ReRave - Music Rhythm Video Arcade Game - - Coast To Coast Entertainment -

ReRave – Music Rhythm Video Arcade Game – – Coast To Coast Entertainment

BMI Gaming / BMIGaming
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1ST PLACE WINNER – IAAPA 2011 | ReRave Music Rhythm Video Arcade Game | / The Stinger Report “Best Of Show” – Gold Medal | From BMI Gaming, The Stinger Report, Coast To Coast Entertainment and Step Evolution | Get More Information on this great game at: !


  1. Aw, I miss this game. Used de-stress after work by stopping by at the nearest mall and playing this during my yuppy years. Too bad no one was paying it any attention back then.

  2. ReRave is awesome on iPad and I'm really looking forward to playing the arcade version. An arcade near me is interested in getting ReRave… I hope they decide to get it! 🙂

  3. @MrTommylandz iPad version exists?!
    Why didn't you say that before?!
    I was alredy like "MAKE IPAD VERSION YOU SILLY GUYS D:" ._.
    Now I will download it now o3o

  4. Holy crap it's Osu made 10x harder.

  5. I just played this today the full screen mode is the best

  6. Yeah man full screen is real skill!
    Half screen is for people who wanna break records 😀

  7. One question, how do you upload your own picture for ReRave? Some people have it

  8. I love this game! At the Main Event in Austin, Texas! Where can you find the music to download for your personal use???

  9. I'd cut all the crap off the beg of this and take some windex next time your going to video this. The glare and finger prints really bring down this vid.

  10. Hey Rhythm lovers, check out our channel, we started absolutely new Rhythm game , open beta is live, link at channel page. 

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