Repairing Missing Colors On Williams' Legendary JOUST Arcade Machine - Original, Beautiful Cabinet -

Repairing Missing Colors On Williams’ Legendary JOUST Arcade Machine – Original, Beautiful Cabinet

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  1. Love it and it's a Lance lol 1st time I saw your face in reflection lol

  2. I love crimping tools! I was using one earlier today to add a connector to a System 22 cage fan so it’s easier to swap the game out. You just can’t go wrong with one of those ratcheting tools. 👍

  3. I think the word you're looking for is "lance." And yeah, I agree with you, I have a feeling that a lot of video game ideas were born of drug trips (good, bad or otherwise.)

  4. Uh….Vey High! The premise of the game is so insane,,,,but also lots of fun to play!

  5. When i saw the reflection I'm like, "i finally know what Ron looks like!" No, it's Joe! 😄😄 have you ever appeared in a vid? The note gag was perfect. Lol.

  6. Do you guys ever use a Fluke Trendar 200 Testclip to troubleshoot the 14pin "glue" chips? Love your videos!

  7. Have you seen the B&B, not sure if it is an Air B&B or independent, but I think the guy is in NC

    He has upstairs a basic 1 room Tv room with every arcade system , like NES, Atari, etc..

    But downstairs he has over 100 full size arcade games, and a jukebox

    Everything is 1979 to 1984

    I saw the video on YouTube and I couldn't believe it

    It is like a dream

    I guess you have to make reservations years in advance

    Have you heard of this place ?

    Do you know this guy ?

    Have you done repairs for him ?

    I really wish I could spend a night there

  8. About the passing comment cleaning up Molex pins with a file, DON'T. Connector contacts are made of plated base metal. Filing or sanding will remove the plating and then you have lost the real conduction surface and the contact must be replaced. The goal is to remove insulating dirt and oxides. Use a contact cleaner chemical or light rub with an eraser. For leaf contact switches, run a business card between them and note the black streak left on the card.

  9. Smasher of a game & yeah designer high as a kite.

  10. I have a race game and there is no pitcher ?????? Any thoughts?????

  11. First video of yours I ran across. Subscribed now.
    (Your skills at playing Joust might be a bit rusty, but your skills at fixing this machine seem to be first rate!)

  12. Some classic arcade games sound real good with a powered sub.

  13. We know what Donnie looks like, now thanks to the reflection we know what Joey looks like. Just you to reveal yourself Ron.

  14. Mota Mota Mota Mota Mota Mota Mota metallic Vittar

  15. Oh wow, man! On Joust, I wasn't just the king, I was the EMPEROR! Loved every minute of it. Great video!

  16. Went on TwistyWrist popped in 7489 sure enough $3.89 refurbished pulls available very cool

  17. I have a broken left flipper on a 1979 Playboy pinball machine. How / where can I sell it? thx and peace!

  18. very cool, this was my favourite game in the arcades, back in the 80's .25 cents per play

  19. 1:59 And THAT is were you got the like and subscribe from me! 😆

  20. Hey hey fucknnnn hey LOL it's ya goofy m8te from Australia 😆 lol I had joust on the Atari 2600..and I loved it..0 I wished I could have a crack at that beast..I just recently bought ,[game on friends console] has 1600 something like that games,,all ya street fighters,ghouls n ghost, shinobe, bubble bobble, be great if ya can do a video on that console ide anyway love ya show ya goofy m8te from Australia

  21. Joust was one of the original games my brother and I used to compete against each other. We would drop all our quarters at the local pizza hut every week.


  23. Never created a soft ever. Not one. I've watched dozens of videos lately and have learned all kinds of interesting stuff about mic

  24. My buddy and I used to play all night on one quarter, theres a trick for the pterodactyls as long as you leave one egg alone and you are in the right spot, you just keep killing them and getting free men.

  25. The 2N4403 from Mouser is actually .37c currently.

  26. Thank you for suggesting non-Amazon web stores!!! Amazon is evil and should be avoided.

  27. One of my favs was Wild Western from the early 80's.

  28. Stuff we gotta do : 'It's broke'


    Just the attract mode volume sound is like 0. ok my guess before I watch, the RGB out from the board to the CRT or the CRT itself. welp im wrong ram test failed so its not output, its source….

    [CHIP] 2C 74LS374 > pins OUT 8 9 10 > IN ON [CHIP] to pins 13 14 15 > IN ON [CHIP] 1B 7468 > pins OUT 5 7 9 IN ON [CHIP] 1A 74LS374 pins 18 3 4 17 > Pins out to [RED] pins 2 3 4 5 18 19 ???

    A lance… its called a lance. lol. LANCE !!!!! Riding the top SEEMS good but then they also do it. The Pterodactyl comes after time, and if you go too close to lava hands can grab you. And the time to spawn new riders from eggs shortens as it gets harder. Easiest way to lance the Pterodactyl is to be on land far enough to force him to line up. If you hit 1 pixel lance to lance with a rider, you bounce. If you get good at accepting the reverse momentum you can skip off platforms, you fly just low enough your mounts legs cant extend but you skip on your bird stomach.

  29. I played this…love it. Looks like those transistor(s) got hot.

  30. how much is that virtua fighter and will you ship it out of state?

  31. 😍 I had that one on console in the mid 90s

  32. as a kid of the 80's I loved Joust but I often times got lost where I was on the screen too. You didn't mention what size pins are the most common. I've been watching your vids while getting a Terminator 2 pin working and I'm unsure of the pin sizes. I think I want mostly .100 and .156 for the female to male board connectors? And then .062 and .093 for the male/female in line plugs? Thanks.

  33. The thing knights used to joust was called a "jouster".

  34. Well there’s your problem with the colors. It’s wrapped in a green flim.

  35. hahahahaha "it's broke" well I mean … technically correct?

  36. I claim the title of world's worst Joust player.

  37. balloon fight/joust are pretty much the same game

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