Ranking the 38 Capcom CPS2 Arcade Games from Worst to Best | Kim Justice - jadeusgames.com

Ranking the 38 Capcom CPS2 Arcade Games from Worst to Best | Kim Justice

Kim Justice
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A countdown of Capcom’s CPS2 Arcades was a no-brainer — just look at the games. We’ve got everything from Super Street Fighter II Turbo to Alpha, Darkstalkers, Alien vs Predator, Marvel vs Capcom, and so much more…and of course, a lot of fighting games. Enjoy!

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  1. You know the CPS2 is one of the best arcade platforms when games like Eco Fighters and Marvel Super Heroes is at the bottom of the list. Capcom really was the king of Arcades.

    The CPS1/2/3 and Neo-Geo are forever going to be the platforms that gave me the most enjoyment in the Arcade and now at home.

  2. According to a friend that used to work at Capcom Super SF II Turbo was what they intended to release when they released Super. They were running behind and released the Super we got.

  3. You are wrong about Mega Man Power Battles 1, you can select the stage, it is random select if you don't time the attack button press. When it highlights a stage, press the attack button at the right time. Selecting the stages in order IS essential to getting the highest score.

  4. Cool review! I'd add that there are actually 42 CPS2 games. The 4 you missed were:

    – Vampire Savior 1 & 2 (yes, there are 5 unique games in the Vampire/Darkstalkers series)

    – Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha (different from Zero 2 and Alpha 2. Thanks for the wonderfully confusing naming, Capcom!)

    – Super Street Fighter 2: Tournament Battle (unique from "New Challengers" in that it supported linking 4 arcade cabinets for a drum roll tournament battle).

    If you have any questions about CPS2, feel free to reach out. I actually own the complete 42 piece set 🙂

  5. Shocking you got rid of SFA2 on Snes, even as a kid when it came out it held its value, I remember even in 1998 unboxed used copies going for £15-£25 and the rare time I saw them in the early 00's it was at least £30 for a unboxed or boxed version. I was desperate for it as a kid as loved SF games and gaming in gernal.

  6. I can't understand why SFAlpha2 is below Alpha 1 since it's arguably better than SFAlpha 3.

  7. Your voice really sounds like the English version of the German scientist, Dr Edward Richtofen in the COD black ops zombies.

  8. I always prefered Xmen and Marvel V Street Fighter over the Capcom verses games. For me they just got too silly and overblown with twee cartoon characters.

  9. Not sure how you could possibly rate the first street fighter alpha over Alpha 2. Even with nostalgia goggles on, Anyone can clearly see Alpha 2 is superior in every way possible.

  10. Hello
    Marvel-x-men vs Games Evolution Video Next time?

  11. I hate this list so much. It prioritizes nostalgia over actual gameplay. No sane human would put X-Men:CotA over Marvel Super Heroes or Street Fighter Alpha over Street Fighter Alpha 2 (hell 3 as well).

  12. It's subjective, but I'd put Battle Circuit way higher up in the list. I consider it to be among the top 3 of the genre.

  13. Mars Matrix being so low and Giga Wing being so high is guaranteed to upset some folks. 😀

    (I think MM is genius despite it not really even being my thing as far as shooters go)

    tbf you're not going to please any the hardcore genre-specific crowds with a list like this anyways. Not for fighters, shmups OR brawlers; but that's just how it goes.

  14. its obvious you played 10 minutes of each game in mame before ranking them.

  15. SFA 2 is my favourite Capcom CPS2 Fighter that I played on the PlayStation during my college years, such great times, I wished I played the superior Saturn port though.

  16. Ring of Destruction is the best sequel I played

  17. XvSF or MvC are my two favorites. And it still bothers me that AvP never got a home release.

  18. Different country and different arcade cabinet, but I remember a Burger King that had a Simpsons arcade game… that NEVER worked, or was even plugged in. I still go to that BK, but that thing was gone by the time I moved near it. Other than that, I've never really seen a fast food/take out place with arcade games or video games unless they're in a rest stop area.

  19. ‘Vanilla’ as a pseudonym for ‘plain’ or ‘basic’ is horrible. Vanilla is a beautiful taste and doesn’t deserve the analogy to plain.

  20. 20:30 "I never used to win too much in Street Fighter. That is when I actually got on and the bigger kids didn't tell me to, quite literally "FUCK OFF" during a match. He he. Good times."

  21. 23:28 Arguing about home ports might be a bit outside the point for this video, but I was surprised a big Sega fan like yourself didn't mention the excellent Dreamcast and especially the Saturn port of SFA3, but plugged the inferior animation-starved PS1 and 480i/p only (no bueno!) PS2 SFA collection. No 240p support on the PS2 port is a deal breaker for the real CRT experience and the Saturn port is superior for this reason alone (I don't care how the ps2 collection might be better in other ways). I understand you might have played those particular versions back in the day and have nostalgia for them, but I still want to see credit be given to the arguably superior versions.

  22. What a great video! Such amazing games. The Marvel/Capcom crossovers will always be my favorites. 🦄🦄🦄

  23. you left out street fighter alpha/zero 2 gold, it has a
    additional combo system

  24. Dimahoo, Eco Fighters, Ring of Destruction, AvP and the Darkstalkers trilogy were definitely my favorites

  25. I NEARLY bought Street Fighter Alpha 2 for snes when it was released but I opted for Donkey Kong Country 3 instead, they were both £60 at the time

  26. Capcom should hire Arc System Works to do Darkstalkers IV

  27. Kim, if you like Capcom beatemups, you should deffo check out OpenBOR and make a list of games you are most impressed with.

  28. I never thought anyone could make a list of 95% fighting games interesting, but you’ve done it! Any chance you could make a similar countdown for Atari System 1 and 2?

  29. SSF2 Turbo and SF3 3rd strike are still absolutely essential fighters. I know Alpha has it's fans but i've always found them to be a bit stodgy in the gameplay department compared to the previously mentioned games…plus i'm not a massive fan of the overly anime inspired art design.

  30. Battle Circuit is the WORST cps2 beatemup?? I don't, how does one even

  31. Like your review style, made me smile a few times. Some good recommendations for the emulator here.

  32. Should probably mention that Janpai Puzzle Choko actually has pixelated boobs in it! Yes really.

    If you beat each level fast enough in the normal mode (NOT the easy mode) three times in a row, you unlock artwork of the girl in the background with her shirt off.

    Yes, there is nudity in an arcade game released to the general public

  33. Love this video! Nice work thank you! Just got my cps2 darksoft multi running so this is a great reference

  34. Do you have any Neo Geo MVS vs CPS2 videos? I'm still impressed with how well MVS holds it's own against this and even the CPS3.

  35. Armored Warriors is on Switch, first time home release

  36. Where have I heard that intro theme before…?

  37. hopefully capcom will release more of these in the future whether that be under the capcom arcade stadium, marvel vs street fighter collection, or darkstalkers collection

  38. I think the new challengers is the most balanced of all.

  39. Honestly, for me the best of the bunch was MVC, by far the best looking, most addictive of the bunch. Also loved AVP in the arcade back in the day…

  40. You’re spweach impwediment makes this tough to watch. Sorry. I’m a dick. I know.

  41. You know what Capcom game that was good Tech Romancer.

  42. The CPS2 core is now publicly available on MiSTer 😀

  43. I practically salivated the entire video – this was handled well, by someone with genuine and sincere love for the arcade.

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