Real Arcade Games In Space Engineers That Work !!! -

Real Arcade Games In Space Engineers That Work !!!

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Have you ever been waiting around your assembler or refinery wishing you had something to do while you wait. Well look no further why not play an arcade game while you wait. Just be carful while operating heavy machinery.

Check out all these games here on the steam workshop.

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  1. Oh, there are the old days coming through. For my time it was "Atari". x) <3 Very cool builds and programming. <3

  2. Clang Drive is my favorite song from the competition.

  3. I wish these LSG videos were available on another platform like Rumble.

  4. Hey that's cool. I had no idea that something like this is possible in SE.

  5. That scene in henry stickman: huh, why is it empty in here

  6. This is dumb, who has time to play video games….oh, wait… hang on a minute 🤔…

    Honestly tho, these look really cool 👍

    <edit> We need one that plays The Sims. And your sims can play Space Engineers on their little computers and these mods will work on the simmed SE game.
    Let's go full video game inception here lol

  7. I want to know what the television script thing is that you mentioned

  8. Imagine using these arcade games to eventually play Space Engineers in Space Engineers.

  9. IIRC there was a way to make scripted displays refresh faster.

  10. I wonder how long before somebody ports doom…

  11. thats incredible they are coming up with cool ideas great for a rec area in a ship or colony

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