Retro Gaming Merchandise - Scott The Woz -

Retro Gaming Merchandise – Scott The Woz

Scott The Woz
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Scott takes a look at Walmart’s clearance bin.


Music Used:
“Menu” from SNES Classic Edition
“Menu” from NES Classic Edition
“Norfair Ancient Ruins” from Super Metroid
“Menu” from Sega Genesis Mini
“Mappy Medley” from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
“Fight” from Punch-Out!! (NES)
“Music 02” from Tetris (NES)
“Menu” from Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
“Overworld” from Super Mario Bros. 2
“Ending” from Super Mario Land
“Breakout” from 3D Dot Game Heroes


  1. 8:42 Bruh the “R” in “Start” is backwards. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. One thing about the tiny arcades I like is that you could build a small arcade diorama for your action figures

  3. 2:49
    “Neo geo is cool and has its place in video game history but I’m tired of people pretending it’s bigger than it really is”
    -Scott “The Woz” Wozniak, 2019.

  4. if anyone is further interested on the reason why the ps1 mini was straight garbage to hardcore playstation fans please check out Caddicarus’ video about the mini console.

  5. I like how Scott felt the need to specify that the shirts are made to wear

  6. me 5 years old: dad buying me a nes classic
    me 2 years later: watching youtube thinking the nes classic is the normal size
    me 1 year later seeing a original nes then having my mind blown over the size

  7. ❗️My Timestamps:

    0:23 and I have the S/NES Mini Consoles both modded but put them away once I subscribed to NSO.
    However, I might take them back out as I no longer pay Nintendo to keep my game saves safe.

    0:58 Put 'Super Mario Bros.' pixel art on anything and I'll fall in love.
    I'm currently Watching a 'Switch PowerA Control Pad' with said design on E-Bay right now… (as of Fri 3rd Feb 2023).

    3:52 I also have a MD: Mini modded but with added Master System games.

  8. Talked about the switch not having genesis games. Me when I watched it: WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU LITTLE..

  9. Honest question, does Scott leave his Arcade machines plugged in?? Like that has to bump up his power bill a frick ton

  10. I'll never forgive you for saying Karate Champ is a bad game.

  11. “I don’t smoke I just like the gum” WAS PERFECT 😂

  12. I just realized Scott had to buy all these MyArcade consoles.

    My condolences 😔

  13. Oh s**t there bad must be the most underrated Scott the woz line

  14. Scott: I am not gonna take up an outlet for this little box that plays only 20 games.

    Me with a modded snes classic playing sonic 3 & knuckles: pathetic

  15. SCOTT THE WOZ LIVES IN OHIO!!!???!!!???😮😮😮😮😮

  16. Gotta say tho, a modded ps1 classic is tons of fun🤷🏻‍♂️. The original package was weak tho gotta agree

  17. i highly recommend the ps1 classic after a little soft mod you have all ps1 games easy ready to go

  18. Pronouncing Galaga like "Gallagher" is as wrong as pronouncing Coleco like "colic". Stress the MIDDLE syllable for both: ga-LA-ga, co-LE-co.

  19. I think my first console was a genesis (don't know which one) and I played sonic 2 and then I was bored. My grandmother then bought me a brand new dsi but yet only had sonic classics on it so I became bored.

  20. me after getting dolphin to play pikmin 2 mods, getting asked if i bought the og pikmin 2 : 14:05

  21. Boutta fight this man as someone who played the Pac Man Museum version of Pac Man a lot

  22. The real question is if Scott used his pet rumba or just used it for points and returned it like some people do with black cats on Halloween.

  23. This video is single handedly the reason why I tried Cracker Barrel

  24. You should make a video on how all toymakers are re creating retro toys

  25. The way Scott fit that mini arcade machine in his pocket is just so funny. It's technically possible, it's just that your pants will have the biggest bulge ever

  26. make n64 classic so i can pay once for a console instead of yearly for the expansion pak

  27. 11:41 i dont have the Ms. Pacman one, but i do have the Pacman handheld. But the screen broke

  28. Once we get to the $200 price point … just buy a switch

  29. man refuses to pronounce “Oregon” correctly

  30. 13:31 was literally playing this video in the background and found this thing in my house right after

  31. He just predicted sega genesis on the switch

  32. Get a handheld emulator.
    You can play way more games for about the same price (depends on which one tho, there's some that are $40 and others are $400)

  33. If you want at Walmart and her someone says so this is the timeline where virginity won and just be like why did he say that

  34. What song plays at the end? It goes to an old game just can't place it!

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