and everything else

  27. Thank you for doing this video, first time Pi builder, can I configure my ps3 controller to work wirelessly with my Pi 4 8g. I am loving the Pi

  28. music at the very beginning is from Poker on Commodore Vic-20. Ah, childhood memories.

  29. BY FAR the most helpful set up video I have seen so far, and I am Just about to start into trying this, I have been really wanting to do this for a long time, and your clip here has it all, thank you so much! Do you think the Pi4 is the way to go for Today? I only want to start with This 32gig image, but do you think its better to go with a 4 these days? I'll be looking at a Starter kit like you purchased as well, just to make it easier, thanks for the advice.

  30. I love the way you say pie. “ piiiiiiiiiie” lol

  31. Has anyone gotten this image to work with an Xbox One wireless controller?

  32. How come I can access the mame menu on some games but not others. For example, on track and field the tab key won’t bring up the mame menu.

  33. Thank you so much for this detailed video. I’ve been looking for a video that shows step by step. Can’t wait till this weekend to get my PiB+ up and running.

  34. Cómo lo pongo a pantalla completa los juegos

  35. Thank you for the effort here. Very helpful!

  36. iv got 256GB Image,, but i cant remove the bezels … this shit want go away

  37. I'm doing the bigger 256 Wolfanoz build on my Pi 4. Should I still format the SD Card to fat32 or can I do exfat

  38. The nice thing about retropie is that you can configure it as you see it.

    If you only want arcade games you can do that.

    If you only want console games you can do that too.

    The fun part is you have total control over the games you want to add. 🙂

    Or you could add everything mwahahah! 😅

  39. With the PlayStation emulator lr pcsx rearmed you can turn on bilinear filtering to make the games look better. Select and X then video options.

  40. Ma come mai non si riesce ad istallare nessuna ISO pronta

  41. I have download the Arcade1Up.Ready.5.4.Ratio.Wolfanoz.Edit-Level1Online.img from ArcadePunks and i love it cos i dont like Attract mode with the many screens and flashes etc. But i meet a problem. As i try to see some of the game configs i realise that i can change the buttons as i like on each game and save it. After few days i try to select Daphne emulator with dragons lair but it not works. As the game video starts, it plays and after 20-25seconds video stops and restarts.When i press COIN to start game it quits to the Daphne emulator menu with the rest games. So could be a kind of dmg of the (compressed?) DVD in the emulator? or what could be happened? Maybe i will rewrite the img again but i need to change so many buttons on over 30-40 games that i like and play. Do you know why could that happened?

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