Ranking the 38 Capcom CPS2 Arcade Games from Worst to Best | Kim Justice - jadeusgames.com

Ranking the 38 Capcom CPS2 Arcade Games from Worst to Best | Kim Justice

Kim Justice
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A countdown of Capcom’s CPS2 Arcades was a no-brainer — just look at the games. We’ve got everything from Super Street Fighter II Turbo to Alpha, Darkstalkers, Alien vs Predator, Marvel vs Capcom, and so much more…and of course, a lot of fighting games. Enjoy!

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  1. I was literally gonna ask if you would consider doing videos on some of the Sega arcade boards before the video ended, looking forward to the System 16 video! Maybe consider doing a video on the almighty Sega Model 2 someday?

  2. Was gonna give you a thumbs up till you place Marvel Super Heroes on 25, so no Thumb from me

  3. i liked the CPS1 video, but the CPS2 is a much better system.I rank mars matrix much higher, i brought it . One thing i like about the cps2 shumps is a lot of them didn't need to rotate the screen in the cabinet (70 kg or something like that in a new astro).

  4. George Kamitani was an artist on Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystara. If you liked those games check out Dragon's Crown on the PS3 and PS4 he was the director and an artist and writer on that game as well and it's pretty much the spiritual successor to Capcom's D&D series.

  5. Such an amazing platform, so many great titles.

  6. Though seeing Sega 16 in a future episode would be great, I would also love to see a ranking of either the Model 2 or Model 3 boards.

  7. Please make a video for the Sega Model 2

  8. Whether it was coincidence or not, loved that it was Rogue's theme during the XvSF segment. One of my fave capcom FG themes ever <3

  9. I remember playing #30 in a laundry matt when I was really young
    They had that game and some kind of shooter maybe the first Contra

  10. Lived sfa3 on ps1. My all time favorite fighter.

  11. Thank you for recognising the awesomeness that is Gigawing! It and Progear saw plenty of attention from me in the arcades, but while I thought the theme and audio-visuals were superior, the former had it down for much more satisfying and addictive gameplay.

    The placings of the SFA series are kinda inverse for me, though. Sure Alpha 3 is certainly hard to beat in content and gameplay variety, but the first two (even if I think the first one's name describes more a dev stage than a prequel) are just works of art compared to it.

  12. Just seeing some of these fighting games on display, especially Super Turbo, gives me the urge to pull up Fightcade and get some rounds in. Thanks for the video and memories Kim.

  13. you have the most perfect voice for narrating arcade games..i could listen to it all day…

  14. thank you. this does help me through these tough times. i'm an american and british gaming channels have been a big part of keeping me sane these past few weeks (partially because it started from such different places and is fascinating). good luck with your country, ours is having a rough time, and my area is the hot spot right now. hopefully things will level out but they're telling us its a bad idea to even go grocery shopping this week. i may be drinking during this video

  15. Awesome video. Have an arcade machine running mame and this got my excited to go check some games. Also, can't wait for you to do a worst to best for Neo Geo MVS!

  16. I kept thinking Capcom vs SNk and Marvel vs. Capcom were CPS2 boards. Oh well.
    It would be interesting if one day you made a top NeoGeo arcade game list.

  17. It’s quite unusual that you put Mars Matrix so low and yet gush about the reflect dynamic for Gigawing. Mars Matrix effectively refined the reflect mechanic by making it more useable than in Gigawing. It definitely plays better for it. It was even made by the same company.

  18. I owe you, Kim. I think I've found the arcade game I played years ago, was really impressed with and never found again. Until now. Maybe. I think. I really can't remember too well! I'll check later…

  19. This is awesome thanks as always Kim! Cripes I hate to admit this but I've never played a single game on this list holy cow. Maybe I should get into emulation but I have no experience with that. :<

  20. I prefer the variety CPS1 has over CPS2, which has too many fighting games. I also think the VS games are overrated and OTT, and prefer MSH and COTA, in the same way SFA2 is better than the overly flashy SFA3.

    I think the move to CPS2 was more to do with the superior copy protection, after SF2 was bootlegged into oblivion.

  21. 1944 is a great addition to the Final Fight Arcade 1up cabinet. I play mine all the time. It's strange how I think I am bored of it, then I go back all over again. So addictive!

  22. Wonderful list, Kim! So much nostalgia pouring all over, it was an amazing trip through the catalogue of an arcade board I played a lot of as well =) Of course, I'd place a few games on different places, but it's like you mentioned, in some cases it all boils down to personal preference and experience with the games.
    I'd rank SFA2 higher than SFA, simply because it's one of those sequels that did everything right. I had already played and beaten SFA at the arcades (and loved it!), and I was oozing for excitement when I finally got a Saturn, and the first game I bought was SFA2. My expectations for an arcade experience were completely fulfilled, and more so. I can't say for sure that it's better than SFA3, although I do prefer it.
    MSHvs.SF was always my favorite of the 3 Vs. games, but my arguments for it are even flimsier than those for SFA2 ^^

  23. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Every time I’d drift off and daydream about other titles as I’d be watching this Kim would just lay them right out as if he were reading my mind!!

    I didn’t think he’d mention the deluxe ps2 edition of SFII and yet he did hahaha BTW I gotta say Darkstalkers series seems somewhat underrated.. It plays silky smooth and I’m really glad I’d discovered it

  24. Great video!
    You still forgot 2 games!
    Vampire Savior and Vampire Savior 2

  25. This should've been like 2 hours minimum. You're slippin, yo!!!

  26. I actually like X-Men vs. Street Fighter the best of all of the Capcom crossover fighting "series", just something about it jibes with me. I do love MvC too…though I played it on Dreamcast way more than in arcades. I'd have put Cyberbots a bit higher on the list, personally, as well as Mars Matrix. Also, I thought Progear was CPS3 before this video, but I was wrong.

  27. Was Zero 2 Alpha on here? Might have missed it while making tea. There were four on the CPS2

  28. You left out vampire savior 1, there was 4 darkstalker games

  29. I am still so mad AVP has never been released. The best 3 player scrolling beat-em-up by far.

  30. You can’t rank Alpha 2 below the 1st one which is a rushed and unfinished product. In many ways Alpha 2 is the best game of the 3. It’s a lot less broken than A3 for instance…

  31. Awesome list, but the first Darkstalkers higher than the second one? That's like saying that plain vanilla Street Fighter II is better than Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Very similar gameplay systems with more characters, improved balance, much better special moves system, much better music… Just weird. Nostalgia was way too strong there! I do agree with placing X-Men CotA above Marvel Super Heroes though! MSH didn't expand the roster enough and removed some stellar CotA characters, so I always considered it a sort of side game instead of a true successor to CotA.

    But still, amazing list, and I am glad that you're covering the legacy of the amazing CPS systems! Oh, and yes, Jon Talbain is the best Darkstalker… until Jedah, but Jedah came later!

  32. Not going to lie, the Darkstalker series gave me my first, second and third monster husbando.
    Rikuo, Jon, and Jedah.

  33. Come play ST on fightcade. Plenty of players, even more during covid. A3 there also.

  34. wheres the first Vampire Savior? that would be easily the most succesful cps2 game in Japan, second only loosing to ssf2 turbo.

  35. Vampire Savior is #1. One of the deepest and most technical fighting games ever created with some of the most beautiful artwork ever.

  36. Loving this series of all these Capcom classics. So many brilliant titles.

  37. Very nice to hear your views of the games of the CPS1 and CPS2. They're such good arcade platforms, and I was just doing some reading up on them and playing a bunch of CPS games specifically a few months back. As I mentioned on the last video, I'm a big fan of Dynasty Wars, so that's one I go back to a lot. I also finally played the Mega Man arcade games. CPS2 is interesting because there's so much quality that good games will end up low on any list. I didn't love the direction Capcom took with most of their fighters starting with the CPS2, but they're well made. I became an SNK in those days. So that eliminates a lot of CPS2 games for me, but it's still a great hardware platform. Battle Circuit, Armored Warriors, and Alien vs. Predator are all fantastic beat-em-up games that I love. AVP is interesting because of the large move set and standard, limited projectile weapons. It's fast paced, but more defensive than other games. It leads to amazing scenarios where my character has no energy left, yet its still possible to manage a huge swarm of aliens and survive long enough without taking any hits to reach some food. I've been surprised by some of predicaments I've gotten out of.

     I mentioned Mega Man in the CPS1 video. I read about it and it appears that the CPS2 was the lead platform, so I agree with your decision to save it for this one. I believe even the Q-Sound logo was left in the ROM for the CPS1 game. The CPS1 version loses some voice samples, but it mostly the same. While I thought Capcom could be hit or miss with FM synthesis, I like the FM versions of the music in the CPS1 version and it's nice to be able to choose between the two versions of the game. I think the CPS2's PCM sound is great as well.

  38. Please,a best list of 'hd' 640x480p 31khz arcade games.
    I just know Atomiswave and Naomi..Y2 (kof 2002um)but they are a lot more..probably.
    I looking for others 2D games to play and 2D in 640x480p is beautiful…really…check Slug 6..knights of valour..
    Also list of horizontal shmup..cute them up..
    Happy apocalypse.

  39. There can be only one at the top. Sf2 turbo . Over 20 years of blood , sweat and tears!. And HYPE!!!!.
    Don’t forget to do cps3 so we can talk about the masterpiece third strike!.

  40. "Nostal-gia"

    Never heard it pronounced like that.

  41. "A-ism, V-ism, and… Jism" 😂
    Nice to see Mighty Pang so high up. Love Alien vs Predator, and Cadillacs & Dinosaurs is my favourite arcade beat 'em up too.

  42. So you're among the few uploaders I've seen who actually refer to Cyborg Justice, and for that, I appreciate it. Tons of nostalgia associated with it.

  43. Why can’t you pronounce “R” in words? You replace all “R”s with “W.”


    It’s not fucking hard dude.

  44. I had the same experience playing the OG Darkstalkers. I played it at a local pizza hut and I usually mained Frank. The food was probably better than what you had haha

  45. Can't wait for "Ranking the 6 Capcom CPS3 Arcade Games"

    Seriously though. What was up with the small CPS3 library?

  46. How is Alpha 1 ranked higher than Alpha 2? I know this list is opinion based but my brain is having difficulty trying to fathom the logic behind it.

  47. Street Fighter Alpha 2 gets my top vote. I just don't think the Super Street Fighters were enough of an improvement to be considered the better CPS2 game(s)

  48. What struck me about the D&D games is how well they stuck to the lore.

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