Retro Japanese arcade games in Tokyo, Japan! -

Retro Japanese arcade games in Tokyo, Japan!

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While we were in Japan we found out about a small arcade in the DECKS Seaside mall that had some older Japanese arcade games. So of course we had to go and try some of them out. Rescue hero, the first game we played, is not really old and we have actually played it before but never for prizes. Be sure to let us know which arcade games was your favorite! ENJOY!

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  1. Most of these look like they're on a payout rate lol.

  2. On the 2nd game there was a nintindo switch prize!!!!!!

  3. The "sorry nothing" translates to "Hadore" which means "lose"

  4. Please visit the Philippines we have the best arcades here!!😊😆😝

  5. nice channel. guys pls make more videos about arcade ticket off and can we win it and carnival games.THX

  6. Cristal is the most annoying person on earth 😴

  7. wow she didnt want the new nintendo switch

  8. 確率機と呼ばれるのが沢山ありますね(笑)

  9. for me my friends! I love arcade game's ever! its awesome;-)


  11. 今日紹介した60%は確率機と呼ばれる大量にお金を入れないと当たらない、日本でも有名な機種です

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  13. I swear, if they ever come out with an automated driver test, your voice should be used! It's relaxing.

  14. Did you say whirlpoo??? Or whirpole?? 😜😝😂

  15. Cool video! Will take me awhile to get use to her voice, but will defiantly watch some more.

  16. If you got those tickets You could get to Disney! I have been there this year not 2017 its 2018

  17. I lived in Japan from 1964-1968 and used to go to a park about every month (for the go-carts). I NEVER won ANYTHING in any of their games then and it looks like that is still the "Norm." Still, though, enjoy your videos a lot.

  18. tresento milioni de dollari par vinsar un pupasso del casso imbottio de lana cinese dio can!!!

  19. Someday I'd love to see a "Play Japan to Plush Time Win!" Without too much give up…… makes the videos shorter 🙁 Such a good video tho! CAAN;T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN ORLANDO<3

  20. Marathon Watching 3/3/2020….. Japan Games, can they Win? 🤔

  21. Don't worry miss Crystal you will get lucky the next time you go to Japan I can feel it… I've seen great futures in you… so you are a winner not a quiter!

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